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The design drawing is the first step we should consider. If you have your own design, we will    recheck it and start production based on it.


If you don’t have design plan, we can achieve it   for you. CNBM is one group, we can provide you not only production and material, but design and drawings. The designing charges will be confirmed according to your project details.


2.     What we need to do the design?

   (1).     Project Information, usage, construction area, height, how many storeys

   (2).      Weather report and geological for the location district

3.     Production process:

(1).     Confirm design plan.

(2).      Building the mould to confirm the design is correct.

(3).     Mass production, packing and transportation.

(4).     Installation

(5).      After sale service.


4. Packing choice:


(1). We can choose the steel structure to pack the products, its cost is a little higher, but the result is perfect, easy to transfer and load. This packing is designed for accurate production


 (2).Bulk packing. This packing is designed for  heavy steel structure, such as beam, pillar, its advantage is cost less and easy to operate.


5. Shipment choice


(1).     Container transportation. We can load the steel structure in the container directly. This choice is available for small project, the total weight of steel  is less than 3000 tons.


(2). Bulk cargo ship. If the total weight of steel structure is more than 3000 tons, we can choose  bulk cargo shipment. This choice is cost less and save time.


6.     Installation choice:

 (1).     We send our engineer to guide the  overseas installation . This is available for the small project. We will send 3 to 4 engineer to guide the local workers to achieve the installation. Its advantage is saving installation charges for customer.

(2).     We send our engineers and construction workers together to operate installation. This is better choice for big project. Cost is a little higher, especially for the air tickets, accommodation. However, it will save the time for customers.




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Q:What is residential real estate?
Residential real estate is properties in which one can live. This includes single-family dwellings, duplexes, apartments, condos. Contrast with commercial real estate, which is retail space, business properties, shopping malls, car lots, production plants.
Q:what is the difference between a real estate agent and real estate investor ?
They are completely different. A real estate agent helps people complete the purchase and/or sale of property. They receive a commission on sales. A real estate investor purchases properties hoping to sell them at a higher price. Like any investment, this can be risky, and he can lose money on it. There is no paycheck for this. To be an agent, ask a local agency to hire you on and train you. There is a licensing test you need to take to be an agent. To be an investor, no education or certification is necessary. You do need enough money to buy a property. Don't bet on a bank loaning it to you if you've never rented a property before. Working as an agent, a paralegal in a real estate legal firm, or at a survey or civil engineering firm will give you background that will help tremendously.
Q:NYC rental real estate a career?
It's okorder.com
Q:what is the best real estate school in Michigan?
My experience is that real estate school is only good for helping you pass the test and getting your license. When you get your license you should work with some experienced and successful agents and learn from them how you can be successful. So when you are judging the best school just look at what percentage of their graduates pass the test, at least I think nothing else matters because they don't seem to be able to actually teach how to be successful. ******************** Every real estate school I know is structured for people trying to pass the test. So if you want real estate knowledge for other purposes- I would decide exactly what you want to know and find a business school at a full university that teaches that particular thing. There are a lot of different areas that fall under the umbrella of real estate. For example look at the wide variety of questions in this category.
Q:How do I start getting into Real estate?
Your mom may well be attempting to guard you from a crappy activity. easily relies upon on the place you want to artwork (u . s . a ., state, city, and so on). have you ever been observing television these days...there's somewhat issue interior the housing financial equipment. :) in any case, i will not be able to show you how to reason i'm a proprietor of a house, no longer an agent. i think of i'm making extra money than any agent will via possessing a house. working example, I assume when I sell my homestead, I might desire to stroll away with approximately a hundred thousand extra suitable than I paid 3 yrs in the past. think of approximately that one. ;)
Q:Grants or student loans for real estate school?
Plenty of great answers already for this
Q:Real estate broker vs agent?
The change in such a lot states is that the dealer has labored as a Real Estate Agent for 2 or extra years, accomplished extra schooling requisites and has handed one more extra worried state scan. On ordinary a borker makes extra however there are sellers that make a lot more than the ordinary dealer.
Q:What will real estate market be like next May?
enable's see. . .the cost of each and every thing is going up yet salaries are actually not. So all those people who could make their domicile money, now can't have the money for gasoline. they are going to purchase the gasoline and lose their domicile. Why do human beings purchase residences they'd fairly have the money for or with outrageous loan money.? issues happen. So there'll be residences on the marketplace that folk can't have the money for to maintain or purchase. too plenty grant, and little call for = expenses bypass down. in case you have funds that's a solid time to go searching for deals.
Q:Real Estate question?
Each state has different qualifications. In New York State, to become a Real Estate agent, we take a 45 hour Real Estate Course and must be 18 or older. You should Google Real Estate Schools (name of your city) and look at the requirements for where you live.
Q:Job in real estate?
OK now the term flipping houses is considered fraud. This is when an investor buys a house, puts a little income into the home to fix some minor, usually cosmetic, things...then inflates the value of home 2 to 5 times the amount of repairs. Some people will buy older homes and renovate them. But they will keep it as an investment and rent the property out for several years. And then take out of the earned equity. Right now the housing market is slow, so if you are looking to selll a home right now, good luck. May realtors and lenders are leaving the business because they are not making any money.

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