Hands-Free Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Tf Card Support

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Product Description:

Hands-free Portable Bluetooth Speaker with TF Card


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Buletooth Version


Working Range

UP to 10m

Working Time

10 Hours




( Φ )45mm


≥ 98dB


≤ 0.5% 

Battery Voltage/Capacity

5V ± 0.5V

Battery Change Time



1.With Wireless Bluetooth Music Player

2.The Bluetooth driver has Hands-free function for calls
3.Mini Bluetooth speaker supports TF card to play music
4.Strong compatibility Bluetooth mini speaker
5.Bulit-in li-ion battery for wireless Bluetooth speaker
6.Portable design & colorful for your choice
7.Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, PC/Mac.



1. Connect two phones at the same time.

2.The top CSR chip, Bluetooh 4.0 standard, power saving, 10 hours of play.

3.To modal voice, to restore a more authentic sound.

4.The intelliget voice prompt, simple operation.

5.Long press the button for for seconds, you can start the Siri voice assistant.

6. the los system, the latest version of Android can display the electric quantity of Bluetooth equipment.


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Q:problem with speaker sound?
If your speakers have a subwoofer, be sure that the power is on. If that doesn't work, check the fuse. The amplifier for the speakers is in the bass cabinet, so it has to be powering up correctly for the speakers to work. If you do not have a system with a subwoofer, then the speakers probably don't have a fuse. And this could mean that a power surge from the storm blew them.
Q:Buying speakers for the car?
If you have 4 and 6x9 speakers in a Nissan I'm guessing that there is a Bose factory system in there. If you are still using the factory radio and amplifiers it is not a good idea to just replace the speakers if it is Bose because the factory speakers run at a real low ohm load (usually 1.5 or 2 ohms). If it is a standard Nissan stereo you should have 6.5 speakers all the way around, depending on the model of car. If this is the case you can replace just the speakers with no problem. The major benefit to adding an amp to interior speakers is that you have a lot more flexibility as to how you want the speakers to sound.
Q:The more speakers I have the louder?
If all the speakers are connected to one amplifier, adding speakers does not make it louder because the power will be divided between the speakers evenly. If the added speakers are connected to their own amp, then the system would be louder. This question is like opening a can of worms because there are so many unknowns. In general: more speakers WITH more amplification louder more speakers WITHOUT additional amplification same volume
Q:How to fix a transistor in an speaker?
Speakers are passive devices. It is the amplifier that provides amplification. Unless you redesign the whole amp, you can't just get more volume. Buy a new amp.
Q:What is the difference between power speakers and regular speakers?
a powered speaker is a speaker with the amp built in a non powered speaker you must have an amp to power them. personally i use non powered speakers and carry my amps with me better sound If you want a great system check out B52 look for there web site the have a great line sound great i use this system witch comes with a powered sub and two satilite speakers and it rocks trust me looks small sounds huge love it for bars and indoor gigs i use my non powered for outside and big gigs
Q:Speakers and subwoofers?
It depends a bitare you wanting to use the old speakers with the new subs? Since your old speakers are USB does your computer have a normal sound card output on it? If it does then yes you can connect it and it should work fine, if not then you will need to get a soundcard for the pc. Now your old speakers will not directly connect to the logitech speakers if that is what you are asking, so your USB speakers will be one connection and the subs another connection.
Q:Which Speakers For My Church?
Leviticus also says that you should burn bulls for sacrifice, that a man should not have contact with a woman during her period, that you should have slaves, shellfish is an abomination, that you cannot plant two different crops in the same field, that you must stone people who are blasphemous, and that wearing two different types of fabrics at the same time is an abomination. Are you getting the point? If your going to quote anti homosexual phrases from leviticus then where do you get off not following the rest?
Q:Is my top speaker blown on my tower speaker?
That sounds very exciting. But I am not going to answer with high end audio name dropping. You will probably get every upper-middle class manufacturer's name in your answers, and a few obscure upper class names that you've never heard of. Bose is a cuss word with most audiophiles, largely because their mainstream marketing and popularity creates the hype. The only way to do this right, identify value, and be truly happy with the components that you purchase for this project is to do the footwork and research yourself. Go to electronic showrooms, large and small, and listen to their floor models. Loud. That's what they're there for. I do believe that you will find speakers from Polk audio, Klipsch, Acoustic Designs, etc. have a flatter (more flat) frequency response than Bose. This means that the speaker is better understanding that a speaker's goal to be perfect means exact reproduction of an audio signal, equal in all frequencies. Combine this quality with power handling, and you have an expensive speaker. But you may prefer the sound of Bose. Their speakers frequency response curve is not an accident, mistake, or coincidence. Only your ears can tell. Good luck!
Q:Sunfire 2002 Details - Speakers?
Front door: 4 x 6 Rear deck: 6 x 9 You can always count on GM to use the same speakers on the same cars over and over again yes the speakers stayed the same for the years posted.This is one of the reasons techs have given them the nickname Generous Motors.
Q:how many esperanto speakers in china?
You have to ask your questions in english here. If you mean how many esperanto speakers are there in China?, well, it's hard to tell, as there is no census or anything like that. If there really are 2 million in the world, there should be 400.000 in China. I remember a decade or two ago, chinese media told of courses with hundreds or thousands of participants. I don't know how far those people got, or how much of it was just chinese government propaganda. China Radio International still broadcasts in Esperanto, four times a day, the same hour (not with model pronunciation though). To be able to answer your question I emailed the chinese esperanto league, so don't delete this question yet (extend it if you have to)

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