High Carbon FeMn For Steelmaking HRFeA-096

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High carbon FeMn, vanadium nitrogen
Conform to
Standard, VN12, VN16

Advantage for vanadium nitride



Grain refinement and strengthening

Compared with VC, VN is better for the separation of V(C,N).

Reduce vanadium and lower cost

V(C,N)will cost fewer vanadium than that of VC, and this could reduce 40%, compared with Ferro-Vanadium.

Improve weldability, notch ductility and forgeability.

Use less carbon and less alloy addictive agent could reach the same strength level.

Effectively strengthening various carbon steel.

When temperature reach 1050 degrees Celsius, V(C,N) will have high solubility in austenite. Vanadium nitride work effectively in high, medium and low carbon steel.

Stain aging and shaping loss

Through choose Nitrovan 7 or Nitrovan 12, the proportion of V and N could be selected, avoiding nomadic nitrogen.

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Q:Carbide tool number with a suitable speed of 20
The hungry! For the 450--700 rpm, the most appropriate, because once you and I work almost, I use the 6140 machine, crude car to 450 rpm to 700 RPM fine car is good. If the surface quality is good, the blank is not much, you can use 450 turn into a knife, but the knife grinding......
Q:What kind of cemented carbide is the most wearable?
Carbide wear is due to the grain size and the cobalt content determines the finer granularity of cobalt content is lower, the higher hardness and lower hardness should be mentioned is the selection of wear-resistant hard alloy not only the hardness to see the use of general cutting hard alloy material with YW2 a relatively high hardness but if the working conditions impact operations more frequently if it should take into account its toughness but the toughness and hardness is conflicting under such circumstances can choose the class YG fine grain alloy
Q:Can carbide drills be used for high speed steel twist drills?
Now, like OSG's drill, mainly carbide based.
Q:Which is better, cemented carbide, YG8 and YG20?
YG8 and YG20 are two grades of cemented carbide. They are not good or bad. It depends on what occasion you use
Q:What is the heat treatment process of cemented carbide?
Responsible for this, you said, carbide heat treatment is deceptive theory, try to eliminate the gap, improve the purity of the fly.
Q:What materials are ZK20 cemented carbides processed?
ZK20 belongs to the K hard alloy blades can car many materials, such as: wrought iron steel low alloy cast iron high alloy cast iron ductile cast iron Aluminum Alloy hard plastic
Q:What are the cemented carbides?
Tungsten cobalt carbideWC cutterThe main ingredients are tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt (Co).The brand is from "YG" ("hard cobalt" Pinyin prefix) composition and percentage of average amount of cobalt.For example, YG8, a tungsten cobalt carbide represented by an average WCo=8% and the remainder of tungsten carbide.
Q:What kinds of carbide knives do you have? Write out its main functions and uses.
(3) tungsten tantalum cobalt (WC+TaC+Co) cemented carbide (YA);The addition of TaC (NbC) on the basis of YG cemented carbide improves the hardness and strength, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance at room temperature, high temperature, and can be used to process Cast Iron and stainless steel.(4) tungsten, titanium, tantalum, cobalt (WC+TiC+TaC+Co) and hard alloy (YW), such as W1, W2 and so on.On the basis of YT cemented carbide, TaC (NbC) is added to improve the flexural strength, impact toughness, high temperature hardness, oxygen resistance and wear resistance. Both can process steel, but also the processing of cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, it is often called universal cemented carbide (also known as universal cemented carbide). At present, mainly used for processing heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other difficult materials.
Q:What are the features of cemented carbide YG8 knives?
Density: 14.6-14.8; hardness HRA:90.5; flexural strength, Mpa2300High bending strength, shock resistance and vibration resistance is better than YG6. It is suitable for low speed rough machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, and non-metallic materials
Q:Carbide and carbon steel
Cemented carbides are of high hardness, but they are brittle. The toughness of high carbon steel is better.

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