HB48-B-C-D concrete pump is the medium size

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ManufacturerVOLVOGermany BENZHino
Max. speedkm/h94.88585
Max. gradeability35%38%39.90%
Min. turning diameterm24.60525.924.4
Brake distancem≤10≤10≤10
Tread (front/rear)mm2028/18372034/18042050/1855
Approach angle/departure angle17/1022/1018.2/10
Min. clearancemm270300240
Tyre specification315/80R22.5315/80R22.5315/80R22.5
Output powerkw/(r/min)294/1400~1800300/1800331/1800
Max. torqueN.m/(r/min)2200/1050~14002000/10801912/1100
Emission StandardNation III GBⅢNation III GBⅢNation III GBⅢ
OthersDimension (length x width x height)mm12632×2500×399512590×2500×399512515×2500×3995
Total vehicle weightkg410004100040000
Fuel tank capacityl410400400
Fuel consumption per 100kml/100km404040
Pumping operation
Pumping systemTheoretical output(high pressure/low pressure)m3/h90/13890/150 
Concrete pumping pressure(high pressure/low pressure)Mpa13/8.713/8
Theoretical pumping times(high pressure/low pressure)次/min18/2713/21
Max. diameter of pumping concrete aggregatemm40
Feeding heightmm1540
Placing boomPumping slump rangecm12-23
Reach heightm48.1
Reach depthm34
Slewing radiusm42.75
Slewing angle370
1st boom stretch angle90
2nd boom stretch angle180
3rd boom stretch angle180
4th boom stretch angle250
5th boom stretch angle250
Outrigger span Overall outrigger spanmm10500
Front outrigger transverse spanmm10450
Rear outrigger transverse spanmm10300
OthersDosing typeS valveS-valve
Lubricating methodAutomatic lubricationAutomatic
Controlling methodManual/remote controlManual/Remote control
Water tank capacityl600
Max. pressure of water pumpMpa2

HB48-B-C-D concrete pump is the medium size , and widely applied in high buildings and large foundation equipments of bridge, power plant, steel plant, water treatment plant. The machine features environmental care, safety, reliability and advanced. 

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