H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket

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concrete wall formwork

retaining wall formwork

permanent formwork systems

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

During single-sided concrete wall construction, the concrete pressure is transferred into the sub-structure by means of the single-side bracket.

Design Principle:

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

  There is no wall-through tie-rod in the single-side bracket system. The whole system is adjusted by the anchor system and the regulator system.
  The stress situation from the sketch above.F1 can resist the side pressure of the concrete and F2 can resist the rising force. R can not only bear the gravity force of the bracket, but also the side pressure of the concrete. This stress system is simple, reasonable and also with convenience and high safety.

Competitive Advantage:

1. The pouring height is up to 8.0m and the allowable pressure from fresh concrete is up to a maximum of 60KN/m2.
2. Good standard performance and versatility.
3. Fast element coupling, all units can be quickly connected.
4. The finished wall is excellent and absolutely waterproof.
5. Optimized sizes for transportation.


H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

H20 Timber beam formwork with single side bracket for retaining wall

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Q:400 thick concrete roof template support system need expert demonstration?
No need. Because 400mm thick is very common, the saying goes to stand the top of the jack - are now steel pipe stent, generally do not support the phenomenon can not afford
Q:Unilateral support basement wall waterproof protective layer do not do it?
If you want to do without protective layer, you can look at the United States permanent condensate DPS + infiltration crystallization film series waterproof material. Water-based infiltration crystalline inorganic waterproof material, completely penetrate into the concrete inside, do not find leveling layer, can be sprayed directly. Do not keep, sprinkle, etc. Impermeability level can reach S 11 level or more. Completely inorganic material will not be aging. There is no delamination problem. If the repair, supporting the use of US permanent condensate RMO can.
Q:Why can not the scaffolding stand with the stent?
Scaffolding is the final protection of workers safety, protection of scaffolding stability generally use sliding mode
Q:What is a template for pulling bolts
To the stencil fixed, a two-headed round bar, insert the template, the two tied to the nut
Q:Template support did not stand good, how to remedy the lower floor?
In fact, found before pouring in the jack can be used to jack up the reinforcement, in the corner of the ramp support; see how much sink, if the tolerance within the allowable time to the top of the ceiling with a network of paint on the OK; if more than the standard requirements only play Chiseled, it is recommended that all chisel, it is best to hit the wall position in the beam before pouring pulp.
Q:Foundry boutique building foundation · New type of shear wall template support
In the current construction site, the shear wall support structure and the frame shear structure of the template support is usually used in the wooden side, as a vertical bar, steel pipe as a bar, through the wall screws and mountain card fastening support system. The typical characteristics of this system is the high cost, serious waste, unsafe and unstable and can not be adjusted to do the wall is not smooth enough, prone to run pulp slurry case. Especially in the mouth and corner, the template fixed more trouble. Its waste is reflected in the length of the square wood can not be based on the inner and outer walls, basement and the length of the standard layer to learn from each other, woodwork reduction down the joint waste serious; Second, the steel pipe can not be adjusted according to the length of the wall, also need to cut, waste is also more serious.
Q:the country is allowed to use
Reinforcement limit concrete card for the construction of shear wall, so that both sides of the card slot can play the role of steel limit and the role of the template, but also control the thickness of the shear wall protective layer. There are 300mm 250mm and 180mm and other specifications.
Q:What is the meaning of the template bearing surface elevation in the bridge specification?
There is a pre-camber or pre-elevation between the bridge base elevation and the design elevation, since the template is not stressed before the concrete is poured,
Q:There is no requirement must be held by the shelves of special operations card can be erected carpenters can not erect
The template support frame is a load frame that is different from the outer frame (operating guard). Template support frame erection of the majority of the template workers erection of the shelves may not necessarily meet the requirements, need to be corrected. Because of the high support mold some different requirements, see GB50666-2011 "concrete structure construction code" the fourth chapter.
Q:Template Support System Safety Control
Strengthen construction management. Including the strengthening of the template support system technology management and security management. Template support system should be designed after the first construction. Strictly in accordance with the template design technical program to operate, are not allowed to change, if there are problems, must be approved by the template designer or by the technical director at the approval of a higher level before proceeding. Steel pipe should be checked before use, excessive deformation and serious wear and tear of the steel pipe shall not be used.

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