H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket

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concrete wall formwork

retaining wall formwork

permanent formwork systems

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

During single-sided concrete wall construction, the concrete pressure is transferred into the sub-structure by means of the single-side bracket.

Design Principle:

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

  There is no wall-through tie-rod in the single-side bracket system. The whole system is adjusted by the anchor system and the regulator system.
  The stress situation from the sketch above.F1 can resist the side pressure of the concrete and F2 can resist the rising force. R can not only bear the gravity force of the bracket, but also the side pressure of the concrete. This stress system is simple, reasonable and also with convenience and high safety.

Competitive Advantage:

1. The pouring height is up to 8.0m and the allowable pressure from fresh concrete is up to a maximum of 60KN/m2.
2. Good standard performance and versatility.
3. Fast element coupling, all units can be quickly connected.
4. The finished wall is excellent and absolutely waterproof.
5. Optimized sizes for transportation.


H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

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Q:New shear wall template support
The new shear wall template support mainly consists of vertical beam, beam, joint, through the wall nail, yin and yang angle, beam bolt composition. Vertical beam is 2.6-3.0 meters scalable to meet the needs of different layers; beams also have six kinds of specifications, to meet the needs of different lengths of the wall; yin and yang angle is the same size specifications, are 300 * 300, So workers do not need to distinguish between yin and yang angle, and casually take a direct use on it.
Q:How to calculate the bearing capacity of the template support
The requirements of the construction template are calculated according to the area of the contact surface between the concrete and the template, and then the template coefficient (empirical) which is not in contact with the concrete is taken into consideration in consideration of the loss of the template, the turnover turnover and the turnover.
Q:How does the new building shear wall template support safe operation?
Tian Jian Building Materials Co., Ltd. Shear wall template support known as the construction of the construction area of small assistants, it can be flexible to adjust the length and height, to adapt to any circumstances of the construction, to help the construction of construction companies to solve one after another construction problem
Q:Template support product features
The light rod is not only the material, but also more flexible and flexible, fastener is a must. Compared to wooden beams, the building structure is more precise and firmer. So that the construction site beautiful and tidy, greatly enhance the corporate image, highlight the strength of enterprises.
Q:How is the identification of tall template works?
According to the current specification, the total load of the construction is more than 10kN / ㎡, the concentration of the concentrated line is more than 15kN / m or the beam cross-sectional area is 600 * 1200.
Q:How to use template support?
Can be linked to this person. This is Shengchuan building materials manufacturers
Q:Building template support structure has been widely used
Xingmin Albert Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2014 launched a new type of shear wall template to support the upgraded version of the product. The product compared to the original shear wall support quality lighter, better load bearing. The effect can be and large steel mold construction effect comparable. The new type of shear wall template support upgraded version of the product is characterized by the weight of various parts are reduced by about half. The new shear wall template supports the upgraded version of the components include beams, beams, corners, corners, door cards, wall screws and so on. The new shear wall template supports the upgraded beam including double pipe beams and single pipe beams. The length of the vertical beam is 2.6 --- 3.0m. Each component supported by a new shear wall template can fit the height and width of the shear walls of different sizes. The angle and angle of the new shear wall ensure that the angle of the shear wall is vertical. The main material of the new type of shear wall template support is the cold rolled steel. The effect of construction and large steel mold can be comparable.
Q:What is the difference between a full-screen stent and a floor-mounted stent?
Full-scale scaffolding can be a template support frame, but the template support frame is not necessarily full of scaffolding. Such as the roof beam template support frame is full of scaffolding, but the pillar of the template support frame may not be full of scaffolding. Full-scale scaffolding can be easy to operate the platform, more for the roof beam template support
Q:How to prevent the template support collapsed
The third is to increase the supervision of the construction of high template. Local construction departments should actively promote the grid management, a clear focus on regional monitoring and key areas. For large templates and other dangerous projects, should increase the frequency of inspection, found that timely supervision and rectification, effectively curb the occurrence of major accidents.
Q:the country is allowed to use
Can protect the template from damage, extend the life of the template. Easy to operate, save time and labor, will not produce rust, can be removed from the wall repair, can significantly reduce the cost of the project costs.

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