High Density Copper Profile for Electronic Leadframe

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Product: high density copper profile for Electronic Leadframe

Type Specifications: T2, TU1, TU2
Copper profile is processed copper with special shapes, and is mainly used in electric power equipment, railway sliding wire, and electronic leadframe, Feichi Copper & Aluminum owns several patents for high-density copper profile production, with the products of strong competitiveness and widely welcomed by the customers

High density copper profile Specifications







heat conduction

thermal expensivity











































9.0~9.5 (10-6/K)









8.0~8.5 (10-6/K)









Copper profile is processed copper with special shapes, and is mainly used in electric power equipment, railway sliding wire, and electronic leadframe, we owns several patents for high-density copper profile production, with the products of strong competitiveness and widely welcomed by the customers

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Q:What is the main cause of the sticking of the inner wall of the condenser copper tube? How to deal with it?
In addition, they are also mixed with a large number of microbial and bacterial decomposition products. Therefore, the organic substance in the condenser is mostly gray green or brown red mucous material, usually with a special odor. Inorganic attachment usually refers to the sludge, sand and industrial waste residue in the cooling water. They are deposited deposits caused by cooling water at low velocity in the copper tubes.
Q:Why does the air conditioner use a copper tube to deliver coolant?
The small density and soft texture of aluminum pipe can not compare with copper tube in mechanical performance and bending performance.The density of aluminum and copper is different, the cross-section is not the same, and if the aluminum tube and copper pipe are connected, the connection may be unstable welding, easy to cause refrigerant leakage, and may even explode.Aluminum and copper connection easily lead to corrosion of aluminum tubes, resulting in cooling, heating effect worse, and even cause air-conditioning can not work properly.  Due to the different material, half life is almost only copper aluminum pipe, the cooling effect is relatively worse due to bending performance than copper, if consumers want to move again, bending tubes, very difficult, basically need to replace the new pipe.
Q:Freon refrigeration effect of air conditioning is related to the length of copper pipe?
The Freon weight in each air conditioner is provided, and the length of the pipe that the manufacturer brings to you is designed. In the local dialect, freon run to the indoor machine precisely absorb heat, distributed air-conditioning. If the line is longer, the Freon goes somewhere else to absorb heat and emit cold air instead of the inside of the room. So, can you understand?
Q:How are copper grades divided?
(7) transformer pipe: used in the manufacture of transformers, heat pipes and other heat exchangers, made of plain carbon steel, requiring flattening, expansion, bending and hydraulic testing. Copper tube to fixed feet or double feet delivery, the bending of copper tube has certain requirements. (8): special tube by ordinary carbon structural steel and 16Mn steel welded square tube, rectangular tube, pipe cap, empty plastic steel doors and windows with brass, mainly used for agricultural machinery components, steel window and door etc.. (9) welded thin wall tube: mainly used to make furniture, toys, lamps and so on. In recent years, with the production of stainless steel tube is widely used, furniture, decoration, fences etc.. (10): the spiral copper tube of low carbon carbon steel or low alloy structural steel strips in a helical line certain angle (called forming angle) rolled into a tube, then the tube welding seam made up, it can be used in narrow strip production of large diameter copper tube. The spiral copper tube is mainly used in the pipeline of petroleum and natural gas, and its specifications are indicated by outer diameter * wall thickness. The spiral copper tube has one side welding and two side welding, and the copper pipe should ensure the hydraulic pressure test, the tensile strength and the cold bending property of the weld line.
Q:Why can the inner spiral copper tube improve the heat dissipation?
The inner thread copper pipe can also be called an inner tooth copper tube.
Q:Can the air conditioning copper pipe be extended?
Brass is generally long, can even take a long, but it is not recommended to do so, after the connection may be brass interface because of work outside the machine vibration when loosening, resulting in leakage, and inside and outside machine connecting line also needs to be lengthened. The price of copper tube is usually 80~150 yuan a meter. When the copper pipe is lengthened, it must be done after sale, and the sealing work is done.
Q:GREE air conditioner in connection with copper to test machine
Connect to the online line, plug in the power line, set the air conditioner, the normal boot can be, but only to see the outside machine does not start, as soon as possible after shutdown, power failure. Because if the air conditioning overvoltage protection settings are not sensitive, it may damage the air-conditioning.
Q:Which is more suitable for household water pipes, plastic copper tube and copper lined PPR pipe?
Did not come into contact with plastic coated copper pipe, the two pipes at home are considered very good, is very suitable. The outer layer of the plastic for anti-corrosion, key copper thickness and quality inside, choose the brand, installed well generally with no problem for decades, the quality of copper are better than other materials.
Q:GREE air conditioner comes with copper tube. How many meters?
2: will have a size of two connecting pipe in the air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the one called coarse fine bassoon, the one called tubular, their role is to connect the air-conditioning outside the machine, there is a closed system between within the machine and outside the machine, air conditioning refrigerant can flow in between inside and outside the machine, under normal circumstances there is a large gaseous refrigerant, the refrigerant liquid is tubular inside, but the specific from which the root canal in root, which is to look at the air conditioning refrigeration or heating is determined; when heating, the refrigerant is from outside the machine through the pipe to the the machine to go inside, and then through the condenser to the tubular outer machine, compressor to; if it is in when refrigeration, the refrigerant is from outside into the inner tubular machine after machine off, and then through the pipe back to the machine.
Q:Is the air conditioner used by the main engine of the AUX copper tube?
Are you talking about an external machine or an internal machine? More than 2000 yuan are made of copper tubes, and all the condenser tubes are made of aluminium tubesMost of the air conditioning is made of copper tubes

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