HDPE Geomembrane for Landfill to Prevent the Waste Water

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Product Description:

Structure of Hdpe Geomembrane for  Landfill

Hdpe Geomembrane for  Landfill are made from polyethylene polymer materials that blow molding,its main function is to prevent the liquid leakage and gas volatile.According to the production of raw materials can divide into HDPE geomembrane liner and LDPE geomembrane liner,etc.

Main Features of Hdpe Geomembrane for  Landfill

  1. Complete variety of specifications of width and thickness. Thickness: 0.08-2mm / Width: 2-16m .

  2. Excellent environmental stress resistant cracking performance.

  3. Excellent performance of chemical erosion resistance.

  4. Big scope of application temperature and long service life .

  5. Applied in landfill waste site, sewage and filth treatment site, tailings depot and underground construction project

Fish Farm Pond Liner Images


Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond 

Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond


Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond

Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond

Hdpe Geomembrane for  Landfill Specification :




Test Value


1.0 mm

1.25 mm

1.5 mm



2.5 mm



Minimum Density(g/cm³)



Strength at yield,N/mm










Strength at break ,N/mm










Elongation at yield,%



Elongation at break,%



Tear Resistance N










Puncture Resistance N










Stress Crack Resistance, hrs



Carbon Black Content, %


Carbon Black Dispersion

1 or 2


Standard OTI Min


High Pressure OTI Min



Impact Cold Crack at -70°C



Water vapor permeability

(g.cm/cm2 .s.Pa)



Dimensional Stability (%)




1. How about the delivery time?    

    Two weeks upon receipt of down payment. 

2. What kind of payments do we accepted?   

   T/T, L/C, WesternUnion, MoneyGram. 

3. What's are the MOQ?   

    Normally the MOQ is 5000 SQM in theory. 

    And we can provide you free samples for quality inspection.  

4. Do you charge for the samples?   

    Accordeing to our company policy, the samples are freee, we only charge the freight fee. And we will return the freight fee in your second order.   

5. Can you produce the product according to customers' requirements?

     Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome

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Q:Does anyone know the mechanism of ion exchange membrane
Ion exchange resins are high molecular material with an ion exchange function. in the solution, the ion of itself will have an exchange with the ion which has the same symbol in the solution. According to the nature of different exchange groups, the ion exchange resins can be classified into two categories cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin, most of the cation exchange resin have a sulfonic acid group (-SO3H), carboxyl (-COOH) or phenol (-C6H4OH), etc. and other acidic group, wherein the hydrogen ions can have a exchange with a metal ion in solution or other cation ion, anion exchange resin containing quaternary amine [-N (CH3) 3OH], amino (-NH2 ) or imino (-NH2 ) and other alkali basic group. They can generate OH- ions in water, which can have the exchange interaction with various anions, and the ion exchange resin is in very widely use, it is mainly used for the isolation and purification.
Q:What are the features of film mulching door sheet?
More eco-friendly, natural color, anti - dirty, anti -light, easy to clean, non-discolouring, various design and colours.
Q:What kind of welding machine is used for geomembrane welding burnout?
Q:Is there mobile phone film on which fingerprints will not attach?
No, there isn't. You can use the BG cleaning cloth (fiber cloth or glasses cloth can also be used) to wipe the screen thoroughly. It is best to wipe the screen in the indoor environment that is clean and has no wind to reduce dust on the film. You must know that screen should be cleaned befor the film is stuck on as dust will affect the result of the film. if inadvertently stained with dust will directly affect the results of the film. There will be bubbles in the film when a little dust fall on the film, but large amount of dust will lead to the failure of the film sticking.Because there is dust which can not be cleaned in the process of sticking the film and the dust damages the silica gel layer of the protective film, the film can not be used in the end. You should not wipe the screen with a wet cloth when there is still stubborn dirt on it after it is cleaned. You only need to put a BG dedusting paster on the dust and tear the paster off. The dust will be removed by the viscidity of the dedusting paster. After used, the BG dedusting paster can be put back on the original body paper and used again.
Q:The composite geomembrane construction process:
first, composite geomembrane's construction method, 1, construction preparation 1) composite geomembrane materials quality testing, this project used composite geomembrane is two cloths film one film composite geo-membrane, 2) clean up embankment slope, flat ground, remove all sharp corner sundries, backfill and tamppile the slope is qualified acceptance after supervisor, providing working surface for the pavement of composite geo-membrane. 3) as for geomembrane split joint, for the sake of convenient construction, ensure the quality of split joint, composite geomembrane should as far as possible use wide range, decrease the field splice quantity , before construction, in accordance with the requirements of composite geomembrane width and scene length demands, it should be cut inside the unit, and spliced into the required size block, to roll it on the steel pipe, manual handling it to the working face. 2, 1) composite geomembrane pavement, 1) the laying method of composite geomembrane, compound geomembrane pavement is divided into paving of canal bed and slope paving two parts. Paving method: rolly paving it in axis direction of canal. slope paving, after qualified acceptance of slope, roll along the axis of the slope, and connect to composite geo-membrane in T-shape. 2) composite geomembrane's paving technical requirements:
Q:Functions of PVC membrane, characteristics of PVC
1. PVC film has good printing performance, there is no need to make any treatment before printing. The film can be made into transparent or opaque film, and it can be printed with various patterns, decorative pattern which is bright in color. 2. PVC thin film has small breathability, which can reduce the influence of air humidity on the substrate artificial plates. 3. It is suitable for continuous production. 4. The surface is relatively soft, thus makes it easy to molding pressing with patterns, and it doesn't feel cold or hard. Uses: It can be applied to food, beverage, electrical appliances, medicine, daily necessities, toys, cosmetics, light industry, hardwae and other light weight and small size products. The special film for commodity labels after printing can be used as commodity tag, the set special mats is suitable for bottle cap packaging.
Q:What are the applications of geomembrane in roadbed?
Geomembrane in the roadbed is not only strengthening the subgrade, but also plays a role in the anti-seepage and anticorrosion. The geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance. good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, environmental stress cracking resistance and tearing strength. With density is rising, the mechanical properties and barrier properties will be a corresponding increase, heat resistant, and the tensile strength is higher; It can resisit the corrosion of acid, alkali and organic solvents and others.
Q:What's the function of the base membrane of wall cloth?
1: Wall cloth base film is water-based with no strong taste. It is environment-friendly product in place of varnish. It can produce a hard protective film between the wallpaper and wall space, which can protect the wall space, and strengthen the water resistance of the wall bottom. It is mildew proof and antimicrobial. 2: The wall should be smooth and dry. 3: The concrete wall should be made level with putty powder. 4: For the wall space after scraped with talcum powder is smooth, there is loose powder existent. The wallpaper should be pasted after sanding of the wall. 5: All walls in need of wallpaper pasting (concrete walls, gypsum walls, wooden fiberboard, blockboard, etc.) must first be scraped, and after they are completely dry, brush wallpaper base film on them once and until the film is dry, wallpaper pasting can be started. (If the base film is not sticky to your hand, it indicates it is appropriate to put up wallpaper at this time.)
Q:Is electrothermal film of pringitng ink good?
At present, there are four types of electrothermal film in the market, namely Printing ink type, ultra-thin metal sheet type, carbon fiber type and functional polymer electric heating new material type. Different electrothermal membrane has different technology content, different characteristics and application areas. Printing ink type of electrothermal membrane is mainly used for heating the ceiling and carbon fiber electrothermal membrane is mainly used in high power electric hot plate. According to the manufacturer, the high molecular electrothermal membrane is mainly used for floor heating. It is not recommend using the electrothermal film for floor heating. The reasons are as follows. A, electrothermal membrane is initially being designed and used on the roof. The heat is radiated from the ceiling. Free from considering pressure-bearing and load-bearing, the design and manufacture cost of the product is low, and the safety hazard is also fewer. Recently, some of the electrothermal film began to be used for floor heating. In this regard, I believe that the product will be subject to the challenges of pressure- bearing and load-bearing. Two, the power of each piece of electrothermal film is fixed and can barely be adjusted. Some joints should be connected manually on the scene. This is demanding for workers who are responsible for this. Three, the electric heating film is mainly laid under the wood floors and tiles. The sand in the cement layer under the ceramic tile may pose threat to the electric heating film (the thickness is 0.8 mm), but also bring obstacles to future maintenance. Directly laid under the floor coupled with the restrictions on the ground temperature protection, the electrothermal film is easily locally overheated and then causes trouble.
Q:What is the requirement of HDPE geomembrane impermeable membrane welding work?

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