Halogen-free Low Smoke Mouse and Termite proofed D.C Haul Cable for Rail Transportation

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Product Description:


    It  is mainly used for rated voltage 750V or 1500V power transmission of  city rail transportation, electrization railway and underground line.

Type and name





Halogen free low smoke class A flame-retardant mouse and termite proofed D.C haul cable for orbit traffic



Halogen free low smoke categoty A flame-retardant mouse and termite proofed D.C haul flexible cable for orbit traffic




Rated voltage


Nominal cross-section








Structural representation


Technical parameters

  1、At 20℃ D.C resistance of the copper conductor shall meet the requirements stipulated in GB/T3956.

  2、Burning property

  1Halogen gas release quantity testpH4.3 Electricity conductivity10μS/mm。

  (2)Smoke density test for cable burning, Light penetration percentage≥60%。

  (3)The cable shall pass the bunched burning test stipulated in IEC60332-3 or GB/T18380.3.

  3Mouse proofed property

    After 14 days of mouse proofed test, corrugated metal-pipe protections of the cable sample haven’t been bit by the mice.

  4The products pass the test for ultra-violet resistant property.

  5Moisture resistant test

   After immersing in water for 72h, insulated cores of the cable shall have no water on their surfaces.


  1Stable electrical insulated property

  2Small dielectric loss, lower voltage and ability for overloading protection

  3Environmental protection for its halogen free and low smoke.

  4Big light penetration percentage.

  5Excellent flame-retardant property.

  6Anti-ultraviolet aging property.

  7Good waterproofed and moisture resistant properties.

  8Good flexible property.

  9Mouse and termite bite resistant property.

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