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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Water-cooling spindle

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Packaging Detail:Standard Package: Thickness PE Foam inside ,poly film outside, wooden pallet is optional.
Delivery Detail:30 days after receiving down payment


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine
1.Max working speed:8m/min
2.Spindle power:1.5KW water-cooling
3.Spindle speed:6000-24000rpm

R-1618*6-SG CNC Engraving Machine 

Product Description

♦  Reference Picture of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine : 

 R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



♦   Specification of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine  :



Configuration of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine:

NO.Detail PicturesItemsBrand
 1R-1618*6 CNC Engraving MachineMachine Structure

Cast steel body with aging &  tempering treatment, solid and durable


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

T-Slot Worktable

T-Slot worktable clamp the workpiece directly, suit for small piece, cutting and hollow out processing.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

Water-cooling Spindle

6pcs * 1.5kw Hanqi Water-cooling Spindle


Strong Carving power, high precision, longer service life; 

Adopt grinding technology, can improve the motor concentricity, prolong service life.



R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

Driving System  

Leadshine Motor set with imported precision bearing, large torque, long working hours. 






X,Y,Z axis drived by Leadshine driver, high resolution and positioning accuracy.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine




X,Y,Z axis adopt Taiwan AHK high precision preload anti-backlash ball screw, screw nut with tracking airtight dust removal device, guarantee the machine precision and service life.


6R-1618*6 CNC Engraving MachineGuide Rail

Y axis adopt Taiwan Hiwin 20mm guide rail;

X axis and Z axis adopts Taiwan Hiwin 20mm 

guide rail, adding scraping devices external and 

dust proof protection, extending the service 

life of the guide rail effectively.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



Electrical Component Breaker






Germany Schneider




8Frequency Inverter   




Sunfar Frequency Inverter



9Electrical Compnent Cable

Special shielded cable drag chain special high 

flexible, can bend millions of times, drag chain 

support 150 degrees bend, effectively protect 

the cable.

Approaching Sensor Switch

Dust proof, waterproof & antiseptic

(3 pcs for X,Y and Z axis)

Control System

Weihong System, visualization operation, real- time simulation, pretreatment ability

Software Available

Artcam, Alphacam, Type 3, etc.

CAD/CAM software compatible, identify G code, *.NC.

Collect6 peice



R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



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Q:How do you make a plaque with a carving machine? Is that the picture like this?
Make reliefSurface engraving is the best
Q:What should I pay attention to when purchasing woodworking engraving machine?
Sign the contract with the engraving machine manufacturerIn the decision after the purchase, the first thing to do is to sign a contract with our sales staff, the contract shall indicate the purchase of the aircraft, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery methods, elements of training method, the warranty terms, and terms of payment. After the contract is signed, the deposit must be paid in accordance with the contract (except for stock).
Q:What kinds of engraving machines are there?
Advertising engraving machine: standard models are usually screw, the engraving machine with little rack drive, the main reason is the processing of the material hardness is relatively small, relatively high accuracy can also screw fine carving badges and other smaller products, the main processing: cutting text signs, all kinds of signs 2D 3D, carving.Stone engraving machine: mostly used by rack, and the difference between the other engraving machine is generally trapezoidal bed body design, with a low center of gravity, Longmen solid components are used for all steel design, power drive motor and spindle motor are larger, the main processing: Tombstone carved lettering for relief, decorative stone walk on the line and the carved reliefs etc..Styrofoam engraving machine: the engraving machine generally bulky, Z axis compared to other engraving machine to travel a lot, the main processing: three-dimensional carving large non-metallic mold and large surface coarse and fine surface processing.Special engraving machine engraving machine, the processing of the class does not depend on the main shaft drives the tool but in other forms, there are a few main categories, laser engraving machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, water etc.
Q:325 woodworking engraving machine, engraving 50mm thick MDF, need how much of the spindle, the Z axis travel what are the requirements? What knife do you need?
This is usually not needed high, only the relationship between material and thickness, as a relief, what material is solid wood furniture, with a certain thickness, and even some part is carved in a radian above, so the heightening of Longmen. Such as making only flat materials, such as density board, screen, wooden door carving, sheet type processing, do not need special heightening. Z axis travel and material thickness does not matter, because the material can not be placed, Z axis is able to down to the table. Machines need to be milled when they leave the factory. The stroke is not enough to make the machine. Good luck! I'm glad to answer that for you!
Q:What is the price of the single spindle rotation shaft of woodworking engraving machine?
Woodworking engraving machine single belt rotation shaft price is based on the level of engraving machine to determine the level.
Q:What is the price of multi head woodworking engraving machine?
The manufacturer of the engraving machine points out that the most important factor in determining the price of the engraving machine is how many engraving heads and engraving heads you need. Is a multi linkage (also known as hanging multi head engraving machine), or each engraving head is working independently (x, y, Z, three axes are independent)?. Long independent, each head must have a set of drive motors and drives, the cost of natural high.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine tools, how to choose, ask for help
Main functions: 3D cleaning and chamferingApplicable material: organic, PVC, also used for: MDF, medium hardness woodNote: either positive or anti carved carving, carving must remain flat and smooth, choose the right blade width 3D angle carving, it is important that, small format engraving machine using edge width not more than 22MM, the large format engraving machine tool using the appropriate blade width can add fast speed of engraving.Single channel auger (cemented carbide)Main functions: two-dimensional cuttingApplicable material: acrylic, PVC, MDFFeatures: combined with single groove design, strong cutting force and chip free fun, while the spiral edge cutting ensures the smoothness of the cutting surface. In the mass processing of PVC, MDF has a good working efficiency.Double edged helical cutting tool (cemented carbide)Main features: two dimensional cutting, two-dimensional engravingApplicable material: natural wood, synthetic wood can also be used: plasticFeatures: special wood cutting tools, this kind of double edge cutter is used for processing wood and synthetic wood. The crumbs are easy to remove, the knife body is strong, durable and the processing effect is good (guarantee surface without burr)Single channel straight edge cutting tool (carbide)Main performance: two-dimensional cuttingSuitable material: softwood, medium density and medium hardness wood. Can also be used for: elastic, anti friction plasticFeatures: it combines slotted design and single edge geometric design to facilitate automatic removal of debris during rapid cutting.Ball end mill (carbide)
Q:How to realize arc plane with 1325 woodworking engraving machine
If you want to model the sculpture camber, we can use this command to the grid deformation, or a deformation model, finally use the wizard generated path path. Finally, output to the engraving machine inside.
Q:When did the woodworking engraving machine start?
Bakelite milling time, it is said that the Germans play first,
Q:Woodworking engraving machine working method, step Steper, what do you mean?
Stepping work is a single step. Signals can not be circulated, that is, in the engraving process, if there is an error, stepper motor is found out.

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