Hand Tufted Carpet For Home

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Product Description:

Quality:Hand tufted carpet

Material:100% polyester

Designs:Various designs applicable

Size:Any size

Color:Any color

Pile height: 1cm

Pile weight:1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm

Rug back:Canvas latex back

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Q:Should I get a new carpet?
Depends on what the hardwood looks like. You can always get a rug to cover up part of the floor you walk on so it is not so cold. If you want a new carpet I would suggest ripping up the hardwood if you know the sub floor is good. If you had mildew and mold it means you had moisture problem probably which could also caused mildew a mold in the hardwood. If you purchase a good quality pad with a new carpet it will take care of the moisture.
Q:How often should you vacuum carpet?
It's true that it will wear the carpet down because vacuums have beater brushes slamming against them every time you run it. However it's a necessary thing that can't be avoided. Carpets also break down from walking on them and dirt debris getting ground into them. Buy a better quality carpet and just as importantly a better quality padding and you won't have to worry about how much you vacuum. A good carpet should last 15 years or more.
Q:can I use Gorilla glue to stick the area rugs to carpet?
I would not use gorilla glue on anything you need to walk on. Gorilla glue foams up like styrofoam if it usn't clamped tight and the dried foam is a bit fragile and will crumble. Super glue will soak in and not hold the pieces together. I can't think of a solution, but perhaps there's an answer at Ace or Home Depot hardware store. Perhaps staples will work out, or carpet tacks, unless the floor is cement.
Q:Is there a way to bring life back to old carpet?
The padding is what makes it spongy. Padding crumples and turns all powdery as it gets older. When that spongy feeling is gone it won't come back with cleaning.
Q:can ironing the rug kill fleas and eggs?
Throw rug or a huge rug or wall-to-wall carpet? Ironing a rug may melt the fibers if it is a polyester fiber rug or carpet. I do not think that the iron with produce enough heat to reach the base of the rug fibers. IOW, not a good idea. What the linked sites recommend is steam cleaning, even a professional steam cleaning. Be sure to let the professional know your rugs have a flea infestation. The cost might be a couple hundred for a professional steam cleaning, but that is worth the cost to be rid of fleas . If you have small rugs you can run them through the a hot washer load, and depending on fabric, a dryer.
Q:What is the material of pp in carpet?
it depends on the type of the carpet, now there are a lot of plastic carpets on the market , chemical materials will be more in carpets with worse quanlity,so suggest to buy carpet with a better quality, at least it guarantees the quality, in addition to the polypropylene mentioned above (also have PVC, PVC, plastic and rubber)
Q:Does scrubbing the carpet floor work?
He should definantly use the machine, scrubbing the carpet will work but hes gonna be there a while good luck
Q:Carpet or Laminate?
Laminate can be cheaper depending on what quality or brand you choose. It is and easy DIY product so that helps keep costs down. Also, since carpet is a petroleum based product the soaring gas prices are causing soaring carpet prices. Carpet costs are increasing approx 5-8% every quarter.
Q:Is diluted vinegar and baking soda bad for carpet?
I wouldn't leave it overnight. It should be fine with the treatment you already gave it.
Q:Where are the rugs in sims 2?
There aren't any.

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