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Steel  Structure

1.Length of the welding withnot indication, full welding should be applied
2.Seam without indication is fillet weld, height is 0.75t
3.The cutting angle without indication, radius R=30
4.Cutting angle not specified should be
5.The diameter of the hole for the bolt if not specified, D=22

Project Reference:

Area: 17,000m2
Steel Structure Quantity: 2,700ton
Color-Steel Plate Area: 29,670ton
Column Height: 32m
Weight of Per Column: 25ton
Crane Tonnage: 300ton
Total Cost: 25,080,000RMB
Duration: 150days

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Q:What does "PD140*4" and "PL12*150" mean in the steel structure drawing?
PD is a steel tube with a length of 140 and a diameter of 4.PL is a steel plate with a thickness of 12 and a width of 150.
Q:In the installation of steel structure, insulation foil should be placed in the side wall or side wall? Why?
This is just the general case. Basically not strictly required.
Q:Which is better, the steel structure or the frame structure?
The frame structure with partial concrete wall is called frame shear wall structureOften used in high-rise office buildings, shopping malls and hotels.Advantages: the use of indoor space and the partition of the room wall, as flexible as the frame structure. The seismic performance is as strong as that of the pure shear wall structure.Disadvantages: large amount of concrete, from the major, the total height is usually no more than 150m.
Q:What exactly does the steel structure contain?
If the data of steel structure are divided according to the nature of data, it can be divided into quality assurance data, record data and acceptance data.
Q:Why steel structure does not fire?
From the relationship between mechanical properties and temperature of steel, it can be concluded that the general trend is that the strength of steel decreases and the deformation increases with the increase of temperature. At 200 degrees or less, the performance of steel is not changed greatly; between 430 and 540 DEG C to strength decrease sharply; very low intensity can not bear the load of 600 DEG C, in addition to a blue brittleness phenomenon in the near 250 DEG C, about 260 to 320 DEG C when the creep phenomenon.
Q:Is there any difference between the rigid and rigid connections in the design of steel structures?
However, the rigid joint generally refers to the upper structure, the horizontal and vertical components, joints and constraints, generally referred to as a point.
Q:What is the performance and function of steel structure engineering?
Steel structure engineering is mainly made of steel, with large span, steel structure, workshop frame, steel structure workshop, light overall, saving foundation, little material, low cost and short construction period. Safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, stable structure and other advantages. Steel structure workshop is widely used in large span industrial buildings, warehouses, cold storage, high-rise buildings, office buildings, multi-storey parking lots and houses and other construction industry.
Q:What does steel column support between columns mean?
A connecting bar between two adjacent columns to ensure the overall stability of the building structure, to improve lateral stiffness and to transmit longitudinal horizontal forces
Q:What is meant by a steel structure? What's the explanation for the trouble?
What is meant by a steel structure? What's the explanation for the trouble?,A part of a member of a steel structure (long face). For example, a channel or an angle in a column.
Q:Can steel frames and channel steel be welded longer?
1, if the design does not require special requirements, this should be soldered.2, the use of direct welding when welding, the use of materials close to the channel steel, welding seam full of some, welding after the excess welding meat polished, you can basically do not see traces of welding.3. The quality of welding seam must be guaranteed. The mechanical properties of weld strength, hardness and so on must be guaranteed. In order to ensure the strength of the weld, the welded reinforcing plate can be added on the non joint surface.

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