Heater,Heating Element, Heating Tube, and Thermostat

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Product Description:

Our heating products are widely applied in electric water-heaters, washing machines,
air conditioners, electric irons, water fountains, warmers and electric ovens.

We can supply 110-130V, 220-240V, 500W-60KW, various shapes as follows:

(1) The heating element for electric stove
(2) The heating element for electric oven
(3) The heating element for washing machine
(4) Water heating element for water boiler and water heater
(5) Thermostat (Dipped in water)
(6) Water heater and coffee heater

The electric heating element is manufactured by using high-performance and fire resistant formula magnesium oxide powder as its packing materials and applying high-quality stainless steel, copper tubes, and iron tubes as its shells. The temperature control elements are manufactured using leading special metal materials
and according to the operating principle of temperature sensing and expansion.

Welcome to visit our company website for specification details.

Packing: Standard export carton

Certificate: CE, CCC, SASO, ISO9000

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