High COP energy saving CE RoHS DC inverter Refrigerant R410A air conditioner

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High COP energy saving CE RoHS DC inverter Refrigerant R410A  air conditioner

1. Wide range capacity from 9000BTU -24000BTU ,could meet diffierent customer request.
2.Different ambient compressor T1 and T3, suitable for different markets and areas.
3. Saving energy refrigerant R410A.
4. All products are with high quality famous brand compressor, such as GMCC and Panasonic etc.
5.Cooling or cooling and heating functions are available.

6.Certificate: CE, RoHS and SAS.


Why choose DAISHIBA air conditioner

1:Use the known brand rotary type compressor
2:High Efficient Internal Thread Copper pipe
3:LED digital display, Fault Self-Diagnose Code Showing
4:Self-diagnose capability, error code showing
5:Optional Refrigerant:R410A & R22 
6:Optional Voltage:220V/50Hz & 220V/60Hz
7:With CE,RoHS  and SAS certificate



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Q:Air conditioning is divided into what kind of? Is respectively?
General 2 P or 3 P ark, the sitting room advocate lie 1.5 P frequency conversion, second lie 1.5 P frequency conversion, the study 1 P PuTongJi
Q:How to determine whether home air conditioning the refueling
What do you mean add refrigerant? As long as the system does not leak, cooling/heating works well, there is no need to add, because the system is sealed, the refrigerant has no job losses. Unless the system pipeline corrosion, damage or corresponding part cause refrigerant leakage, just to add, but on the premise of repaired pipeline leakage.
Q:What is the difference between Marine air conditioning and home air conditioning?
Makes no difference to our company all the year round for the navy and the customs pack of household air conditioner, is the must prepare anti-corrosion outdoor, because all the year round will slowly corroded by seawater invasion to play outside casing, and rust prevention is to do well. The other is no need to be aware of. And power supply must pay attention to the good, the ship's power supply system and the household power supply system, power supply can be directly linked to the ship's electrician is responsible for it.
Q:Which band air-conditioning energy efficiency is best
Because power consumption is certain. Why power consumption must be? This is the key to the problem, because is a fixed frequency compressor, power consumption must be so, manufacturer just increases the refrigerating capacity. As a result, it can be seen that air conditioning can effect comparing high aren't necessarily must save electricity. Is variable frequency and frequency conversion air conditioning compressor, will surely save electricity, but beware, frequency conversion air conditioning must choose dc frequency conversion air conditioning, can save electricity above 50%.
Q:What is the difference between air conditioning and air source heat pump, with what principle?
Both work on the same principle, the use of different side of the media. Ordinary household air conditioner strictly belong to "the wind cold hot" type of refrigeration equipment, air source heat pump belongs to "the wind cold hot water" type of refrigeration equipment, actually both belong to the ordinary refrigeration equipment. Air conditioning is accomplished by the outdoor air cooling and heat sources of heat or heat to reduce or increase the room air temperature, realizes the mutual transfer of heat in the outdoor air and indoor air; And air source heat pump is in a certain power consumption at the same time, from the outdoor environment in the air to absorb a certain quantity of heat to the side of the use of water, to raise the temperature of the water. Popular said, ordinary air-cooled module units can be used for the air source heat pump. Air source heat pump used is "reverse carnot cycle principle.
Q:What are the main components of household air conditioning? The compressor and condenser, respectively is stem what of
Main components: compressor, indoor and outdoor fan fan, four-way valve, control system, electric heater.
Q:The air-conditioner has a bad smell!!
General household air conditioning in the use of over the years, boot when they smelled a similar to the musty smell, some friends even if often two or three weeks and then clean the filter on the air conditioning also difficult to remove. Causes: air conditioning wind will blow out peculiar smell, is caused by several reasons: one is the system to run for a long time, dusty between heat exchanger fin, cause congestion; Second, air supply outlet of indoor machine and machine adhesion caused by the dust on the surface of the inside, even in the computer rooms, the hotel guest room air through filtering processing under the special environment of hard to avoid also; Three, fresh air and a large amount of dust accumulated in these places not only carry the microbes, also provides essential nutrients for microorganisms breeding conditions; Four, for a long time without air conditioning bad smell will be very heavy at startup, it is because of the heat exchange coil, fin and its surrounding parts on retention of water evaporation, slowly formed around the coil is suitable for the high temperature conditions, microbial breeding microbial breeding will produce the large amount of gas in the release of the air conditioning system driven, becomes the source of the stench. Methods: the indoor evaporator spray metal cleaner
Q:Yituo 2 how to install air conditioning
1. The installation method: (1) the interface connection; Connection bell mouth, to aim at, straighten, compaction, A successful fight seg group A and group B of high pressure tube, low pressure pipe wrong. (2) piping system tightness inspection; Operation should be careful. (3) keep piping clean; Pipe wall should avoid dust; Rule out the air in the pipeline, should be more than 3 times, each time 3 ~ 4 seconds. (4) avoid errors; Yituo two air-conditioning attachment is more, should pay attention to distinguish between group A and group B connection order accordingly. 2. Maintenance methods: (1) the double pressure table; Double table should be installed in the group A and group B two outdoor low-pressure valve thimble outlet, in order to observe the comparison and analysis of judgment. (2) the refrigerant filling quantity should be accurate; Take the double pressure, can timely observe A, B two running situation of piping system, the refrigerant filling quantity. (3) the back pressure detection: the method for overhaul of yituo 2 air conditioning is very important, double table pressure generally observed A, B two system of capillary, filter, in the case of downtime when the back pressure, can also be observed in the balance of the two static pressure circuit is normal and easy to find the point of failure.
Q:Air conditioning machine outside and inside of the machine, please use a power cord?
Household family air-condition power access point is in commonly indoor machine, through the control and then supply the house. In fixed frequency changes in temperature machine, for example, indoor machine from indoor take electric socket, between inside and outside the machine has a set of line machine outward of the compressor and the fan power supply, another set of solenoid valve control. Very high power three cameras can directly from the outdoor electricity, from the house or indoor led single-phase electric socket, then the output control signal (note that said here is that the signal to control the seg, so can avoid trouble of three-phase power supply access to the interior.
Q:How to clean the home air conditioning?
Find a air conditioning cleaning washing, including filter, blower wheel, aluminum fin, and outdoor washing. Professionals have a special potion cleaning. Indoor machine wash out, had better use 84 to kill poison

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