High Carbon Galvanized Steel Wire low price

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200 m.t.
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20000 m.t./month

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Quick Details

  • Standard: ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

  • Wire Gauge: 0.8mm -2mm

  • Place of Origin: Chongqing, China (Mainland)

  • Type: Galvanized

  • Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

  • Model Number: CHW002

  • Diameter Tolerance: +-0.01

  • Tensile Strength: as per your requirement

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:in coils, gunny, Z2
Delivery Detail:25days.


High Carbon Steel Wire
Surface: Galvanized or Ungalvanized
Tensile strength
Your application

Low Carbon Steel Wire

Materials: Q195,215,235,SAE1006,1008,etc

Diameter range: 0.2 to 5.0mm
Weight: as per customer's request
HS code: 7217100000 or 7217200000
Packing: in coils, gunny 

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Q:Why is the current limiting circuit used to measure the resistance of wire by voltammetry?
Under normal circumstances (to meet the safety conditions), because the current limiting circuit energy consumption is small, the connection is simple, therefore, priority is given to the current limiting method
Q:Need help with trailer wiring?
On okorder.com/... also available at your local auto parts store
Q:Surrond sound wire help!?
If it's a RCA type jack, just buy a new cable. Your method would normally work, but you really need a good solid connection. You can get a RCA cable crimper, which would allow you to attach a new RCA jack to the cable...but the kit will cost you as much as a new cable. Personally, I'd just buy a new cable.
Q:Home Theater Speaker Wire?
You can use Cat5 as speaker wire, you need to twist all the wires together and use one wire for positive and another for negative, there are several tutorials on the net on how to use it for best results but its really more trouble than its worth, I use OFC wire from parts express, but any OFC wire or copper wire should do...For shorter runs (under 15 Ft) any speaker wire should work as long as its the proper guage, wire,.. needs to be thicker for longer runs, the guage of the wire is more important than what wire you use, I use 14 guage all the way around just makes it easier to set up and looks better. Inside walls you want to use CL3 wire...this is what code requires in most states...the guage of your wire is going to be determined by the length of your run and the nominal impedance of your speaker, I linked to a chart below that will help you determine guage for your system....what I usually look for is flexability cheaper wire tend to be stiff and is hard to work with while better wire is very flexable, but either will work...
Q:what are the limitations of international wire transfer limit?
Usally 3% foren plus bank wire fee included
Q:new cable wires?
There okorder.com and didn't see it, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. I'm not sure if they still make it.
Q:Older ceiling fan wiring?
If you look closely you will probably find the green wire in the ceiling is only attached to the junction box, connect all green and bare wires together, whites together and blacks and reds together, I'm sorry to tell you that you do not have enough wires present to control the fan and light separately, which is why they have chains, and you will have to use them. It sounds like the installation you have may allow the use of X10 modules for independent switching if it is needed. Be aware, your ceiling j-box may not be UL an NEC approved for fan installation. Ground wires are allowed to be either green or bare, and fixture ground wires are not required by ul to be copper, and all grounds should be attached together.
Q:fuses protect what?circuit breakers,equipment,wire,or people?
A fuse is a circuit breaker. But they are to protect, the equipment from damaging current, the wires from catching fire, and people. So they are used for all 3.
Q:Spark Plug Wires?
Get some bosch wires.
Q:help with bathroom fan wiring?
1) Turn off the power. 2) Install the fan completely into desired location. 3) Insert both wires into fan's junction box. 4) Twist the two bare wires together, install crimp sleeve onto them at the twist. 5) Find the green screw and connect ONE of these bare wires under it and tighten it down. 6) Cut the OTHER excess wire and fold all this connection up into the junction box. 7) Take the white wire that is coming from the (I presume the fuse box) , and connect it to the white wire that goes to the fan itself. Strip 1/2 of insulation and twist the wires together, install a wire-nut and fold this into the fan's junction box. 8) Take the black wire that comes from the switch and connect it to the black wire that goes to the fan itself. Strip 1/2 of insulation, twist the wires together, install a wire-nut and fold this into the fan's junction box. 9) All that's left is the black wire that is coming from the (I presume the fuse box) , and the white wire that comes from the switch. Strip 1/2 of insulation, twist the wires together, install a wire-nut. 10) Take a black Sharpie pen and color this connection's white wire black and fold this into the fan's junction box. This is known as a switch-leg. 11) Restore power and test. I will you with these two thoughts: 1) It is always best to hire a pro for this type of work. 2) Good luck and may God bless.

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