Heptafluoropropane Extinguishant

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1000KG Per Month kg/m³/month

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Specification of Heptafluoropropane:


1 Physical Properties



Molecular weight 


B.P. °C


Vapor Pressure(20°C),Mpa   


Liquid Denisty,(20°C) , kg/m3


Saturated capor density, (20°C) ,kg/m3   


Fire-extinguishing concentrations in cup burner, % (V/V) 


Least designing concentration, % (V/V) 







2 Quailty Standard



Water, mg/kg ≤  


Acidity (as HF), mg/kg ≤  


Vapor Pressure(20°C),Mpa   


Residue on evaporation, % (m/m)




Usage of Heptafluoropropane

Heptafluoropropane(HFC-227ea)is a kind of chemical way and clean gas extingushing agent,its colorless, flavourless, innocuous, nonconducting. And will not pollute the object to be guarded.In particular will not destory atmospheric ozone layer,(0DP value is zero)accord with the environmental requirement,it is halon extingguishing agent perfect surrenal at present stage.This kinds of fire extinguishingagent have thecharacteristic of high efficiency in outfire,high speed,have no secondary pollution,can out fire like this kinds of area:

(1)safeguard include valuables,priceless treasure,or the firm important date and soft hardwar device and etc....;

(2)The device where have no automatic sprinkler system or the device will dmage by water;

(3)The area where people regularity live in;

(4)The area where it's hard to clean after eject medicament;

(5)Medicament steel cylinder space is limited,a small amount evtinguishing medium can put out the fire;

(6)The object to be guarded is electric equipment,must use the non-conductive extinguishing medium.



Filled in cylinders, each 1000kg net. Its category of dangerous goods is 2.2, and its packing category is second grade.


 Heptafluoropropane Extinguishant1  



 Heptafluoropropane Extinguishant 2

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Q:Has the dry fire extinguisher done any damage to the environment?
Dry powder fire extinguisher is a kind of fire extinguisher. According to the type of dry powder extinguishing agent, it can be divided into: ordinary dry powder extinguisher; superfine dry powder fire extinguisher.
Q:Does anyone know where the powder extinguisher works?
Dry powder fire extinguishers, also called A, B, C dry powder fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment commonly used for solid, liquid and gas, electrical fire material, the implementation of fighting, the fire extinguisher has a certain period of use, to reach or exceed the fire extinguisher period to the regular replacement of built-in powder and filling pressure, to maintain and use ready to be put into use of fire.
Q:How long is the dry powder extinguisher valid
ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are inspected once a year. Because the ABC powder containing about 45% ammonium phosphate salt, easy to agglomerate, afraid of emergencies spray does not come out, there is, because the environment is not good, if there is a danger of explosion, and responsibility is great.Local standards have half a year's national standard, 2 yearsGB is generally the most loose, according to local standards, fire out, things are important, no one dared to relax requirements
Q:What kinds of fire extinguishers should be used in electrical equipment fire?
Carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride and dry powder fire extinguishers are available.In the operation of electrical equipment, fire must be cut off before the power supply. If you can not quickly cut off electricity, you can use carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, 1211 fire extinguishers or dry powder fire extinguishers and other extinguishers. When in use, adequate safety distance shall be maintained. For 10kV and below equipment, the distance shall not be less than 40cm.
Q:Dry powder fire extinguishers are mainly used for fighting fires
Dry powder fire extinguishers can extinguish general fires, and can also extinguish fires caused by oil, gas, and other fires. The dry powder fire extinguisher uses carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen gas as power to spray dry powder out of the cylinder.
Q:What does the letter "fzx" mean in an ultra fine powder fire extinguisher?
China's fire extinguisher model is prepared in accordance with the provisions of the "model establishment method" of fire protection products. It consists of class, group, feature code and main parameters of several parts. Class, group, feature code represented by uppercase letters in the Chinese phonetic alphabet; general in the first type, is the code itself is usually with fire. "" M said.
Q:Why should flammable gas be extinguished with dry powder fire extinguishers?
The ordinary dry powder extinguishing agent is mainly composed of active components, fire extinguishing composition, inert filler composed of hydrophobic, hydrophobic and hydrophobic silicone oil is the main component of white carbon black, inert filler variety, mainly anti vibration, agglomeration, improve the motion performance of dry powder, dry powder and silicone oil catalytic polymerization to improve the tolerance function and foam fire extinguishing agent. This kind of ordinary dry powder extinguishing agent has been widely used at home and abroad.
Q:What is the maximum pressure that a dry fire extinguisher can bear?
The dry powder fire extinguisher is provided with a dry powder extinguishing agent such as ammonium phosphate, which is easy to flow and dry, and is composed of inorganic salt and a grinding dry additive, so that the fire extinguishing agent can effectively save the initial fire.
Q:Where does dry powder fire extinguisher fit?
Share more dry powder extinguisher with liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen as driving force, and fire the dry powder in the fire extinguisher to save the fire. Fire extinguishing devices are commonly used as extinguishing devices in the early stage of fire. There are two kinds of fire extinguishing devices, BC and ABC.
Q:What's the difference between a dry fire extinguisher or a 2 carbon dioxide extinguisher?
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher mainly depends on the action of carbon dioxide suffocation and partial cooling. Extinguish fire from books, archives, precious equipment, precision instruments, electrical equipment and oils under 600 volts. Use well in the dust proof area.
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