Hidden Mosquito Net Equipped Australian Standard Aluminium Folding Door

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Panels move easily on extruded aluminum track and gather neatly to side to economize space

The whole view is wide and clear once you open the folding door

Panels configuration: 3+0;  3+1;  3+3; 5+1;  6+1; 7+0; 7+1 folding door

Folding inward or outward, it's up to you\

The weight of the whole door is on the gournd, not top hung type

Aluminium Folding door Materials:


Color:wood color or white, black, grey
Profile surface:powder coated
Profile wall thickness:2.0mm (close to 4 mm for top track)
Glass type:double glazed 5mm+9A+5mm tempered glass
Glass certificate:AS2208
Hardware:Kinlong Brand
Opening:folding to inside or outside
Size:According to your specific project

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Q:Titanium Magnesium Alloy Door, Steel Wooden Door Which is more suitable as a bedroom door?
Titanium magnesium alloy door for the bathroom, it is particularly good moisture-proof waterproof Bedroom steel doors can be.
Q:Which brush or roller should i use to paint my metal door?
Yes, I would definitely rough the door up a bit and remove all imperfections, prime/seal it. Then use a low nap roller, brushes tend to leave brush marks. A roller will make everything look smooth. Spray paint is also a good option as long as a good primer/sealer is applied. Most importantly a paint job is only as good as it's preparation-make sure all rust and imperfections are removed from the metal before priming and painting. Good Luck!
Q:What is the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows?
At least 350 will do more than
Q:Who knows the aluminum doors and windows how to calculate the price?
In accordance with square meters, the price of almost 100 or so good aluminum to more than two hundred major differences in the aluminum alloy material, the thickness of the merits of the points
Q:How do you paint metal exterior doors to look like wood?
Q:Does metal security door lower the house value?
I think it doesn't. I have seen a lot of houses with metal doors and do look more elegant than other types of doors. I'm not saying that it's better, I'm just saying that it depends.
Q:There are several types of aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles
Aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles are: 35 series, 38 series, 40 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series. The so-called 35,38 ... ... refers to the width of the main frame of aluminum alloy profiles are 35 mm, 38 mm ... .... Sealed balcony is usually used 70 series or 90 series, if less than 70, the degree of hardness is difficult to guarantee.
Q:Where can I find replacement metal shed doors?
The only possible way to get identical matching doors for your building is to determine the name of the manufacturer, the model number, and/or the style and dimensions. It then MAY be possible for the manufacturer to sell you the replacements. Another option would be to build a set of wood framed, or plywood doors to fit the opening, and mount with hinges to the opening edges which you've reinforced with 2x4s. And another option would be to use a hammer, some wood scraps, or square metal bar stock, and a couple of 2x4 and/or 2x6 wood blocks for backup, and just like an auto-body tech, re-straighten the doors enough to fit and operate properly. They may not be pretty to look at, but they could be made functional.
Q:weird... these past few days I always get grounded or spark our metal door knob... does any of you got an idea?
It is caused by static electricity build up and when you touch something metal you are creating a circuit for the static electricity to travel through, hence you feel a spark. I get this a lot when I wear a particular pair of long work pants. When I walk around the fabric charges itself with static electricity and when I touch something metal, a door knob or the roof of my car, I get a charge. If you think it's due to something you are wearing then you can buy an anti static spray to use on your clothes. It won't harm the fabric but it will reduce the electric charge. Most super markets carry this spray in the clothes washing aisle.
Q:Into the door is a metal door or special door
General residential door into the door is the metal door, the most common is the anti-theft door, according to energy requirements will have insulation performance, according to fire requirements will have fire performance. Special doors and special doors compared with the special purpose of the door, including radiation doors, air defense doors, noise doors, smoke doors, dust doors, anti-tornado, anti-shock doors,

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