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The design drawing is the first step we should consider. If you have your own design, we will    recheck it and start production based on it.


If you don’t have design plan, we can achieve it   for you. CNBM is one group, we can provide you not only production and material, but design and drawings. The designing charges will be confirmed according to your project details.


2.     What we need to do the design?

   (1).     Project Information, usage, construction area, height, how many storeys

   (2).      Weather report and geological for the location district

3.     Production process:

(1).     Confirm design plan.

(2).      Building the mould to confirm the design is correct.

(3).     Mass production, packing and transportation.

(4).     Installation

(5).      After sale service.


4. Packing choice:


(1). We can choose the steel structure to pack the products, its cost is a little higher, but the result is perfect, easy to transfer and load. This packing is designed for accurate production


 (2).Bulk packing. This packing is designed for  heavy steel structure, such as beam, pillar, its advantage is cost less and easy to operate.


5. Shipment choice


(1).     Container transportation. We can load the steel structure in the container directly. This choice is available for small project, the total weight of steel  is less than 3000 tons.


(2). Bulk cargo ship. If the total weight of steel structure is more than 3000 tons, we can choose  bulk cargo shipment. This choice is cost less and save time.


6.     Installation choice:

 (1).     We send our engineer to guide the  overseas installation . This is available for the small project. We will send 3 to 4 engineer to guide the local workers to achieve the installation. Its advantage is saving installation charges for customer.

(2).     We send our engineers and construction workers together to operate installation. This is better choice for big project. Cost is a little higher, especially for the air tickets, accommodation. However, it will save the time for customers.




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Q:when and why isnt real estate a good investment?
It relies upon on what variety of section you're in. no rely if that's a extreme develop section and it will get exhilaration from greater than $730 x 12=8,760 according to 365 days then it somewhat is nonetheless a good investment. besides the undeniable fact that, in case you come across an excellent yielding investment real away then i might sell. As you comprehend leases take a speedy time to start yielding advantageous money bypass except you have a extensive downpayment. In long island the place i'm from many landlords injury even or perhaps take a loss for some years however the homes earnings fee over the years and that they use the fairness to finance different homes on an identical time as elevating the rents.
Q:Sell Real Estate?
Where do you live? Hopefully you're in a state that is not down on real estate. California for example is on the downside. I say go for it. I have a real estate license. I found a broker who will sponsor me. I am sure you can do the same. God Bless.
Q:Accredited Online Real Estate Licensing school?
You can find a list of schools at the California Dept. of Real Estate. Try this link secure.dre.ca.gov/publicasp/cestatutory.asp
Q:Questions about working in real estate...?
ok i'll have a shot at this. I'm a relator and will try to walk you through it and hopefully you can come to a good decision. First off yes you can be a real estate investor and agent at the same time, only you must disclose the fact to the Seller and their agent in WRITING before you buy . Secondly you said you wanted to be an agent to save on fees, well this won't be the case to be an agent you have to be assosciated with a broker, the broker owns the listing not you. Sometimes after you have sold a few properties you can sell one of your own without owing the broker a commision, but you'd have to working full time. To retain your licence you must work at least 235 hours per week, 40 weeks out of the yesr. Only way to avoid paying broker a fee is to become a broker to do this you need to have a college degree and 2 year real estate experience, plus proof of financial stability. Also make sure the school you intend to go to is approved by the real estate division in your state, and make sure you know where the testing centre is. Basic start up fees vary depending on the brokerage you decide to work for, varying from a couple hundred buck yo a couple of thousand, then you have relator membership fees, plus business licences and other levies placed by you state, city and muncipility, however if all this doesn't put you off it can be a very rewarding career. Be sure to check out your states education requirements and state specific laws as these vary from state to state by googling the real estate division and your state. I wish you the best of luck
Q:Is it worth it to get my CA real estate license?
First let me say that jvazjr07 should tell us where he is getting his info from, because his is WAY off. According to CA Dept. of Real Estate the licensee count is 532,301 (brokers and agents), according to the US census (population projections 2007) CA’s population is 36,857,000. This works out to be closer to 1 in 70 than jvazjr07 1 in 5. You’ve got to be careful of that internet bogus info. I had a great time reading workfortoday’s response. He obviously hasn’t experienced a down market before. And while I’d love to believe in his timeline I’m not even remotely buying into it. So lets get to your question. And of course no one can really answer that for you. But my son, who is 20, just got his license about 6 months ago. Rather than listing and selling houses he chose to get into the mortgage business. He took a job as a loan officer a month or so before he got his license. The first place he worked the fees were outrageous and he didn’t make much, but got a real live education. After a couple of months he moved to a better shop. Now he’s pulling down $6k+ a month, paid off all his bills, and paid cash for a real nice motorcycle. I’m a broker in a couple of states and basically retired on the income from rentals and real estate investments. It can be a good life, but when you start out you have to work at it, my experience is that if you wait for it to fall into your lap, you won’t be in the business long. If you treat it like a “real job” and put an honest 40 hours a week minimum into it, it won’t be long before you will be trying to keep your on the job time down to 40 hours a week and making good money. One of the best and worst things about real estate is that you will be paid exactly what you are worth. Some flourish most quit in a couple years.
Q:Where do real estate agents get trained for the test?
Real Estate Agents are licensed professionals that typically engage in business through a broker. They are not employed by the broker, but are independent business agents of the broker. This business model will vary from broker to broker. The educational requirements vary from state to state.
Q:Is Real Estate hard? Please help?
It is not easy. Selling real estate is tougher than most sales jobs because you don't have a product to sell all the time. Instead you have to sell yourself to a homeowner to gain their trust to market their house, or find an able buyer to represent them. Basically becoming an agent is like opening up your own business because you are your own boss and are only paid on how well you do your job. You could work at it full time and get paid nothing, which isn't uncommon for many new agents. Generally new agents are paid about 1.8% of the price of the houses they sell. This starts out with a 3% commission but because you have to split the money with your broker (often 60/40) it comes out less and then your have to pay taxes on the money including self employment tax. So if you sell a $200,000 house you would make about $3600 before taxes. But if you are lucky enough to sell 4 houses in your first year that is only $14,400. If you got a job flipping burgers you would make more. But if you are an incredible sales person you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reason you see real estate jobs offered is because real estate is 100% commissioned. This means it doesn't cost the company anything to hire you, and if you do make money, the company makes money. Becoming a real estate agent does take an investment in education and other fees to get licensed and could be a great career for you. But as an agent, I highly suggest you find a different type of sales job first, to learn how to sell and build up your sales abilities. Then consider real estate. Maybe by then the market will be better too.
Q:Bellingham, WA Real Estate?
She was an awesome Realtor. We were not familiar with real estate in the Bellingham area. She was very patient, and was more concerned about our particular needs than she was about a quick sale, and this is hard to find in a realtor!!! Long story short she found us the perfect house for sale in Bellingham, and helped us negotiate a great sale price!! I would strongly recommend her to anyone!!
Q:real estate license.?
For individuals who need to figure out how to get a real estate permit, a great section point is looking online for real estate training California. Getting a land permit nowadays does not need to be as troublesome as it has been in years past. Everything you need is some determination, a couple of hours, and a web association.
Q:North Carlina real estate law?
Hi. Are you working with a Realtor? If you are, then you should let your Realtor know that you need to withdraw. Have you signed off on the home inspection yet? If you haven't, then you have your out without penalty. (Of course, you need to find something wrong!) If you have signed off on the home inspection, have you gone thru the appraisal from the bank yet? In some cases, if a home appraises for less than purchase price, and even with a 20 percent down payment, banks will not finance an over-priced home. Truly, your best bet is to let your Realtor know that you need to withdraw and see if your Realtor can help. If not, pay an attorney who specializes in real estate law, his/her hourly rate, and have the attorney go over the contract and advise you as to how to proceed. Good Luck!

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