High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

Structure of Office Chair Description:

Back: Back: looks high class and environment friendly.

Seat cushion: High density cutting foam.Comfortable seating feeling and durable.

Mechanism: Multi-functional mechanism,e.g up&down,swivel,tilt control and tilt lock functions.Tilt angle is adjustable.

Gaslift:  80*80,service life is 120000 times up&down.

Base: Nylon,fastness and durable.Pass 800kgs pressure test.

Caster: Nylon caster(diameter:50MM),pass 50000 times resistance and 50000 times fatigue test,Rotational sensitive and protect the floor from damage.

Main Feature of Office Chair:

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

More Photo for Office Chair:

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

Office Chair Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


MOQ: Small order can be accepted. 

Payment terms: T/T in advance (30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment)

Quality: high quality and trustworthy QC staff, strict quality control in all process

Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

Packing: we could accept special packing according to customer's requirements

Loading seaport: Guangzhou or shenzhen

Worker: we have 80 professional workers who have more than 5 years experience in furniture production

The advantage of our products.

1. 1-2 years warranty for outside material, 5 years for inside.

2. All of our products reaches European standard. Regular customer like: carrefour, wal-mart, etc. 

3. Material choice and color choice available.

4. Customer'design: Customer's design and logos are welcome

5. MOQ: Small order can be accepted.

We have strict quality control department to ensure all the goods to be right & correct delivery to customers.

We are a real factory and approved by legal authority with 1 year guaranty on products to reduce the risk for the buyer who unconfident to do international purchasing.

All of our products are environmentally friendly meet the international standard.

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Q:What would you call this chair?
hi there i hoped the pic was better because i can hardly see the chair but it looks nice and as far as the style goes it could be called my favored chair since it does have a cozy appearance
Q:what is lift chair ? how it is been used? when it was invented?
actually it is good question. lift chair is more comfortable to use.To know details that how it is been used so click the flowing link.
Q:How can i keep my cat off of my new dinning room chair?
First of all please, please do not listen to anyone telling you to declaw her front feet. Its a horribly painful remedy which is banned in many countries including England. There are however ways around this situation. Cats hat the smell of citrus (oranges, grapefruit) if you have an orange scented airspray, spray the chair in areas you don't see like the bottom. If you wanted to you can cut up oranges and leave them on a plate on the chair. It will soon get the idea. They dont' like surfaces which make them feel unsafe. If you put aluminum foil on the chair seat it will not get on it. The wide clear packing tape serves the same purpose if you can adhere the tape so the sticky side is up. I'm not suggesting you leave aluminum foil or tape on your chairs permanently but do so long enough to get the cat out of the habit. Keep a spray bottle of water close to you and when it jumps on the chair give it a squirt. It works better if the cat doesn't know where the water is coming from because if it sees you spray, then it will know to go to the chair only when you aren't around. It will associate getting squirted with the chair and steer clear of it. In the meantime get it something else to sharpen its claws on. This is a natural function and all cats need to do it. Make sure you have a scratching post which is high enough for it to stretch out and claw at. And finally clip its front nails. If you don't know how to do it properly, a vet will do it for you very cheaply. You need to clip just the tips. You must not clip the area which is pink. Those are blood vessels. Only the white tips of the nail, just like you were doing your own. I hope this helps.
Q:bean bag chairs in oahu hawaii?!?
In addition to the stores already mentioned, Honolulu Design Center has some fancier high end bean bag type things as well -- think giant leather bean bags. Aloha!
Q:Help setting up pyramat video game chair?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Help setting up pyramat video game chair? I recently bought a pyramat arx video game chair at a shop that sells used items. It only came with the power cord. I can't find anything online about the chair but I am trying to set it up to an Xbox 360. Can anyone help tell me everything I need to get it to work?
Q:Where can I find parson chairs in four different colors?
Parson's chairs are easy to have recovered so buying a basic cream parson in your budget would be an easy way to get the chairs you want and then change the fabric. Many online catalogs such as Horchow, Frontgate, Grandinroad or Home Decorators also offer parson chair slip covers as well. They also offer parson's chairs with choices of fabrics that might fit into your budget. Pottery Barn does this too. You may not find the exact colors you fell in love with at Macy's unless you recover yourself. But you can take a look and see what might work best for you. Macy's also offers a payment plan so if you really love the chairs, it's an option.
Q:what would chairs look like if knees were backward?
chairs would look the same ! but your approach to them would need looking at.
Q:Do you use your rocking chair? ?
We have a recliner in our daughters room... This is our first so I can't speak from experience. We prefer a recliner rather than a rocker or a glider. The recliner is SO comfortable I can't wait to use it. I plan on using it to read to her and feed her in it as well as rock her to sleep. But I guess we will see how well that works out.
Q:Socrates, Ghandi, Julius Caeser, Jesus, and Siegmind Froid are locked in a room for a week with only 4 chairs?
While Caesar and Jesus dispute over the throne, Froid sits quietly on it. Caesar tries to find allies in Socrates and Ghandi offering the massaging chair as reward. Socrates finds that immoral, requesting more respect and intelectual leadership, Gandhi seconds him. Caesar breaks the massaging chair with the wooden one and tries to allie with Jesus to put Froid on the electric one. Left alone, Caesar stabs Froid with remainders of the wooden chair from the back and takes the throne. Ghandi sits on the floor and refuses to speak. Jesus sits down to meditate and defend himself from the devil. Socrates decides rather to sit on the electric chair than to wait for the throne. 6 days later Ghandi and Jesus are still meditating and Caesar rules the world.
Q:Chairs that go best with white marble tables?
Personally (and this has nothing to do with your chair question..) I would incorporate a subtle eggplant theme...and have that blended with white to accent the kitchen (upholster chairs if that's what you'll have). Eggplant veg has that dark plum/black (your floors are black) and the dill pickle green color stem...and the plums are very popular now in decorating and harmonizes with all your existing colors. But I'm not there to see it for myself and I don't know what look you're aiming for.

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