High Carbon Ferro Chrome Hot Sale in TAIWAN Steel Industry

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Product Description:

High Carbon Ferro Chrome Hot Sale in TAIWAN Steel Industry


Product Description

Ferro Chrome

Chrome is always used to improve the antioxidation and corrosion resistance of steel to make the surface of steel after it is oxidized to form strong adhension oxide film. Then it stops being oxidized or decelerates being oxidized.Micro-Carbon ferro chorme is applied to making stainless, acid-resistant steel and heat resistant steel.


High Carbon Ferro Chrome
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Products information

1. It can be used to produce FerroChrome and Chrome metal in metallurgy industrial.

2. As a kind of steel addition,it is used to produce various special steels with high strength,corrosion resistance,anti-friction,thermostability and anti-oxydic.such as stainless steel,acid-resistant steel,heat-resistant steel,spring steel,tool steel and so on.

3. Chromite is used to produce Chrome brick,,Chrome-magnesium brick and other special refractories in fireproofing.

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Q:What are the carbide inserts on the turning tool welded to the handle?
The common oxygen welding and brazing flux borax and welding line! The welding method is as follows: when welding, first use four carbon chloride (CCl4) to wash the welding section of the knife pole, and then use the oxygen and acetylene to turn the tool red and then sprinkle borax! Melt the copper into the top of the knife. Place the blade on the knife and continue to burn until the copper and alloy blades come in contact. An ordinary soldering knife comes out.
Q:Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Co. Ltd., Xiamen Jiangxi copper and tungsten, which is better,
As a Zhuzhou person, I recommend the Zhuzhou cemented carbide to you, not only because the units are good, but also the city of Zhuzhou is very good. You must have lived here since you worked here. House prices are much lower than in many second tier cities. The standard of living is also good, the large supermarkets are complete, Fantawild is the Southwest's largest amusement park.... Wait
Q:Is nickel base alloy hard alloy?
2, YT--- tungsten cobalt titanium alloy products, applicable to coarse, carbon steel and alloy steel uneven section in interrupted cutting when the YT5 rough planing, semi finishing, discontinuous surface rough milling and drilling.
Q:What kind of carbide alloy is used in stainless steel processing?
Such as: YA6; YH1; YW3. This kind of steel has high hardness, small amount of feed to lower cutting speed, cutting the depth is bigger, avoid hardening layer on the surface of the skin with the previous procedure (Note 2).
Q:Printing requirements for cemented carbide
Because of its superior properties such as high strength, hardness, excellent wear resistance and oxidation resistance, carbide is widely used in mechanical processing, petroleum mining, mold forming and structural wear-resistant parts and other fields. In the production of cemented carbide, sintering is the most important process. Even if the compacts are the same, different sintering processes have different effects on the properties of the sintered products. For a long time, many researchers have gradually formed a variety of sintering methods in actual production, including vacuum sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering, vacuum follow-up hot isostatic pressing, sintering, hot isostatic pressing, etc..
Q:Which one is better made of cemented carbide?
Overall, Zhuzhou cemented carbide works, Shanghai alloy materials factory, Zigong cemented carbide plant, new carbide knives are good. But the single pair of milling cutters is not clear! There is no YL!
Q:What are the differences between the two grades of carbide, YT15 and YT5?
YT15 is compared to YT5. The former has high hardness, great brittleness and good wear resistance. The latter is low in hardness, tough in toughness and poor in wear resistance. YT5 is often used for roughing or machining, impact cutting, and YT15 is usually semi finishing and finishing.
Q:What is carbide material P30, please?
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) will be divided into carbide alloy P, M, K three categories, P class equivalent to China's YT class, the main ingredient is WC-TiC-Co;In order to be processed in different cutting conditions of material grade, in the P class with 01-50 number between that from the highest hardness to a series of alloys for maximum toughness between P30, roughly equivalent to the YT5 of our country;This kind of cemented carbide has the highest strength and best impact resistance in YT (P), but it has poor wear resistance. It is suitable for intermittent roughing of general carbon steel and alloy steel.
Q:5 meters long hard alloy bars, where are they sold?
Almost impossible to sell, you can choose to use media, multi section welding, bonding completed.AskMultistage welding? What welding is it?Chasing the answerUsing a steel as the matrix, the copper inserts are used to complete the desired specifications.
Q:What is the specific gravity of cemented carbide?
Similar to mercury. Tungsten cobalt carbide 14.4~15.3 density, tungsten, cobalt, titanium carbide 9.7~13.2 density, can float in the mercury is a steel knife, sink into the mercury is a cast iron knife

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