HDPE100 plastic pe pipe for water supply

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Polyethylene (PE) pipes shall be manufactured from polyethylene containing only those antioxidants, UV stabilizers and pigments necessary for the manufacture of pipes. PE Pipe is intended to be used for water supply intended for human consumption, including the conveyance of raw water prior to treatment and that of water for general purposes. Our company manufactured water supply PE pipe materials are PE100 resins.






We have advanced Germany Battenfeld PE pipe extruders and fittings injected machines. We can manufacture a complete series pipe and fittings according to GB/T 13663-2000,GB/T 13663.2-2005,ISO 4427:2007 standards. We have 75,000 tons/year production capacity.



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Q:(Plumbing) Pex tubing legal in Canada?
Can't imagine a problem with code compliance. PEX (plastic extruded tubing) has been used in northern Europe for decades, because it won't split when water freezes inside it -- it just swells up like a sausage, then reverts to it's original shape when thawed. The stuff is made from the same material as trash bags, and it will outlast cockroaches. It won't interact chemically with water or with impurities which might be in the water, it steals less heat from the water than does copper, so the wait for hot water is shorter, and it doesn't transmit sound as readily as copper. Only caveat is to be careful to use quality fittings -- the few problems I've ever heard of with PEX all had to do with inferior or poorly installed elbows, tee fittings, etc. I've used it exclusively for 8 years (well over 100 custom homes) and never had a single problem.
Q:How long of tubing can you use for a refrigerator ice maker tubing?
You can. Most kits for water supply come with 15 or 25 ft of tubing. You might consider buying bulk 1/4 copper tubing so that you won't have any joints in spaces that you can't get to easily. One solid run would be best. If you were going to run the plastic tubing I have never seen it in lengths greater than 25 ft. If you cant get a longer piece you should be careful where you make a joint.
Q:Where can I buy thin plastic flexible tubing?
check okorder.com... they have a knowledgeable staff that can find just about anything. Try P/N:0448225(type in search bar on website)
Q:Am I still a virgin if my Doctor stuck a plastic tube up my vagina?
Yes you're still a virgin. You loose you're virginity when a penis is inserted into your vagina, or you have sex.
Q:which is the water tube guide on my mariner magnum 40 is it the copper tube coming off the water pump?
Don't pull to hard on the copper tube or U can damage the oring at the to and then the work begins.
Q:What are tube flies? Where can you get them?
Tube okorder.com in a few weeks. You will find many proven options for many situations. If you want to buy some as a first time tube fly fisher then you will be in good hands. We also have a wonderful tube fly box out. The Tribute tube fly box is new for the 2009-2010 season. You will find this box will hold a bunch of tube flies and you can push heavy cone heads in snug. If you are looking for a gift, this would be great for any fly fisherman. You can also contact Clarke at Puget Sound Fly Company. Besides being a great soccer coach he is well schooled in tube flies. His shop will have some great patterns for you until I am finished the first tubes for the public. Puget Sound Fly Company is one that Irideus tips its hat at for the many long hours testing put in over the years. Good luck, we are all happy to help you get going. Tim Owner Irideus
Q:My dwarf hamster always sleeps in his tubes.?
Nothing to worry about!
Q:How about plastic pipes for water pipes in the house? With PVC or PPR or something?
PVCPVC pipe is divided into PVC, water supply and drainage pipe two kinds, with better tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes. Used for municipal water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, civil water supply and drainage, irrigation, vegetation watering, etc..
Q:What is the plastic pipe joint of water supply pipe?
This depends on what kind of plastic you use, for example, you want PPR that connector is PPR pipe fittings
Q:Science Project Help--Bending Plastic Tube to Form.?
Heat it where you want the bend. If it is small tubing and depending on what it is made of, place where you want the bend to be in boiling water, take it out, bend it to shape and hold it there until it cools. If it is of a better material or thicker, wrap it with aluminum foil and hold it over a candle, but beware that it will get very hot and may start to melt. P.S. After reading again, you want to straighten it, so you will need to heat it and then roll it back and forth slowly until it cools.

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