HAONAI K-02251 Hand Made /Mouth blown special glass

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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month

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special glass





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soda-lime glass


drinking beer,water,juice,milk etc.




hand made,mouth blown




decal,CMYK/PMS ,heat transfer etc.


bulk pack,white box,color box,PVC box etc.


ASAP,it will depends on the order qty .


food grade and dishwasher safe

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:individual brown box then 24pcs/export carton
Delivery Detail:30days after confirmation


special glass 
1.hand made ,high quality 
2.size:h105*t72*b72mm vol:450ml 
3.popular shape,super trans,less MOQ 
4.SGS foodgrade

  HAONAI K-02251 hand made /Mouth blown special glass 
1.hand made ,high quality
2.size:h105*t72*b72mm vol:450ml
3.popular shape,super trans,less MOQ
4.SGS foodgrade

our products get through all TEST for market on glass and logo. 
1.north America :FDA TEST. 
2.Germany :LFGB TEST. 
3.Erope:food grade /EEC TEST. 
3.we have SGS TEST REPORT 

our LOGO can be made by several way; 
1.silkscreen logo (for 1,2,3 color) 
2.Emboss logo /engrave 
3.Etach logo 
5.sand blaster 
and so on we can make. 

1.gift box individal or set 
2.color window box /white window box 
3.blister /pvc box 
4.brown box . 
5.shrink box

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Q:What is the prospect of building glass foil?
With the state for the introduction of energy-saving policies and local governments for building energy-saving provisions, combined with the current building doors and windows tend to penetrate the development direction of energy consumption to reach about 50% of the entire building. The market appears on the coated glass is basically to block the strong dazzling light, do not have insulation, cold, isolated UV explosion protection and other functions. Currently on the market is the best double-filled inert gas (nitrogen) his effect is better than the film effect, but the price is high. Sum of these aspects of the glass film market prospects you should have a few, right? But now speaking, the film market is still in the promotion stage, the market has not really opened. Investment should be cautious.
Q:How to identify the glass film is good or bad? Identify glass sheets should pay attention to those matters?
Identify the glass film is good or bad a total of eight points: 1, hand touch .2, Nose smell 3 ,. seeing 4, quality assurance card 5. with alcohol, gasoline, asphalt cleaning agent and other chemical reagents 6. Technical parameters 7. Scratched. 8. Is the product of the packaging and the original product manufacturers have detailed product model, address, telephone, website, bar code.
Q:What is the standard for strengthening the implementation of the national standard for glass fiberboard?
There is no national standard, the general implementation of the enterprise standards.
Q:When bartending, for what type of drinks do I use a shaker and what types do I just build in a glass?
All (cream )drinks are shaken -Example white Russian, all (sweet and sour) drinks are shaken}-whiskey sour, margarita, Example Ice Tea add liquors sour mix shake , add splash coke squeeze lemon. Just remember all drinks are built in a glass {rule is cream drink and sour drinks shake.} I build my frozen drinks in the mixer, Frozen build in mixer- ice, liquor, mixer like strawberry Daiquiri , blend ,garnish Martini -UP make in metal shaker can add ice vodka, or gin dash of vermouth chill pour into martini glass. .Perfect Manhattan up- ice whiskey, dash of sweet and dry vermouth- Perfect means both sweet and dry vermouth pour into martini glass garnish
Q:Will the frame glass curtain wall, each frame size 1615 * 965mm, the use of 6 PCT tempered glass is dangerous?
Ming box curtain wall with a single piece of tempered glass in terms of security is no problem now a lot of design institute out of the drawings are used 6 +9 A +6 tempered insulating glass is mainly considered sound insulation environmental protection and energy saving
Q:Online LOW-E glass ok?
Online LOW-E color monotonous, (it is said that now also developed several colors), energy-saving effect than the low two grades, and the light transmittance and color is generally dead, not adjustable, but he can be monolithic, Will not be oxidized, only those who do not require high owners and must use monolithic online LOW-E, offline color and light transmittance theoretically free to adjust, according to the owner or design preferences to adjust the energy saving effect U value Generally below 1.8, but the disadvantage is that the synthesis must be used.
Q:What are the types and specifications of the glass? And how to identify the quality of the glass?
General glass classification by material, such as: quartz glass, soda-lime glass, etc .; according to the thickness of the points, such as: 2mm5mm10mm, etc .; according to the use of points, such as: architectural glass, automotive glass, a variety of classification
Q:What is agc glass
The main production of automotive glass, architectural glass and industrial glass.
Q:What kind of new glass is there now?
There are: folder wire mesh anti-theft glass, there is a folder silk glass, discoloration glass, eat glass, heat-absorbing glass
Q:Architectural glass film is generally used to brand which is more ah
According to the actual situation of the correct choice of architectural glass film, OKorder Chang Bao construction staff engaged in architectural glass film for several years, very good

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