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Product Name: Aluminum foil EPE foam insulation material, hot selling insulation


1.It has no nocuous substance and can meet with the standards of ISO14000. It also does not generate any pollutant bringing harm to people’s health when being installed and in use.

2. It is a high quality material for warm-keeping and energy- saving, which is the killer of dew forming and the transmission of cold and heat . It insulates any heat media with a stable and low thermal conductivity

3. It’s light in weight. It could absorb sound, reduce noise, and provide cushioning function.

4. It’s water and leak proof, anti-flaming, easy to be processed and installed.

5. It’s durable in use and endurable to heat , cold and chemical reaction…


1. Heat insulation and light inflecting in construction and protection for both cold water and hot water pipe

2. Separation of refrigerator; warm keeping for center air-conditioner, refrigeratory and other home appliances

3. Heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction for car, train, refrigerator car and laboratory; moisture proof cushion for traveling

4. Packing for special products and cold storage

5. Can be made into different colors and anti-static according to customers’ specific requirements to reach the standards of top grade decoration.

Other material structure as follows,



AL/bubble bubble/AL

AL/woven cloth/bubble/AL



AL/woven cloth/AL or AL/woven cloth

AL/Non-woven cloth/AL or AL/non-woven cloth/AL

heat insulation materialheat insulation material

heat insulation materialheat insulation materialheat insulation materialheat insulation material

The above products also can be made in Fire-retardant material.

We offer Aluminum foil bubble insualtion series,EPE heat insualtion series,XPE heat insulation series, Woven cloth heat insulation series,Non-woven cloth heat inslation series etc.

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while it may not make sense, a Mortgage broker and a Real estate broker work on two sides of a real estate purchase, their licensure is totally different and regulated by different parties most of the time. A RE broker helps a person find a property to buy or sell [if he is smart, never both in the same transaction --called dual agency]. a mortgage broker ONLY finds money. IT is possible in most states to get licensed to conduct both transactions ........and easiest to do both if doing commercial. But a mortgage broker by himself cannot hire any RE agents or brokers......he can only hire loan officers. he can open his own office and hire mortgage people,. money handlers! He has to pass a state test. and the laws are rather different when doing commercial and residential. NO degree for either position but passing a specialized state decreed curriculum is essential and passing the state test for MB's.

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