High Carbon Ferror Chrome Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

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  1. Inspection: CIQ SGS QA


1.Content:Cr:63~75% LC:0.25~0.5% MC:1~4%
2.Low impurities such as S P Si
3.Independent metallurgy research institution

  1. Inspection: CIQ SGS QA


     Chrome is always used to improve the antioxidation and corrosion resistance of steel to make the surface of steel after it is oxidized to form strong adhension oxide film. Then it stops being oxidized or decelerates being oxidized.Micro-Carbon ferro chorme is applied to making stainless, acid-resistant steel and heat resistant steel.

High Carbon Ferror Chrome Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

High Carbon Ferror Chrome Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

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Q:What are the fields of nano WC Cemented Carbides applied?
Nano WC-Co hard alloy, because of its special wear resistance, high hardness, and fracture toughness and excellent compressive strength have been widely applied in various fields of modern technology, has been made of integrated circuit board micro drill, dot matrix printer print needle, hole processing tools, woodworking tools, precision mould, drill, hard processing materials tool etc.. The main applications are summarized as follows: (1) metal working. At first, the development of sub micron WC hard alloy is to solve the high temperature alloy hard to machining processing materials, modern nano WC hard alloy is superior in strength and toughness of sub micro alloy, and therefore more suitable for high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, spraying (welding) processing materials, quenching steel, chilled cast iron etc.. The nano WC cemented carbide breaks through the limit of the bending strength of ordinary cemented carbide, which is far lower than that of high speed steel. Its application has been extended to the field of high speed steel.
Q:Detailed comparison of cemented carbide with diamond properties
At present, the drill bit above the 981 offshore oil platform, which is being drilled in the South China Sea, is a typical diamond tool, which requires a high level of technology.At present, due to the rapid development of the diamond industry, a lot of new diamond tools are being developed at a very fast speed, some of which are far superior to the traditional cemented carbide tools in performance. With the development of the times, the depletion of metal resources, I believe that more than 80% of carbide applications will be replaced by diamond tools. As a green energy, diamond is showing great vitality.
Q:What are the carbide cutters on Taobao?
Don't know whether you go to Suzhou haokai steel metal material limited company to see through
Q:General carbide and high-speed steel blade cutting speed? (about the range is OK.)
Carbide wire feed rate F0 per revolution. 08-0. 2, high-speed steel: F0. 03-F0. 1, see what processing materials, machine tools, steel and sex
Q:What are the meanings of cemented carbide codes, such as YS30, YN10, YW?
Hard alloy is one of the people familiar with the tools and materials, it is very difficult to weld by hard metal carbides (we, Tie) of powder metallurgy with CO, MO and NI as sintering binder. Its mechanical, physical and mechanical properties depend mainly on the kinds of metal carbides, properties, quantities, grain sizes, types and components of binders.In cemented carbides, the proper addition of Tie increases the content of hard Tic, and the higher the hardness of the alloy. The more the content of cobalt in the bonding phase, the lower the hardness of the alloy. Therefore, the hardness of We-Tie-eo alloy is higher than that of We-eo alloy. The hardness of We-eo alloy can be increased by adding Tae or Nbc. The higher the hardness of the cemented carbide, the better the wear resistance, but the lower the strength (bending), and the addition of Tac will improve the blade strength, while strengthening the blade resistance to fragmentation and breakage, fatigue strength also increased. Generally, the higher the hardness, the lower the toughness. In China's Cemented Carbide standard YB850-75, most carbide grades are We-Co (YG) and We-Tie-Co (YT) two.Domestic hardness alloy grade control: GB, brand ISO, P10, P20, M10, M20, K01, K10, K20, K30, domestic uniform brand YT15, YT14, YT5, YW1, YW2, YG3, P30, YG6x, YG6, YG8
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
Diamond grinding wheel, carborundum wheel and so on.Diamond grinding wheel is a diamond abrasive were used as raw materials, metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and metal plating as binder, made of the central circular hole is called consolidation abrasive diamond wheel (alloy wheel). Only welded blades use carborundum wheels, and generally fine grinding blades use diamond grinding wheels. The best tool is mounted on a tool grinder with a high speed. The tool is polished and has a good finish.
Q:What is the hardness of YG8 cemented carbide?
YG8 is a tungsten cobalt type material.Good wear resistanceDensity / (g/cm3): 14.5-14.9Hardness (HRA): 89Flexural strength (sigma bb/MPa): 1500Impact toughness K/ (J/cm2): 2.5
Q:How to polish and polish cemented carbide? Five
Another case is that the chemicals in the polishing fluid react with the Co phase in the alloy, causing the Co to overflow or Co to deposit again, so that you need to consider whether you need to replace the polishing fluid.
Q:Why is Zhuzhou cemented carbide plant called (601) 80??
Construction 601 is for military services, and now the city has changed. Now there are many military factories are code names, only know its code name, I do not know what it is to do.
Q:Where can I buy more than 94 hardness carbide cutter head, welding, the best address in detail, thank you!
It's no problem to weld cemented carbide. Please call me when you need it

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