Heavy Duty Metal Single Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of Heavy Duty Metal Single Bed



Color:silver,black or as requested

Production thchnique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

high voltage static electric spraying,

carbon dioxide gas as protective medium to carry out the welding,

Application area: work office, home, school etc

Package of  Heavy Duty Metal Single Bed

Packed in plastic bag, carton or as requested.

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Q:What is the size of the boy's bed?
Very small, only six quarters have the standard bed under the table, I only four quarters in the girls' dormitory 0 seen, not much of this year's freshmen are likely to live standard of 6 people, because the school built 3 dormitory, is next door to me
Q:Where is the dormitory bed for sale?
There are two kinds of dormitory bedsUnder the bed: (also known as: double bed, bed height...) is divided into two layers, each one sleep. The design is simple and generous, and the floor space is small. It is suitable for middle school and dormitory.
Q:How long is the bed of a girl's dormitory?
Well, the two sizes we use most are 180 cm long, 90 cm wide and 180 cm long, 85 cm wide, so two. Then, how much is the price of a single bed for students? Generally, single beds are made of steel. That is, we often sleep on the upper and lower berths, about 200-300 yuan. The prices of different sizes are slightly different.
Q:Dormitory on the first floor is very wet. What shall I do?
I used to live there too, often the sun is palliatives, then along a way, first in bed on a layer of plastic cloth (moisture from below), thick layers of cardboard, covered at least two featherbeds on top of sheets to with good air permeability, with the best hair.
Q:Students dormitory, beds placed in order to make the largest space
Our bedrooms are also 4 upper and lower berths. They are all arranged on both sides of the door. I think most of the dorms are arranged in this way.If you want to increase the space, it is impossible, because the 4 beds and tables of horizontal, area and height are determined, can not be reduced. I understand your only meaning is to make the whole dormitory look spacious and have no sense of restraint, which is determined by the placement of your small articles. The dormitory should also have the cabinet, your lower berth that bed can put the quilt and the thick unused clothes, or other like redundant books and some eats. Under the bed there are boxes and boxes of paper that hold the computer, and shoes that are not worn are placed under the empty bunk.
Q:The size of a bed in a university dormitory
Student single bed price is how much, the general is the steel single bed, that is, we often sleep on the upper and lower berth, about 200-300 yuan, the size of different prices slightly different.
Q:Dormitory bed curtain four feet five feet, refers to the length or width?
Shop are generally hob, this highly berth with almost 11 meters high, can also be more; some upper berth is equipped with ceiling hooks (not their sticky hook, the OH) depends on the height of the ceiling, from 08 meters -18 meters are possible, so the curtain would choose a little higher than the ceiling size. In fact, the upper shelf is the best bracket, note that the height of the bracket must be lower than the ceiling. General is to choose the curtain to Wai than your space a little long, generally recommended more than 10 cm, short easy to leak.
Q:What is the size of an employee's bed?
The staff dormitory bed with steel bed, double bed size is W1980*D970*H1700mm, the Dongguan goldarmor furniture do is this specification, there are also other dimensions, but the difference was not significant
Q:How big is the dormitory bed in the north?
Normally, 6 people live in a dorm.Although the north campus is new, but there are still new and old quarters of the division, the difference is not much, just on the dormitory there is only one bathroom, and the new two, the size of the dormitory is also a little different.
Q:The width and length of the dorm bed at Chengde Petroleum College
Wide about 1.5M or so long, there are more than 2M, I'm 188, sleep open heart!

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