Heat Detector

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Product Description:

Quick Details of The Heat Detector:

Certification:  UL, CE 

Temperature Range:  -10°C to 50°C 

Response Temperature:  Fixed termperature: 57°C (135°F) or Rate-of-Rise

Specifications of Heat Detector:

1) 2 or 4 wire models

2) 18V to 30V DC

3) Fixed Temperature: 70 degrees Celsius

4) ISO 9001 CE Approved

The Technical Parameters of Heat Detector:


2.Alarm temperature: 65degree

3.Static current:40μA ~80μA

4.Working humidity:10~90%

5.Installing method: ceiling installation

6.Alarm current: should not exceed 30mA

7.Detecting temperature method: rate of rise and fixed temperature


9V battery/PP3

Fixed temperature rating:

57°C (135°F)

Standby current:


Alarm current:






Alarm decible:

over 85dB at 3m


5 years


Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: Each product with installation hardwares and manual into a gift box 105*105*50, then 100pcs into an export carton

Delivery Detail: 15 to 25 days generally; samples available within 1 to 3 days


 Heat Detector:

 Heat Derector Package


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Q:Why is the response time of the detector reduced in part?
When radiation suddenly leaves, it takes some time to drop to its initial stability. Generally speaking, increase or decrease the time required is equal, called the response time of the detector is.
Q:The mechanism, performance and application characteristics of photon detectors and photothermal detectors are compared
Photothermal effect and photon effect is completely different. The detecting element absorption of radiation energy, does not directly cause the internal electronic state changes, but the absorbed light energy into the energy of thermal motion of the lattice, caused by detector temperature rise, temperature rise and the electrical properties of the detection element or other physical properties change so. Photothermal effect and single photon energy, the size of H is not directly related.
Q:What's the distance between the smoke and the light?
Smoke sense is actually another name for smoke detectors or smoke alarms. The smoke detector is by monitoring the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, smoke detectors, the internal use of ion smoke sensor, ion smoke sensor is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable operation of the sensor, is widely used in all kinds of fire alarm system, fire alarm performance is far better than the gas sensing resistance type.
Q:The working principle of metal detectors!
Metal detector (metal detector) is a high performance metal detector designed for security. There are three main categories: electromagnetic induction, X ray inspection, microwave detection, electronic instruments for detecting metals, and can be used in many fields.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of infrared detectors
Shortcoming:Easy to be disturbed by various heat sources and sunlight sources.The infrared penetrating power is poor, and the infrared radiation of the human body is easy to be blocked and can not be easily received by the detector.Susceptible to radio frequency radiation interference.When the temperature of the environment is close to the body temperature, the detection and sensitivity decrease obviously, sometimes resulting in short-time failure.
Q:Imaging characteristics of thermal detectors
The magnitude of the heat radiation energy of an object is directly related to the temperature of the object surface. The characteristics of thermal radiation so that people can use it to objects without contact temperature measurement and thermal state analysis, thus saving energy for industrial production, protect the environment, and provide an important means of detection and diagnostic tools.
Q:How to prevent mobile phones from being searched by detecting instruments?
The metal detector consists of two parts, the metal detector and the automatic reject device, in which the detector is the core part. The system can use the alarm signal to drive the automatic elimination device and so on, so that the metal impurities are excluded from the production line.
Q:What is the working principle of infrared sensors?
Infrared sensors are widely used in non-contact temperature measurement, gas composition analysis and nondestructive flaw detection. They are widely used in medicine, military, space technology and environmental engineering. Such as the use of thermography infrared sensor remote measurement of body surface temperature, the temperature can be found in abnormal locations, timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases (see thermal imager); to monitor the earth's clouds using infrared sensors on satellites, can achieve a wide range of weather forecast; using infrared sensors can detect the aircraft running on the engine is overheating.
Q:How to prevent mobile phones from being detected by metal detectors?
There are two detectors, one is the signal detector, the other is a metal detector. I think your school uses a signal detector, because metal detectors ring whenever they have metal, such as iron belt buckles. If it's a signal detector, you don't want your cell phone to send out a signal. Shut down, absolutely can not find out. My school is using the signal, I did not find out the shutdown.
Q:Does an earthquake detector have radiation?
Safety in the scope of metal detectorCheck gate, the old X ray is used to detect, and now also through the electromagnetic field to detect metal objects. But the railway station, bus station and airport are rightLuggage inspection is generally X ray, but its inspection is hidden in the door curtain, even if the staff next to it will not be affected, the overall frequency of the human body orSafe。
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Location Fujian, China
Year Established 2008
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