HDMI Cable .2014 New Style ,4K HDMI Cable For Hdtv,Ps3,Xbox ,Available For 0.5M,1M,2M,3M,5M,10M,20M,30M,50M

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Product Description:

2014 New Style HDMI cable

1.HDMI cable

2.Model number:H1407C with black nylon braiding

3.Cable AWG:30/28/26/24(optional)

4.Connector:Nickel /gold plated(optional)

5.Cable jacket:white/black PVC /nylon braiding/cotton braiding

6.Shileding:triple shield

7.Inside cable conductor:99.99% pure oxgen-free copper

8.Length:0.5m to 20m

9.Quality:platinum quality,passed ATC test and HDMI certificated

10.Packaging:PE bag/Foil bag/blister packaging/carton box/giftbox


Electronic Feartures:

1)100% open &short tests

2)hi-pot:DC300v 10ms

3)insulation resistance: 10m ohm min

4)contact resistance: 3max


1.HDMI Ethernet Channel – Adds high-speed networking to an HDMI link, allowing users to take full advantage of their IP-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable.

 2.Audio Return Channel – Allows an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data "upstream" to a surround audio system, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable.

 3.3D – Defines input/output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for true 3D gaming and 3D home theater applications.

 4.4K Support – Enables video resolutions far beyond 1080p, supporting next-generation displays that will rival the Digital Cinema systems used in many commercial movie theatres.

 5.Content Type – Real-time signaling of content types between display and source devices, enabling a TV to optimize picture settings based on content type

 6.Additional Color Spaces – Adds support for additional color models used in digital photography and computer graphics.


 Other products in our factory:

1.HDMI adapter,extender

2.HDMI wall plate

3.RCA cable,optical fiber cable,VGA cable

4.Displayport cable


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Q:The new room wire soaked in the court to support the line
That is, in the construction process, what is the meaning of the protection of the cable, is wrapped with concrete (cross the road when used). Drawings should be accountable, such as thickness and concrete label, package length and so on. There are two main ways: . for the pre-buried cable protection pipe, you can directly wear the cable in the tube, and then make the cable head or cable terminal head; . for the pre-laying of the cable, would like to add Protection tube, for the circular closed cable protection tube to die, you can use the profile cable protection tube, two pairs, and then screw fixed, avoid damage to the cable body.
Q:How to ask what the current of the wire to bear the formula
According to the national mandatory standard GB-2011 "low-voltage power distribution design specifications" provides: 7.2.14 the same path without interference requirements of the line can be laid in the same metal pipe or metal tank box. The total cross-sectional area of the wire within the metal conduit or metal tank should not exceed 40% of its cross-sectional area and the wire conductor should not exceed 30. 7.2.15 Control, signal and other non-electric circuit wire laying in the same metal pipe or metal box, the total cross-sectional area of the wire should not exceed 50% of its cross-section.
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Green plug av2. The The other two do not insert Red and white plug audio. TV channel selection av2MP4 mode election to meet the output I have just succeeded, we must add points Ha!
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See how you feel comfortable how to separate separately. Do not want to separate can also, everything depends on your own choice.
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Wired cable connected to the set-top box, audio and video lines used to connect the TV and set-top boxes, the TV to switch to AV (video) state.
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Wall to take the line of the threading pipe clogging, how to clear the need according to different situations: 1: the line is a straight line, the middle of the bend, and the distance is relatively short distance. You can try to use a hard wire to clear. The general clogging is not hardening in the cement inside, this method can be clear open. 2: the pipeline is longer, the middle of a bend, this situation can not clear their own. You can find a professional to help solve.

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