Hidden Mosquito Net Equipped Australian Standard Aluminium Folding Door

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Panels move easily on extruded aluminum track and gather neatly to side to economize space

The whole view is wide and clear once you open the folding door

Panels configuration: 3+0;  3+1;  3+3; 5+1;  6+1; 7+0; 7+1 folding door

Folding inward or outward, it's up to you\

The weight of the whole door is on the gournd, not top hung type

Aluminium Folding door Materials:


Color:wood color or white, black, grey
Profile surface:powder coated
Profile wall thickness:2.0mm (close to 4 mm for top track)
Glass type:double glazed 5mm+9A+5mm tempered glass
Glass certificate:AS2208
Hardware:Kinlong Brand
Opening:folding to inside or outside
Size:According to your specific project

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Q:What type of metal is commonly used to make metal doors?
Roller shutter doors are made from aluminium - typically 1-2mm thick 1xxx or 3xxx series. Normal steel doors can be made from any grade of steel plate. If you are wanting to construct one yourself, you can use steel angles for the frame (AISI 1020 merchant bar is good), weld these to shape and cover with similar rolled steel plate - weld, bolt or rivet into place. Use a good metal primer and top-coat paint to protect as this type of steel will rust. wrought iron these days tends to be standard steel bar used by architectural blacksmiths to make decorative gates and railing.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows how much money a square meter
Aluminum alloy doors and windows mainly to see two aspects, after the material and brand, in general, the price of phoenix and aluminum GB 1.2 in the 200 or so, more than 300 pages of insulating glass normal brand too much according to the market you can run two doors and windows, each A place is not the same, I just do this line
Q:How best to paint a metal screen door. spray paint? What type and brand ?
You need to wash it off first. Then use Rustolium Industrial Spray Paint.
Q:My front door is metal and hideous?
wait until spring than paint it a different color
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows wheel bad, how to change the wheels.
Oh, oh, the original is 70B series, I give you solve! How much trouble? Look at your right side of the window fan screw hole, your seller fraud, save the material! Solution steps are as follows: 1 you first put 2 sash are pushed Side of the window to see there is not a white or other color of the plastic block? Some words to remove the screw to the side, so that the sash can be won. 2 window fiddle: two windows overlap, to avoid 1 inside Of the plastic block, and then together to lift up, and then pushed out to the outside, down, the sash to get the room, if the window from the outside ground is not high (non-building) directly to the outside to get the ground .3 will cross the window, The wheels of the side up, you use a cross screwdriver to mark your screws (both sides have) unloaded. Remove the screws, and then put this piece of material up hard to see, see the pulley, the same way to buy a change On the line. As for the installed, you can find where the wheels of the careful people, it would be estimated!
Q:Ordinary home Nanshan aluminum doors and windows how much money a square meter price
Nanshan aluminum ordinary about 200! Do not know how to do this in the eggs? Ordinary you do 500-900 you are black business
Q:Titanium metal door ten brands
Titanium alloy door good brand should be quite a lot of it, but I do not know it O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ I think if the brand does not understand the words you can buy the brand portal above to see if there is no brand in this area Or the top ten brand list to show it, because I usually have doubts about the brand are on that look at the first, and now are used to develop, you can try it.
Q:I have two metal doors on my house and they have big windows. How do I cover the windows?
Best way to cover is to use curtains, measure the window and use the mesurement to shop for the size of curtains you will need.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows model specifications which
Aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles are: 35 series, 38 series, 40 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series. The so-called 35,38 ... ... refers to the width of the main frame of aluminum alloy profiles are 35 mm, 38 mm. Sealed balcony is usually used 70 series or 90 series, if less than 70, the degree of hardness is difficult to guarantee. An alloying element refers to a metal or nonmetallic element that is intentionally added or retained in the matrix metal to give the metal a certain property. When the name of the aluminum alloy is named, the first, third and fourth digits of the four-character system are Arabic numerals, and the second is English capital letters (except C, I, L, N, O, P, Q, Z). The first digit of the grade represents the group of aluminum and aluminum. In addition to modified alloy, the aluminum alloy group by the main alloying elements (6XXX by Mg2Si) to determine. The second letter of the grade indicates the modification of the original pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and the last two digits are used to identify the different aluminum alloys in the same group or the purity of the aluminum.
Q:Kitchen aluminum door deformation how to repair their own
Do not have to find someone else to change it hee hee

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