Health and Environment Natural Bamboo Carpet

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Product Description:

Natural Hand Woven  Bamboo Carpet / Rug

Specification of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

1) 17 mm of the bamboo stick

2) material: 100% natural bamboo

3) border material:cotton

4) the width of the border: 4 CM

5) backside material: anti-slip material

6) size: 50 x 80cm , 100cm x 150cm  , 140 cm x 200cm , 160cm x230cm or other customed size

8) package: Poly-bag inside, carton or bag outside

9) payment:T/T or L/C

10)delivery: 20 days after we receive your order

11) MOQ:500 sqare metres

Description of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

This carpet is made of raw bamboo which is natual and healthy ,.It is made in good quality and well desiged. there arewe differnt size and color for you to choose, this product  is made by lacing together thin slice of bamboo  with durable nylon, cotton and tabric,these curtains add a rustic sence of nature into any room.

Pictures of Bamboo Carpet/Rug

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Q:What is the size of the carpet at the entrance?
No pollution. Unlike chemical fiber carpets and plastic carpets, they can age and pollute. If more attention is paid to wear resistance, then nylon and polyester, such as chemical materials carpet is more suitable, as well as aging plastic carpet.
Q:My landlord refuses to pay to have my carpet installed?
because you've not moved in, i trust that you landlord is to blame for replacing the carpets. you're sparkling that this isn't proper. Why do not you your landlord meet with a professional cleansing crew, to ascertain in the journey that they have got any tricks that your spouse would not have get admission to to. - also, perchance that's the matting lower than the carpet it fairly is the curprit now. if so, you are able to pull up the carpet, replace the matting, and lay the prevailing carpet down. yet another determination is to break the lease and take her to small claims courtroom for the deposit and lease you've paid. i imagine you would have about a ninety 8% possibility of prevailing.
Q:Black light carpet spots?
i would bet its the dye...........piss would would be yellow,semen whitish,
Q:Water proofing area rug to protect laminate flooring from pet?
Hey Melissa, I am a flooring associate from The Home Depot, and I answered a post on here not too long ago about area rugs. I would say for your money and time the best things to get are buying a carpet (NOT rug) pad from your nearest home improvement center that has a moisture barrier. Almost all carpet pads and rug pads are not going to waterproof, but make sure to buy one with a moisture barrier. It looks like a red or blue film on the backside of the pad. At least with Home Depot, you can come in and we can cut it into a size that fits as close to your 5x7. That way, when your dog has an accident, the pad can capture that without ruining your new laminate flooring. To make sure the rug stays down, buy double sided rug traction tape, again found at your local home improvement store. Use it only in corner areas, since you may need to clean the pad periodically due to the dog. The traction tape ensures that the rug and pad won't slide around. Lastly, consider using spray Scotch-Guard on your area rug. It's a easy and great way to capture his messes before it soaks into the rug completely. Scotch-Guard just sprays on and it can be reapplied after several cleanings. Doing the moisture barrier carpet pad, traction tape, and Scotch-Guard will protect your rug and more importantly your laminate flooring. Hope this helps, aboveaveragejoe
Q:how do you remove stains from carpet?
3 parts water, 1 part vinegar and scrub brush don't forget the elbow greese
Q:how do i get bleack stains of a rug?
its not a stain. Bleach actually removes the color - Its there forever!!!
Q:How can I stop my area rug from buckling up?
Yes, non slip rug underlayment. You should be able to purchase this at larger flooring stores, sometimes larger hardware stores. Possibly at home depot. There are lots of different kinds, some are make for hard surfaces like tile or hardwood, there are different ones for carpeted floors.
Q:How can I get the wrinkles out of large area rugs?
Do NOT wet the rug if you do not know what the fiber content is. Silk and wool for example may shrink. Use carpet tape to secure it flatly to the floor. It will take a couple of people, remove any furniture inhibiting its placement. Lay out the rug where you want it and have 4 people shuffle the rug out to the corners and stand there using their body weight as anchors. Tape the edges about 12 inches in at a diagonal. Have another person literally use double sided carpet tape found at the home improvement center tape 3-5 inches in from the edge of the rug by folding the edges in, applying the tape and having all four people shuffle that end to the tape line. Yes, you will have the corners anchored with tape diagonally and then again 3-5 inches from the sides above that. This helps edges to keep from curling or becoming trip hazards. Once the carpet is stretched and anchored with the tape, you will not encounter stubborn wrinkles UNLESS you move furniture by sliding it and not picking it up completely off the rug to move it.
Q:beige walls, dark carpet?
Dark purple would look nice, though this would be a color that can easily go out of fashion in a heartbeat, and would be an expense to replace. If possible, I would use a neutral carpet (perhaps a tan/light brown that would be a blend of the wall and furniture colors), and get an area rug that is dark purple, or use the color on curtains rather than the floor.
Q:How to clean the coke on the auto carpet?
Car-washing shop can handle it.

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