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Quick Details

  • Steel Grade: 60# 65# 70# 72A 82A 82DA

  • Standard: ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

  • Wire Gauge: 0.6-4.0mm

    Type: Spring
  • Application: Rope

  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

  • Special Use: Free Cutting Steel

    High carbon: Bright

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Plastic film inside and hessian cloth outside,or as customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:7 Days after receiving the 30% advanced money


Tensile strength:1370-1870Mpa
Use:binding or optical cable

It is top quality products which is used for  making the spring of "Ximengsi" spring mattresses on the machine of high speed,continouus,auto-winding spring,and also used for the spring of other mattresses and cusions.Executive Standard:GB4357



                         High Carbon Steel Wire                                                                                             
Dia. (mm)Tolerance (mm)SurfaceZinc of coating (g/m2)Tensile Strength(Mpa)Torsions (times)Bends (times)Elongation (%)

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Q:Are there any metals that do not conduct electricity?
But it is not necessary to make all kinds of materials according to modern technology, such as nano materials. It is seen that there is no electrical metal.
Q:What metal does nonmagnetic metal have?
Other than these, most are not ferromagnetic, such as copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and so on
Q:What metal has the fastest heating?
In daily life, copper burns fastest.The effect of thermal dispersion is related to thermal conductivity. The greater the thermal conductivity, the better the effect of heat dissipation.
Q:Why can't aluminum and other metals be heated in an electromagnetic oven?
Induction cooker as a new cooker in the kitchen market. It breaks the traditional way of cooking fire by magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) principle of heating, the electromagnetic oven is through the electronic circuit board part produces alternating magnetic field, when the iron pot is placed at the bottom of the furnace surface, the current pan cutting in the bottom of the pot and the alternating magnetic field generated by the alternating metal part (i.e., eddy current) eddy making pot iron molecular speed ofnonlocalized, molecular collision, friction heat (the heat: electromagnetic oven cooking from the bottom of the pot instead of the cooker heating conduction to the pot, so the thermal efficiency than the efficiency of all cooking utensils were nearly 1 times higher) make the equipment itself to high-speed heating, for heating and cooking food, so as to achieve the purpose of cooking. With fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no fire, no smoke, no harmful gas, due to the advantage of heat radiation, small volume, good safety and beautiful appearance of the surrounding environment, can complete most of the tasks of family cooking. Therefore, in the more popular countries of the electromagnetic stove, people call it "the God of cooking" and "the green stove".Main composition of electromagnetic oven
Q:What is the sign of PD? What are the signs of other precious metals?
Platinum (Pt) - acid ferric chloride at room temperature. But it can be slow, aqua corrosion, hydrochloric acid only adding oxidant to the corrosion of platinum, platinum in hydrobromic acid corrosion at room temperature under high temperature corrosion can platinum halogen, molten potassium (sodium) to platinum platinum dissolved in strong corrosion. Boiling aqua regia and sulfuric acid.Platinum (PD) attracts organic vapors. Carbon and carbide affect physical and mechanical properties, so contact with this material should be avoided in the manufacture and use of platinum palladium and its alloys
Q:What and what does metal material consist of?
Other metallic materials other than ferrous metals are called non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys.
Q:How to extract noble metals from waste electronic products
Combustion melting process, high temperature oxidation smelting process, scum technology, electric arc furnace sintering process, etc..
Q:What does "productive scrap metal recycling" mean?
Productive scrap metals include:(I) scrap iron and steel;(two) waste alloy steel(three) scrap non-ferrous metals;(four) waste rare metals
Q:Ordinary AB glue, can stick metallic objects?
AB is a nickname for the two liquid mixed hardening glue, the glue is a liquid, a liquid hardener, two feed to hardening, is not required by the temperature should be hard ripening, so it is a kind of adhesive curing at room temperature, the model is sometimes used to do. Generally used in industry.
Q:What kind of metal is the ordinary key made of?
According to the unearthed cultural relics and the written records, the ancient lock works on the elastic force of two plate like springs. Until now, this spring was still in use.

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