Hand Looped Living Room Carpets and Rugs

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Product Description:

Hand Made Area Rugs


- Material :  Polyester

- Pile weight: 1800G/SQM-2300G/SQM

- Pile height:  10mm;

- Back : fine grey-white cotton back

- Loading quantity of 1x20'GP : 2300SQM for various size  

- Size: 120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm, 170cm×240cm,

          200cm×200cm,200cm×300cmOr size according to your request

- Package: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

- Delivery time : 45 days after receiving the down payment

- Payment terms: TT or L/C at sight

- H.S.: 5703300000

Remark: For handtufted technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with attractive price


- Low pile of 10mm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in North American , European , Asia market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;


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Q:What is the carpet under the sofa and the tea table
Living room carpet is called the carpet has no special name as long as the size of color matching can be used
Q:where can i buy an 8'x8' rug?
here is a link to multiple sites where you can get them: ... Also you can, type 8' x 8' rug, your city , in your browser and it'll show your local suppliers. Hope that helps you, Good luck.
Q:Average Price Of Carpet Per Square Yard.?
Carpet is now priced by the s/f and all depends on the quality and type of carpet. You can buy it as low as 1$ a s/f if you get off the roll carpet.But and average, with some pad would be closer to 2/2.50 $ a s/f and up depending on style and type of carpet of course. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How can I dye an oriental rug?
You want to do this at a laundromat, biggest machine possible. in cold water, bleach the rug. It may take two tries---using the largest possible machine, try a cup of detergent and a cup of bleach, and see what happens. If you get the desired shade, or lighten it enough, then you can immediately dye it (To a darker shade, of course.) Otherwise, double or triple the bleach, no detergent, and run it again. You may put additional bleach in the compartment where the fabric softener goes, and it will bleach it again on the rinse cycle. After you dye it, as a courteousy to the next person, run it through a cycle with detergent, empty. Or you can do a load of dark, old clothes, like blue jeans. To dry it, lay it on a flat surface, turning it occasionally, and avoid direct sunlight, ideally it will be in the shade on a warm, breezy day. If indoors, dry it on an old sheet on a carpet, with a fan pointed at it, again, turning it every hour or two. Good-luck---Brian
Q:Carpet vs. floating hardwood floors?
Hardsurface flooring would be better to have than carpet especially if you have pets around the house...not only are they earier to clean, they are much more hygenic. Carpets will accumulate dust and promote molds that can cause respiratory problems for the those who live there, and those who come to visit. Since carpet absorbs liquid, the smell of pet's urine won't be that easy to remove from it. I've encountered people who have been trying to get rid of the smell of pet urine even after a month that the carpet has been taken out... it costed them a lot of time, money, and effort jsut to get the bad smell out. The more if uric acid has affected the subfloor (even concrete), you cannot just lay another flooring on top as the smell would still permeate throughout the house. If you are to do a floating hardwood floor, apply a water-proof adhesive (like Bruce Everseal) at the tongue and groove so that even dog pee wouldn't seep through the cracks. Damages will occur if it happens as the liquid will not evaporate, thus the boards can warp. I am unsure how big your pet is but choose floors that are with aluminum oxide finish, they help prevent scratches. There are certain wood floors that are with a high janka rating (or hardness rating) which would be harder to dent as well... mostly are exotics that can be almost 3x as hard as White Oak. It is advisable that you also trim your pet's nails regularly:) Always remember that if you'd plan to re-sell your house in the future, hardwood floors will always increase its value.
Q:please someone tell me what area rug should I buy that does not move or wrinkle when I walk on it?
Most of them will move and wrinkle unless they're very heavy. What you need to do with the rugs you have is to buy some waffle weave non-skid stuff to put under the rugs. You can even tape it on the rug with masking tape or carpet tape. Ikea sells it, called Stopp, and they also have a felt underlay called Stopp Filt. That stuff could increase the wrinkle resistance of the carpet if it's used. They sell stuff like the Stopp just about anywhere carpet is sold, and it comes in larger sizes that you can cut to fit.
Q:How do I get my rug back to normal?
Oops! Sounds like you fried the puppy. The entire rug is made of man-made fibers. The heat of the dryer, especially since the rug was dry, melted the fibers. Since it is from WalMart, hopefully it wasn't too expensive. Afraid you can't try to take it back. Best to get another and put the old one in the dog house. Next time you put it in the dryer put the setting on air only.
Q:Office wall is white, ceiling is also white, the door is brown. What color of the carpet is good ?
Use black and white zebra stripes...
Q:cleaning the carpet?
I have found that Goo Gone works well, but also have used NON-acetone nail polish remover for stuff like that too. Be patient and let it work a minute before you start picking at it. It might take a couple of applications to do it right. Don't use acetone on carpet or it will melt it!!
Q:Carptet Tile VS. a Roll of Carpet.?
The carpet tiles are easier to install. They have the advantage that if you make a spot on one, you can lift it up and replace it. Great if you have kids or pets. They just snap together from what I've seen. Haven't priced them, though, so I can't tell about that.

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