High Density Fiber Cement Board Prices for Building

Ref Price:
$1.50 - 2.80 / m²
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
10000 m²
Supply Capability:
300000 m²/month

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Product Description:

High Density and Strength fiber cement board is a high quality calcium silicate architectural board reinforced with selected cellulose fibres and fillers.

The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. 

 It is 100% free from asbestos, sepiolite, inorganic fibres or formaldehyde.

Product Applications:

1.Indoor ceiling of industrial and resident building.

2.Partition of industrial and resident building.

3.The ceiling and partition of the bathroom and other wet condition building.

4.Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for operation room,clean room of hospital or laboratory .

5.The fireproof board of the air passage.


Product Advantages:

1)excellent fire-proof

2)excellent damp-proof

3)Durability and long service life

4)high strength

Main Product Features:


1) Elegance and excellent decoration
2) Easy installation and convenient maintenance
3) Best Surface processed with PVC Lamination
4) Heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture proof, mould proof, sound absorption and noise reduction

5) Incombustibility / Fireproof
6) No dust / no pollution

Product Specifications:


High Density  Fiber  Cement  Board Prices for Building



1. Q:What is the different and most important point from other supplier? 

A:We guarantee No asbestos if it has asbestos density will be more than 1.4g/cm3 what's more 

3.2mm*3000*1220mm can be produced by us other suppliers can not do this size 

2. Q:What are the advantages of your board?

A: outstanding light weight ,heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, fast construction.

3. Q: Is the board fire resistant? 

A: Yes, fire resistant 4 h , in the heat of 1000℃.actually it is noncombustible Class A1.

4. Q: Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?

A:China testing report and our laboratory' s testing by ourselves as your supporting document. 

Because building standards are different in different countries, most of our customers buy the boards for testing and get approval by themselves.






High Density  Fiber  Cement  Board Prices for Building

High Density  Fiber  Cement  Board Prices for Building

High Density  Fiber  Cement  Board Prices for Building

High Density  Fiber  Cement  Board Prices for Building


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Q:do i switch from cedar to cement siding?
I live in Minnesota and we have cement siding. It is great stuff that is tough and the animals cant chew or peck through it. If your cedar siding needs repair and your have the money I would go with cement. Cement will last for years and it is much easier to maintain.
Q:I want to install ceramic tile in my kitchen, can I install the cement board over the exhisting vinyl or remov
You can lay right on top of the vinyl. Just make sure there are no uneven areas in the subfloor before you start.
Q:Can you install cement board over wood laminate?
Yes is the simple answer.
Q:how do i install stone veneer over cement board?
the instructions you get with whatever stone you decide on will explain it in detail...usually mesh with a base coat and then a bonding layer and then the pointing if it is a mortared joint...
Q:Can I install ceramic tile directly to a cement block wall in the basement?
I see you have several answers already, some are adequate I suppose, some are good, one person has the beginnings of what you need to do. There is no implied criticism or disdain for their comments. If this project is in a house you are about to sell OR if you really do not give a hoot about durability, then read no further. To do the job correctly and have a durable finished product here's what you should do: Install a vapor barrier on the existing block wall, either painted on ( 2 coats ) or applied as sheet poly Install 1x furring strips at 16 o.c. with foam insulation board between the furring strips If your tile is going to the ceiling you can omit installing moisture resistant gypsum wall board, otherwise install the wall board from the top of the preformed pan, if that is what you are using, or, from about 1 off the floor to the ceiling. Install cementous backer board behind all areas to be tiled. Install your tile and grout. SEAL the grout with 2 coats of grout sealer after allowing 8 hours between coats.
Q:I just hit a midget cement block going about 15 mph on my long board ..,... Question is my hand is swollen?
it may be broke
Q:Is there anything you can add to cement which will increase insulating power?
thickness...the thicker the concrete, the better it will insulate
Q:Meiyan cement board manufacturers of high quality products do
Compared to domestic ordinary fiber cement board, the quality is indeed better, but also depends on the specific use.
Q:Can cement backer board be attached with thin set and screws to Baromalli plywood?
OK... You didn't specify whether you're doing a floor tile job or a wall tile job. If doing a floor tile job, here is the procedure: You can (but don't have to) apply thin set directly to the plywood and then lay and screw down the cement backer board onto the wet thinset. If your floors are pretty firm already, you don't even need to put the thin set on the plywood. Just screw the cement backer board onto the plywood. The thinset makers tell you to put thinset between the plywood and the backer board just to sell more product. It's an unnecessary step if your floors are already pretty stiff. Make sure you screw the backer board down and hit the floor joists underneath with the screws. Screws only going into the plywood is not sufficient. All screws must enter the joists, so get those marked before you start. Use thinset with a notched trowel on top of the backer board to lay the tile into.
Q:I'm putting down cement backer board so I can tile. Can I lay it over remnants of paper from linoleum?
No...you don't have to remove it if your putting down cement board. The contractor that did my kitchen and diningroom, left all the old linoleum down. He just put the cement board down, and the tiled. Just don't tile over plywood or wood floors without cement board.

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