High Alumina Refractory Brick With Good Price

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Product Description:

Raw material: Natural ore and its extract or other synthetic materials.


 Refractory brick features:

1.Export more than 20 countries;
2.Accurate delivery time;
3.Professional technical service;
4.Most bricks in stock.


Refractory brick  Process:

Raw material to factory→ checkout→ burdening→stirring→mixing→taking out the raw material→transfer

→enter into mould→press machine extrusion→going out the mould→stoving→going into the furnace→firing

→stopping burn→cooling→open the furnace door→going out the furnace→checkout→packing→qualified product

→putting in storage→sale


High Alumina Refractory Brick Physical and Chemical Index :
Item Properties 
LZ-80 LZ-75LZ-65LZ-55LZ-48 
Al2O3 (%)80 ≥75≥65≥55≥48
Refractoriness  (°C )≥1790 ≥1790≥1790≥1770≥1750
Bulk density  (g/cm3)2.652.52.452.42.3
Softening temperature under load  (°C )1530 ≥1520≥1500≥1470≥1420
Linear changes on reheating (%)            1500°CX2H0.

                  Apparent porosity (%)          22        ≤23        ≤23         ≤22        ≤22
             Cold crushing strength (Mpa)          55        ≥50        ≥45         ≥40        ≥35
                             Application steel furnace, glass furnace, sodium silicate furnace, ceramic shuttle kiln, cement rotary kiln, blast furnace, electric furnace, blast furnace and reverberatory furnace.


Other Refractory Product:

ItemProductReference IndexApplication
1Fire Clay Brick1.Al2O3:30-48%;
3.Refractoriness under load:1300-1400°C;
4.Bulk density:2.0-2.2g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace, 
2.Heating furnace,
3.Hot blast stove, 
4.Blast furnace,
5.Metal melting furnace,
7.Pizza oven,
8.All industrial furnace.
2Low Porosity 
Fire Clay Brick
3.Refractoriness under load:>1500°C;
4.Bulk density:2.3-2.37g/cm3;
5.Apparent porosity:12-15%
1.Glass industry,
2.Steel industry,
3.Chemical industry.
3High Alumina Brick1.Al2O3:48-80%;
3.Refractoriness under load:1300-1400°C;
4.Bulk density:2.3-2.65g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Heating furnace,
3.Heat treatment furnace,
4.Blast furnace,
5.Metal melting furnace,
6.Electric furnace,
7.Pizza oven,
8.All industrial furnace.
4Fused Cast 
Zirconia Corundum Block 
4.Exudation temperature of glass phase:
5.Refractoriness under load:1400-1450°C;
4.Bulk density:3.4-3.95g/cm3.
1.Flat glass furnace, 
2.Glass tube furnace,
3.Float glass furnace,
4.Glass bottle furnace,
5.Sodium silicate furnace,
6.Ceramic frit furnace,
7.Glass melting furnace.
5Sintered Azs 
Refractory Brick
3.Refractoriness under load:1600-1680°C;
4.Bulk density:2.8-3.4g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Sodium silicate furnace,
3.Ceramic Frit furnace,
4.Metallurgical furnace.
6Sintered Zircon Firebrick1.ZrO2:64%;
3.Refractoriness under load:1620°C;
4.Bulk density:3.5-3.7g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Sodium silicate furnace,
3.Ceramic Frit furnace,
4.Metallurgical furnace.
Zirconia-mullite Brick
3.Refractoriness under load:1650°C;
4.Bulk density:2.9-3.0g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Sodium silicate furnace,
3.Ceramic Frit furnace,
4.Ladle lining.
Refractory Brick
4.Refractoriness under load:1450-1510°C;
5.Bulk density:2.2-2.4g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Float glass furnace,
3.Feeding machine,
4.Drawing machine.
9Sintered Mullite 
Fire Brick 
4.Refractoriness under load:1560-1700°C;
5.Bulk density:2.45--2.75g/cm3
1.Glass furnace,
2.Float glass furnace,
3.Feeding machine,
4.Drawing machine.
10Silica Brick1.SiO2:95-96%;
3.Refractoriness under load:1650-1680°C;
4.Bulk density:1.85-1.9g/cm3.
1.Glass furnace,
2.Coke oven,
3.Hot blast stove.
11Magnesia Fire Brick1.MgO:92-97%;
4.Refractoriness under load:1600-1700°C;
5.Bulk density:2.88-3.0g/cm3.
1.Glass Furnace,
2.Cement kiln,
3.Metallurgical furnace,
4.Steel making electric furnace
5.Flat furnace.

High Alumina Refractory Brick With Good Price

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Q:How much is the bending temperature aluminum silicon carbide brick for torpedo car
High alumina brick is made of superfine alumina, fused corundum and fused mullite as main refractory materials.
Q:How to test the aluminium bricks of high alumina refractory bricks?
Before making bricks, the raw materials are usually tested and tested to see if the aluminum content is up to standard
Q:What is the heat preservation material used in a laboratory furnace?
Asbestos, high alumina brick, or carbonized silicon are often used.Thermal insulation materials are generally used to guide heat coefficient less than or equal to 0.2 of the material. Thermal insulation material development is very fast, and in industry and building the use of good insulation technology and materials, often can get twice the result with half the effort. Each ton of mineral cotton insulation used in the building saves one ton of oil a year.
Q:How many cubic bricks does a high alumina brick have?
Different content of aluminum, different proportion, weight is not the same. General grade T3 standard brick, 4.3~4.5kg, aluminium content 75. T3 size 230*114*65mm.
Q:Introduction of high alumina brick
Made from alumina or other raw materials of high alumina content; formed and calcined. High thermal stability, fire resistance above 1770. Slag resistance is good, used for masonry steel smelting furnace, glass furnace, cement rotary furnace lining.
Q:Difference between low creep high alumina brick and ordinary high alumina brick
The question is good, these two belong to the high aluminum brick products, when many manufacturers buy, I do not know how to distinguish.
Q:How to reduce porosity of high alumina brick
In order to reduce the porosity of high alumina brick, the corresponding measures should be taken from the selection of raw materials, batching, mixing, molding and firing.
Q:Application characteristics of high alumina brick
Refractoriness. High alumina brick products are advanced varieties of aluminium silicate refractory products, and their refractoriness increases with the increase of Al2O3 content, generally not less than 1750 - 1790 DEG C. If the content of Al2O3 is more than 95% of corundum brick, the refractoriness can be as high as 1900-2000 degrees.
Q:What are the specific raw materials for plastic pallets?
With excellent mechanical properties, its strength and elasticity are higher than HDPE, and it has good flexural fatigue resistance. It has good heat resistance and good chemical stability. Besides being concentrated by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemical reagents. The high frequency insulation performance of polypropylene is excellent because of its almost no water absorption, so the insulation performance is not affected by temperature.
Q:What's the weight of the refractory bricks?
Fireclay refractory bricks: 3.4kg-3.8kg - according to the quality of raw materials, prices ranging from 1 yuan to 2.7 yuan, high alumina refractory brick: three, high aluminum in 3.9kg or so. Ordinary T-3 firebrick weight calculation method: 230*114*65*2.2/2.1.

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