Heavy Duty Vertical Cnc Lathe Machine

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heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine has CE & ISO9001
turning diameter 8000mm
hydrostatic guideway.
workpiece height:3150mm

heavy duty cnc vertical lathe

Max. turning diameter of vertical tool postmm500063008000
Working table diametermm450056007100
Max. height of work-piecemm315031503150
Max. weight of work-piecet505050
Working table range of rotation speedr/min0.28-210.28-210.2-16.8
Working table step of rotation speedstepsteplesssteplessstepless
Horizontal travel of tool postmm276535004200
Crossbeam travelmm280028004500
Power of main motorkw75100100
Weight of machine(approx.)t90110225

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Usage range

a. Turning the internal and external cylindrical surface and plane

b. Turning internal and external conical surface,

c. Grooving

d. Drilling, bearizing, reaming

e. Head face

f. Severance

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Advantage

a Working table adopts hydrostatic guide way.

b.The spindle is to use model NN30(Grade D)bearing and able to turn precisely.

c.Gear case is to use 40Cr gear wheel of gear grinding,which has high precision

and little noise

d.Plastic coated guide ways are wearable

e.Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient

f. Castings of lathe are to use lost foam foundry(short for LFF)technique.Castings

are wearable with good quality and dealt by aging.

heavy duty vertical cnc lathe machine Certificate

a.European CE certificate

b. ISO9001:2008 quality management system

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Q:Ordinary lathe spindle head type D8 and A28 What does it mean?
A2 type because the machine and the spindle part of the outer ring thread connection, so the strength is better than A1, but the internal structure of the chuck, in addition to a small part of the optional, most can only use the A1 type with the machine spindle end
Q:What do you need to learn about CNC lathes?
These are the theory of the most important above, will be able to be programmed.
Q:CNC lathe thread compound cycle programming example
The first term: m for the number of finishing, can be taken between 1 to 99, depending on the size of the main pitch, 3mm pitch to take 03
Q:Ordinary lathe parameters on the table mm, ins, mod, dp, the representative of what ah? Thank you
Original pure manual answer, hope to adopt !!
Q:What is the difference between the so-called fine car and rough car?
Roughing is mainly to remove most of the machined surface of the machined surface, in the allowable range should try to choose a large depth of cutting and feed.
Q:CNC lathe is always the driver alarm should be how to solve
General drive alarm or power failure, such as lack of phase, overvoltage, or undervoltage, or the drive itself is fault.
Q:Who will use a hexagonal lathe
30mm thick round steel car with six centimeters long with a minute!
Q:Why should the lathe drive
3, with the vertical milling process, will also be due to the milling cutter grinding the actual size of the change; installed knife, not necessarily completely with the spindle concentric, resulting in changes in the size of the cutter when the rotation.
Q:Ca6140 lathe is how to work
Ca6140 can be turning inside and outside the round and face, conical surface, rotary body forming surface sphere and ring groove, and a variety of threads, but also drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, silk and knurling.
Q:What is the difference between a fine car and a semi-fine car?
There is the size of the blank is relatively large, the tool grinding and fine cars are not the same.

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