Hand Hooked Polyester Carpet

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Product Description:

Hand hooked Indoor /outdoor Rugs

(1)Material:100%  polyester

(3)Pile height:1700g/sqm
(4)Pile height:8~10 mm

(5)Size:70X140,1.4m*2.0m;1.6m*2.3m;2.0m*3.0m and any size.
(6)Color:any color

(7)Desgin:Our and customer's designs
(8)Backing:cotton cloth
(9)Packing: pp bags
(10)Cintainer Holding:

20ft container: 2500 sqms

40ft container: 5000 sqms

40ft HQ container: 6000sqms


(12)Delivery time:30~40days.

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Q:Does anyone know where I can get a black and gold area rug?
I okorder.com/
Q:can i keep a tortoise on carpet
carpets fin but give it other sections to
Q:rugs and saddles?
I bought a saddle from a girl in the local Pony Club for $300. I have had it for three years and will probably have it for many more, it is in good condition. Buy a almost new used saddle and clean and condition it every so often. It will keep the leather soft and supple. And it will keep the saddle in better condition so it will last longer. For rugs, I would get a thick rug in the winter (well, actually, it depends how cold it gets there) and in the summer, you don't even need a rug. You could get a protective shett. It is like a rug that protects them from pests like flies and mosquitos. In the winter, I would just sponge it down and wait for him/her to cool down then put a cooler (a special blanket for a horse that has just worked hard). Later you can put a thicker blanket on, like when he is totally back to normal. In the summer I would do the same thing (put the cooler on) then put on the protective sheet or just nothing. My horse doesn't use a rug int the winter. I hope this helped you.
Q:How do I keep my cat off my new rug?
Good luck with that one. You could try buying a cat repellant spray but not all cats are offended by it. (Didn't work with mine) I just gave up after awhile. A spray bottle might do the trick. I taught my cats to stay off the table this way. I filled up a spray bottle (buy one from the dollar store, DO NOT use a spray bottle that has had chemicals in it) and every time your cats go on the rug spray them with the spray bottle. Works great.
Q:carpet stain, help walked in automotive grease?
Your okorder.com. It is without a doubt the best thing you can find for this. it is easy to use and causes no damage. Even if you use something else and it makes a bigger mess, 950 will clean that up.
Q:How can I clean my carpet...?
Cleaning carpets are always an issue when a baby is involved. However, all of us are exposed to indoor air quality issues and it should be addressed properly. First, daily vacuuming is really sufficient in keeping your carpets clean for the baby. However, if you use an extractor on a carpet with only water, you'll find your carpets getting dull and grey. The reason is because your carpets act as a filter thus leaving alot of calcium and hard water deposits in your carpets. Chemicals aren't the issue when cleaning carpets. Most carpet cleaning products are diluted between 8-16 oz/gallon of water. Some may be less, so actually your using very little chemical. The key is to make sure that the carpets are thoroughly rinsed and dried. When carpets are wet, thats when your indoor air quality starts to suffer. You get mold, mildew and bacteria. Good luck!
Q:what is the carpet under the tea table in living room used for?
Decorative effect. 2 prevent the water and juice accidentally poured on the floor, it is difficult to remove
Q:Which is better, polyester carpet or polypropylene carpet?
Polyester carpet features:Strength: the strength of polyester fiber is nearly 1 times higher than that of cotton, 3 times higher than that of wool, so the polyester fabric is durable.Heat resistance: can be used at 70~170 degrees, is the best in synthetic fiber heat resistance and thermal stability.Elasticity: Polyester Elastic close to wool, wrinkle resistance over other fibers, fabric wrinkle free, good shape.Abrasion resistance: polyester is second only to nylon in abrasion resistance, and occupies second place in synthetic fiber.Water absorption: Polyester moisture regain low, good insulation performance, but because of low water absorption, friction generated by static electricity, dyeing performance is poor
Q:HELP! my cat's pooping all over my rug!?
A cat usually will do this if his litter has been kept dirty. I try and clean mine every night. A cat hates dirty litter. Maybe he has worms? How old is the cat? If it's a kitten, pick up some of his stool and place it in his litter. Then, put the cat in the litter over and over until he knows!
Q:how to get a white carpet clean?
You can rent a shampooer at any store or buy one at wally world. When you do shampoo, remember to rinse afterwards. The instructions may say let dry then vacuum but don't believe it. It always leaves it sticky and will stain more. Rinse a couple of times to make sure.

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