Hand Woven Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product Name: 3D Shaggy Carpet with polyester stretch yarn and silk

Original: Tianjin China

Material: Polyester

Technique: Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm / Low pile 3cm

Size: 70*140cm or customized

Color: White, Ivory, Beige, Pink, Red, Orange, Lilac, Blue, Silver, Grey, Coffee etc.

Total weight: 3000g/m2

Design No.: TJS001

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage: Non-slip, Moisture-proof, Anti-static, Soundproof, Cold insulation, Wear-resistant,

Easy clearing, Cost-effective

Application: sitting room, bedroom, Entryway etc.

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Q:carpet stain, help walked in automotive grease?
Perhaps your husband has an aerosol can of Brake Cleaner in the garage.Spray some on to a white terry cloth towel and then gently rub the grease, it should transfer into the rag. This product has a slight odor to it, so do this cleaning when it is ideal to do so. Get the rag out of the house when you are finish to get rid of what odor you have control over. I used to use Trichlorethane III for this, it was un flammable, but now substitute aerosol brake cleaner. Do not use carbureator cleaner as this is to smelly. Charcoal Lighter fluid will also work as will WD40, the Brake Fluid Aerosol is faster. Do not allow any solvents to come in contact with the adhesive in the backing of the carpet.
Q:Do donkeys need a rug in the winter?
I agree with Janian. They shouldn't need a rug. Donkeys (and horses) can handle cold just fine. What they can't handle is a combination of wet and windy. Then they might need a waterproof blanket, but they should have a shelter to stay dry in anyway. A blanket can actually make them colder by pushing down the fluffy hair, which is meant to insulate them from the cold.
Q:What is the name of a carpet that is pasted on the wall with latex
Sound insulation fire retardant fabric
Q:Are there any coupon codes for Hopscotch Rug?
Fun is just a hop, skip and a jump away for your young royal with this Disney Princess Hopscotch Rug. Cinderella, Belle and Aurora look on from the sidelines of this princess hopscotch mat. Read moreRead less Fun is just a hop, skip and a jump away for your young royal with this Disney Princess Hopscotch Rug. Cinderella, Belle and Aurora look on from the sidelines of this princess hopscotch mat that comes with three heart-shaped plush game pieces. Numbered from 1 through 9, this Disney Princess game adds up to a royally fun time. Imported. * Disney Princess art * Includes three plush heart game pieces * Rug nylon with rubber backing. Game pieces tricot * 36'' W x 60'' L * Part of the Disney Princess Room Collection
Q:Websites where I can get cheap but large area rugs ?
i am confident that i saved at least $200 on each rug i bought. maybe more. seriously, check it out. i hope this helps. good luck! :)
Q:i want to buy a nice big area rug to exercise on/decorate my room, but im broke, are there any big area rugs?
At Target, the smallest area rugs are usually 5 x 7 ft, and the price starts at around $100. An 8 x 11 ft is around 3 times more. Even a runner (2 x 7 ft) will run a little over $70. You may be able to find a few that are cheap, but you get what you pay for. As to the rug falling apart, that is a matter of regular vacuuming. Grit that tracks in on the bottom of your shoes and gets into your carpet abraids the rug fibers, eventually causing them to break.
Q:Soap Stains in Carpet?
Unless it is an excess of cleanser, which can be rinsed, it sounds as though you have bleached out some color from your carpet. If it is the latter, that is permanent. Sorry.
Q:Remove carpet in mobile home ?
Ok... now the real answer a little late. The trouble is they use these giant stapkes that are half in the room and half under the walls. Heres what to do... 1) using a razor knife and lots and lots of blades cut the carpet as best as you can right next to the walls around the room. 2) Remove the carpet and pad from the room. 3) Using a 45 degree angle grinder with the thin discs that cut metal... under cut the staples that are holding down whats left of the carpet and pad. 4) You will find that they were not stingy with these staples with the pad seams either. use the grider on them also. A full double wide will usually take about 10 grinder discs to get it done.
Q:Nail polish stain on carpet!?
Things You'll Need: Nail Polish Remover (Acetone), Window/Glass Cleaner, Hair Spray, Shaving cream, Oxy Clean, Butter Knife (or similar shaped object) Paper Towels. 1. Take a deep breath! The nail polish stain can be removed from the carpet. First begin to lightly dab the Acetone Nail Polish remover on the stain with paper towels. (Make sure you test it on a small spot on your carpet first to be sure it doesn't stain). 2. Slowly dab up the nail polish stain using the nail polish remover and paper towels. If all of the stain does not come up try spraying hairspray and/or shaving cream on the nail polish. Use small amounts and gently scrub the stain out. I recommend using a scrubbing brush (such as one used to wash dishes) or a toothbrush to really get the stain out. You can also use the butter knife to try and work the stain out if it is beginning to dry. At this point you may also want to try spraying window or glass cleaner on the nail polish stain. This helped quite a bit in removing the stain on my carpet. 3. Be sure to continue to use paper towels to soak up the nail polish stain from the carpet and make sure you do not get the carpet too wet. 4. Once you remove the nail polish stain, allow the carpet to dry. If there is still light staining, try using Oxy Clean to get the last of it out. Tips Warnings Be patient. It takes awhile to remove a nail polish stain from a carpet..Be Gentle. You do not want to work the stain into the carpet any more than it already is..The first product you try may not work. Keep trying until you see what works for you..Always test sections of your carpet with any item you decide to use to remove the nail polish stain. Do this in a closet or somewhere it will not be noticeable if it stains..If you cannot get the stain out, call a professional carpet cleaner. Better safe than sorry..Do not cut the carpet..
Q:Ur parents leave u alone for the first time an the first thing u do is spill red soda on ur mother's white rug?
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