Hand Edge Banding Machines of China Market

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Product Description:

1.   Structureof 3 Head Multi Borer Machine (MZ73213A) Description:

This type is using all type of banding at a wide range of width and thicknesses, which can be melamine paper banding,wooden veneer,vinyl (PVC ).The manual edge bander are using all type of banding at a wide range of width and thicknesses, which can be melamine paper banding,wooden veneer,vinyl (PVC) self-adhesives edge banding, the thickness of banding within 0.3-3.0. the edge band's min/max width is 10-50mm.

    2. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Advantages:

Flexible thickness application

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Low weight

Competitive price

   3. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Products Pictures:

Hand Edge Banding Machines of China Market 

    4. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Specification:

Drill joint assembly aperture diameter         10mm

Minimum processing hole spacing of          130 x 32mm


5.FAQ of Banding Machine.

1) What can we do for you? 

    .We can ensure the quality of the banding machine and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

    .We can provide professional building proposal for your projects.        

2) What promises can be done by us?

   . If interested in this kind of formwork, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE..

   . Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us asap if any issues.

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Q:How much is the furniture edge banding machine?
What kind do you want, fully automatic, and semi automatic, imported and domestic? The price varies greatly.
Q:Is it easy to use an edge seal? Which one is better than a nail free glue?
Edge sealing spirit is an aquatic product. The initial adhesive force and weather resistance are different from those of nail free gum.
Q:12 mm sunshine board with what specifications of edge banding?
The sun in color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue routine specifications: 2.1m (W) * 6m (length), thickness: 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm three layer: thickness: 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 16.0mm, 18.0mm panel color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue General specifications: 1.22/1.56/1.82/2.1M (width) *30M (length), thickness: 1.0-15.0MM such as a large quantity, color and specifications can be customized according to requirements of aluminum strip is mainly used for fixed joints between PC plates, screws, with waterproof tape and EPDM tape to the water leakage effect, effective and beautiful appearance, long service life, no corrosion of the plate. Mainly used for closing sun plate sealing ends, prevent dust, rain, worms into the hole, material life and beauty!
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
Hello, this question is a little general.It depends on the thickness and quality of the board you seal.There is the edge of the machine, adjust the amount of glue will vary.In general, the edge banding machine is not large glue, good edge banding opportunity to glue some, and evenly coated.If you need any equipment, you can contact me by telephone.
Q:Solid wood flooring is necessary waterproof paint edge?
It is necessary that the floor itself is greatly affected by the temperature and humidity of the outside. If there is no waterproof coating, the wet shrinkage will be especially serious
Q:How about Yongqiang sealing machine
For this problem is very difficult, is good and bad is always a vague concept, objective to talk about some personal opinion.Green Lake Qingdao Jiaonan Yongqiang, the main export panel saw, quality reputation is very good, the enterprise strength is very strong. The cause is just put into the edge in recent years, is a new topic for Yongqiang itself, but as a woodworking machinery manufacturers old factory, overcome just something soft, the machine itself is excellent quality, has its own production base, after all, the domestic edge machine are generic to imitation, including many "the big" also in imitation of. For users, the most important is nothing more than a cheap price to do a good live, convenient customer service, beautiful style and long service life, with customers to a workshop like a device like this is enough, you know edge machine industry brand awareness is still very weak.
Q:Do furniture edge banding, have environmental protection glue?
Some Eagle (hot melt glue). Winter low temperature, as far as possible to choose a high temperature, so that
Q:Integrated ceiling sealing edge role, not surrounded by edge can be?
The aluminum buckle does not need glue to seal, one is the metal processing neat, the crevice is small and even, is not necessary, two is by the metal keel card, the assembly and disassembly is convenient, easy to open. Periphery also does not need to hit the rubber, hits is not good, but is ugly.
Q:Method for using small-sized edge banding machine
NB7C? What about that one? The south is 60C. or 60CY at the beginning of the hindu.
Q:Wood composite wooden door, both sides of the paint sealing it?
Baking paint doors can be painted with primer primer, invisible

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