hanger for pvc strip curtain

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Product Description:

1. Rail Size: 1m(length)x25px(thickness)

2. Clip Size:




Material: SS201,SS304,G.I


Applications of PVC Strip Curtain Hardware  

One set of hanger include 3 ways

A. 1m rail, 8sets clips and 24 pcs screws, be applicable for 150mm and 200mm wide PVC strip

B. 1m rail, 6sets clips and 18 pcs screws, be applicable for 200mm and 300mm wide PVC strip

C. 1m rail, 4sets clips and 16 pcs screws, be applicable for 300mm and 400mm wide PVC strip

Package& Delivery of PVC Strip Curtain Hardware  

Wooden pallet,Carton box according to custom requires.

Installation of PVC Strip Curtain Hardware  

Measure the size of door and cut the PVC strip curtain accordingly. Make sure the angle is 90 degree; Be carful with the cutter

2. Punch hole
a) Pushing holes in one side of PVC strip curtain
b) 200mm width door curtain need 3 holes
c) 300mm width door curtain need 4 holes
3. Install holders

a) Butt holders to the PVC strip with Screw.
b) Make sure the angle between strip and holders is 90 degree
4.Install hangers
Choose the best tool to punch hole according to the material of wall

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