High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

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$1.50 - 3.00 / m²
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TT or LC
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10000 m²
Supply Capability:
300000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.

The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatschek craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.

Product Applications:

1.Indoor ceiling of industrial and resident building.

2.Partition of industrial and resident building.

3.The ceiling and partition of the bathroom and other wet condition building.

4.Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for operation room,clean room of hospital or laboratory .

5.The fireproof board of the air passage.

6.Furniture or furniture's accessories.


Product Advantages:

1)excellent fire-proof

2)excellent damp-proof

3)Durability and long service life

4)high strength

5)stable dimensions

6)good heat and sound insulation


8)mould resistant

9)no deformation

Main Product Features:


1) Elegance and excellent decoration
2) Easy installation and convenient maintenance
3) Best Surface processed with PVC Lamination
4) Heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture proof, mould proof, sound absorption and noise reduction

5) Incombustibility / Fireproof
6) No dust / no pollution

7) Stucturally strong

8) Over 15 years no transmutation


Product Specifications:


High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices   for Building



1. Q:What is the different and most important point from other supplier? 

A:We guarantee No asbestos if it has asbestos density will be more than 1.4g/cm3 what's more 

3.2mm*3000*1220mm can be produced by us other suppliers can not do this size 

2. Q:What are the advantages of your board?

A: outstanding light weight ,heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, fast construction.

3. Q: Is the board fire resistant? 

A: Yes, fire resistant 4 h , in the heat of 1000℃.actually it is noncombustible Class A1.

4. Q: Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?

A:China testing report and our laboratory' s testing by ourselves as your supporting document. 

Because building standards are different in different countries, most of our customers buy the boards for testing and get approval by themselves.

5. Q: If we need samples for customer approval, will it be possible? 

A: Of course we can.

6. Q:How to guarantee the quality? 

A:Laboratory, integral testing process from raw materials to finished product until loading containers will be done by our factory.






High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices   for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices   for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices   for Building

High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices   for Building


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Q:do i switch from cedar to cement siding?
I live in Minnesota and we have cement siding. It is great stuff that is tough and the animals cant chew or peck through it. If your cedar siding needs repair and your have the money I would go with cement. Cement will last for years and it is much easier to maintain.
Q:What is gypsum plaster how does it differ from cement plaster and what does one use for backing?
Gypsm is hydradated pulverized limestone. You would ask for Gypsym topcoat or Gypsm tape adhesive in the Drywall department of Lowes. It costs today $9.95 for a 5 gallon pail of the stuff. Gypsm is resoluable in water after drying. In other words you can redissolve gypsm in water. Gypsm is mined in the US in states like Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and so on. It is a naturally occuring substance. Plaster of Paris is unhydrated form of lime. When wetted with water it changes chemically and remains hard no matter if submerged into water. The process is irreversible. Cement is made from clay and limestone fired to high temperatures, then ground and pulverized. When water is added to cement it changes its chemistry and the water reacts with cement forming a new compound It is irreversible The Romans invented Cement. Common Drywall is gypsm between 2 layers of paper enclosure. There are also metal lath in 26x84 inch lenghts and plaster board lath in 16x36 inch lengths Those all above are nailed or glued to the house studs.
Q:Cement fiberboard formulations
Add a new type of building material that is made of plant fiber, pulping, picking, pressing, and curing. Nowadays the most popular micro-spectrum analysis method through a variety of micro-spectrum analysis to accurately obtain the exact proportion of each component, access to high-quality formula.
Q:Laying hydraulic water stop cement?
Yes and no. The good thing is that is dries really fast and you can use a wire brush to help clean the surrounding areas after filling the crack or hole. Just don't let the mix get to dry before using the wire brush. Also, when doing this, use the coldest water and it will cure more slower.
Q:Gypsum board, cement board, glass magnesium board to do the kind of good ceiling
Glass magnesium plate ceiling can be used for the substrate, the surface must be gypsum board finishes, or can not be putty putty can not be putty. Because he is a magnesia cementitious material, with fire, water, tasteless, non-toxic, not frozen, not rot, not crack, the same type, high strength light, easy construction, long service life and other characteristics, is very good substrate material. The product is not outdated, due to cost considerations, construction habits, awareness, resulting in the market and the rare cause of the project.
Q:What is the process of using a cement pressure plate to dry the tile? What do I need to know about the specifications of the light steel keel, how thick the board
Are you sure to use light steel keel? If it is so: small wall 50 * 35 * 0.5 large wall with 75 * 35 ~ 40 * 0.5, or to keel with a small, vertical keel with a large. It seems to mention the problem did not indicate the white intention, the ordinary partition with light steel keel to do skeleton lock silicate cover can also be tiled but not for the bathroom, if you really use the cement board hanging in the tile, keel should be used 80 * 50 * 5 channel or L50 * 50 * 4 angle welding to do skeleton bar, consider the good force
Q:I have ceramic tile grout that keeps breaking up from faulty cement board. Can I use something more flexible?
there are some colored cement repair products that contain silicone that may work good, also you can just use white silicone or caulk just squeeze it in and let it dry have a rag handy for cleanup both are flexible and last a long time.
Q:Cement fiber wall hanging board PVC wall hanging board which is good?
Pvc wall hanging board better, pvc wall hanging board is a new type of external wall decoration materials. Green and energy saving can also be recycled, and the installation is simple and quick, good decoration, the use of a wide range, can be used for the transformation of the old building, residential multi-storey, plant renovation, villas and build and other construction areas, Pvc wall hanging board is full of dry construction, pvc wall hanging board light weight, can reduce the weight of the wall, pvc wall hanging plate, Cement fiber wall hanging board too heavy, have to play keel, too much trouble. Is my words or will choose pvc wall hanging board. Affordable and beautiful, there are grades.
Q:911 polyurethane brush in the cement board is what is the bubble
Wood paint after brushing the phenomenon of blistering, often before brushing, can not be mixed with wood paint and then no longer let it rest for half an hour or so again and again the phenomenon of operation. In addition, in the brushing because of the window and make the wind blowing in the decorative panels, but also cause the phenomenon of blistering. This phenomenon is more trouble, with fine sandpaper to the bubble at the light of the sand level, and then dry with a dry cloth, and then make up the same wood paint. Sometimes fill the paint at the larger color, it must also be the whole face all brush again.
Q:How do I attach cement board to my kitchen floor?
Here's how a tile contractor would do it. First off you need to look how the tile floor will finish to the other floorings it will tie into. Ideally you want the same level when finished. It is common though to have a slight offset (up to 1/4 is acceptible). So remove whatever you need to be 1 lower then the other floor, before you install 1/2 hardibacker and the tile. What you listed above is a waste of time and money. You don't need plywood and hardibacker. You use one or the other. The industry has gotten away from tile directly on plywood, so don't consider that. Use the hardibacker. My guess is when you remove the vinyl and hardwood, you will be about 1 down. Screw the subfloor down then attach the hardibacker with 1 5/8 screws and lay the tile. If it is within the tolerance I noted above (1/4), you can buy a transition strip to apply at the change from tile to existing flooring. If your floor is up and down, do this, use a level as a straight edge on the floor, marking the high and low spots. The high spots need to be feathered out and the low spots need to be filled in. You should do this before you install the hardibacker. You can listen to a kid that worked with his dad or a listen to guesses from people that tiled a floor or two. You can even listen to a woman on here that claims to have been a remodel contractor, master electrician, building inspector and everything else she claims to have been, or you just take free advice from a guy that does tile floors. Your call.

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