hansen Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors

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  2. 100%tested, Guaranteed Quality, 100% copper wire,  Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 

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  4. Energy saving ,Long working life .

  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC, CE


Y2 series induction motor 
1.Totally enclosed fan cooled. 
2.constant speed 
3.IP54/IP55, ClassB/F. 
4.High efficiency

1.Charateristic. Y2 Series motors are totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC),  squirrel cage three-phase induction motors, developed with new technique.  They are renewal and upgrading products of Y series.  The mounting dimension is fully comformed with IEC standard .


2.Performance.  The motors have the merits of beautiful modeling, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, large starting torque, easy serving, etc . They are adopted with F class insulation .


3.Application field. The motors are widely used in various machines and equipments, such as drilling machines, blowers, pumps, compressors, transporters, agricultural and foot processing machines.

Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature:-15°C≤0≤40°C
Altitude: Not exceeding 1000 meters
Rated voltage: 380V±5%
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Connection: Y Start-Connection for 3kw and below
                    Triangle Date-Connection for 3kw or more
Duty/Rating: Continuous (S1)
Insulation class:Class B/Class F
Protection class:The mam body of the motor IP54 
The terminal box IP55
Cooling type:IC0141

Mounting mode


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Q:What are the advantages of ac generators compared to dc motors?
Alternator's advantage is the advantage of developing energy, now is the main ac power on the consumption of energy, and this kind of generator maintenance convenient, and durable. And dc generator for dc energy consumption only, in addition to small household electrical appliances is large motor with this kind of dc power supply, small home appliance is not necessary to buy a dc generator for power supply? And large motor, need large generators to supply power, to know the large generator driven by either hydraulic or mechanical energy or wind need to consume large amounts of diesel oil, water or wind, and want to have big permanent magnet iron core or high power rectifier devices. Permanent magnetic iron core is one of the best in the dc generator, but also need high power permanent magnet generating large generator drive, and is very difficult to start, or excitation coil dc power supply, need to control dc again. A lot of trouble. Instead of using alternating current, the whole flow can also save energy. This is just my personal opinion, I don't know if it's right or wrong.
Q:What is the difference between dc, alternator motor, and how the motor works
Generator is usually send ac dc converter (Ann is probably what you said dc generator), such as ordinary power station is to use such a generator. You can only use ac ac motor (such as dot chronograph), direct current motor can use alternating current (ac) and direct current (household electric light can use battery (direct current), for example, you can also use socket (alternating current).
Q:What is the difference between ac servo motor and three-phase ac asynchronous motor?
Low frequency characteristics In low speed, the step motor is prone to low frequency vibration. The vibration frequency is related to the load condition and drive performance, and the frequency of vibration is generally considered to be half the frequency of the motor. The low-frequency vibrations, determined by the principle of stepping motor, are very bad for the normal operation of the machine. When the stepper motor work in low speed, general damping technology should be adopted to overcome the low frequency vibration phenomenon, such as add damper on motor, or drive the segmentation technology, etc. Ac servo motors are very stable, even at low speeds. Ac servo system has a resonance suppression function, can cover the mechanical rigidity, and internal system has the function of frequency resolution (FFT), can detect the mechanical resonance point, is advantageous for the system adjustment.
Q:Three-phase ac asynchronous motor load start and start up with airload start current who small, why?
Starting the current size doesn't have anything to do with the belt without load, so the boot current is the same size. You can see the equivalent circuit of the motor.
Q:How do ac motor maintenance and maintenance?
Check for the reliability and integrity of electrical and start-up equipment, and the connection is correct and good. Check the voltage, frequency and frequency of the motor nameplate. Prior to the start of the new installation or suspension of the electric motor, the relative phase of the winding and relative insulation resistance should be checked before starting. The insulation should be more than 0.5 trillion euro, and if it is below this, the winding should be dried. 4, should inspect the brush device on the ring of the circuit to be able to work normally, the brush pressure is in accordance with the requirement. Check whether the motor is flexible and whether the oil in the sliding bearing meets the required oil level. Check whether the rated current of the fuse is required. Check the bolts and bolts of the motor to be tightened.
Q:Ac frequency conversion air conditioning compressor is synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
Dc motor is synchronous and asynchronous, because the rotor speed of dc motor is related to voltage. Synchronous motor refers to the same frequency as the power supply. Ac ac is synchronous motor for dc motor. General synchronous motor is permanent magnet, replacing excitation with permanent magnet, can reduce volume and improve energy conversion efficiency. Synchronous motors are used in places with high speed requirements. The alignment and connection of the asynchronous motor's stator coils are the same as that of the synchronous motor, except that there is no permanent magnet or coil on the rotor, only an iron knot. Because with the frequency in a rotating magnetic field, rotor speed difference, thus induced in the rotor magnetic field, driving the rotor rotation, average speed is slower than the frequency of a beat, speed and the same frequency, because don't produce speed difference. The greater the speed difference, the greater the motor torque. The compressor is synchronous and asynchronous, only the synchronous motor is more efficient, the speed control is accurate. The asynchronous motor is suitable for high power compressor, such as central air conditioning. As for synchronous or asynchronous, the input is high voltage direct, because direct communication can't change frequency. The variable frequency air conditioning is used to change the ac frequency to control the speed. Turn alternating current into high voltage dc and then turn into three phase alternating current through high power IGBT. You can refer to the principle of the new energy electric motors, and the input is direct current, but the motor is a three-phase ac motor.
Q:In the ac motor, he is excited, excited, and excited. What is the difference between
He is excited to have another power supply excitation coil (stator coil) Series of excited, stator coils with armature coils And excitation, the stator coil is in parallel with the armature coil
Q:Juicer, dc motor or ac induction machine?
It is believed that the most simple and easy to maintain and the fault rate is much lower.
Q:The rated current of a single phase ac motor is several times that of an empty current.
A small single-phase motor, which is rated at about twice the amount of an empty current
Q:Is the brushless dc motor a synchronous motor or asynchronous machine? Thank you very much!
The principle of brushless dc motor is similar to that of permanent magnet ac synchronous motor, but not synchronous motor. Strictly speaking, synchronous motor refers to ac motor which is kept constant in normal operation and has a strict constant relation between speed and power frequency. Is a brushless dc motor speed or change with the load, the second is ac motor, no power frequency, and the frequency of the internal rotating magnetic field will change with the load. So I can only say that communicate with permanent magnet synchronous motor is the same principle, motor rotor is a permanent magnet, but brushless motor with position sensor to detect the rotor position after the stator winding in turn electricity to produce a rotating magnetic field, and ac synchronous motor made with an alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field. Its movement principle has nothing to do with a brush dc motor, brushless dc motor has is produced by the magnetic field and rotor dynamics is the electromagnetic force after cutting magnetic induction line, is not between the poles of attraction.

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