H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket for Retaining Wall

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1. Structure of H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket

During single-sided concrete wall construction, the concrete pressure is transferred into the sub-structure by means of the single-side bracket.

There is no wall-through tie-rod in the single-side bracket system. The whole system is adjusted by the anchor system and the regulator system.

The stress situation from the sketch above.F1 can resist the side pressure of the concrete and F2 can resist the rising force. R can not only bear the gravity force of the bracket, but also the side pressure of the concrete. This stress system is simple, reasonable and also with convenience and high safety.


2. Main Features of H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket

1. The pouring height is up to 8.0m and the allowable pressure from fresh concrete is up to a maximum of 60KN/m2.

2. Good standard performance and versatility.

3. Fast element coupling, all units can be quickly connected.

4. The finished wall is excellent and absolutely waterproof.

5. Optimized sizes for transportation.


3. H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket Images



4. H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket Specification

H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket for Retaining Wall


5. FAQ of H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket

1) What can we do for you? 

We can ensure the quality of the vinyl banner and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

We can provide you the professional design team.    

We can provide fashionable and newest styles for you.    

We can design the artwork for you.    

Please feel free to customize.  


2) What promises can be done by us?

If interested in H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE.

If printing required, please advise asap because the whole set need much more time to complete.

Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us asap if any issue.


3) What about of our after-sale service?

Response will be carried out in 24hours  after receiving any complain or request.

If the products are not based on the requirements, there will be the relevant compensations made for you.  


 4) What about the package and shipping time?

Packing:  As Customer's Requirements

Shipping: We have various shipping ways for our customers, such as express which including TNT,  DHL,  FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc. ; by air/ sea, and we are VIP of these express.  

Shipping time:Normally small orders, it just 10-15 business days to arrive your hand; When comes to the customs declaration, it may need 7 days. Other mass qty of H20 Timber Beam Formwork with Single Side Bracket, we send them out by sea or by air to sea port or air port to save some shipping freight for our customers. By ocean, it may need 45~60days, by air, it may need 25~40days. 

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Q:Does the template support of the beamboard contain the full red scaffolding under the beam?
According to the above said, the scaffolding of the ultra-high fee refers to the building as a whole more than 25 (remember not clear), so that the height of the frame exceeds the quota, so to calculate, and the template support of the ultra- High height (as if more than 4m), for example, a building forty meters high, but the height of only three meters, it only calculated scaffolding ultra-high, and not calculate the template high, if a single high ten meters Of the plant and the like, it only calculates the template is high and does not calculate the scaffolding ultra high;
Q:Template support did not stand good, how to remedy the lower floor?
The sinking of the local template demolition, concrete smashed, re-playing concrete, although not in line with the provisions, but the project often do so, you know
Q:How to calculate the bearing capacity of the template support
According to the amount of concrete set quota of stall sales, and then according to the scale of the project, the number of layers, the form of the form and the number of turns to determine the template.
Q:After the pouring with the template removed and then how to support
When the concrete scaffolding is actually used to support the upper structure, to the concrete conservation period is allowed to remove the general is more than the demolition, and then used in the above level, indoor support with the steel scaffolding does not meet the requirements of the scaffolding decoration, interior decoration With the full scaffolding in the decoration when re-erected. Outdoor scaffolding in the pouring concrete can be erected when the masonry and decoration.
Q:400 thick concrete roof template support system need expert demonstration?
No need. Because 400mm thick is very common, the saying goes to stand the top of the jack - are now steel pipe stent, generally do not support the phenomenon can not afford
Q:Building template support system force calculation?
Looking for the building structure book to see, the formula so much and how to give you online to play? That bad sign you know that simple, you can calculate the steel frame structure on it
Q:How is the identification of tall template works?
Large template support system refers to the construction of the construction site concrete component template support height of more than 8m, or erection span of more than 18m, or the total load of more than 15kN / ㎡, or concentrated line load greater than 20kN / m template support system.
Q:What is the difference between a full-screen stent and a floor-mounted stent?
Full-scale scaffolding can be a template support frame, but the template support frame is not necessarily full of scaffolding. Such as the roof beam template support frame is full of scaffolding, but the pillar of the template support frame may not be full of scaffolding. Full-scale scaffolding can be easy to operate the platform, more for the roof beam template support
Q:Cast - in - place with beam - plate template support for high engineering
This question comes from the "civil engineering measurement and pricing practice" on page 259 3-3-3 example. This problem has a beam plywood template, steel support project volume (with formula) = 70.66 level and the beam plate support ultra-high engineering volume = 72.93 level and no additional formula. The Landlord would like to know how this 72.93 level by 70.66 flat after what calculated! I am also wondering, hope my supplement is valid, but also hope to get the answer
Q:Main and vice keel upgrade modification - the new building template support birth opportunity
Now too many products are updated, not that the traditional bad, but we should take its essence, to its dregs. On the basis of the traditional to do some changes, closer to our present habits, the use of habits. Times in the development of information in the explosion, then our products are also big step forward. Our new roof support is composed of the main keel, vice keel, supporting the mandrel, the cross bar, the main keel can be free to stretch, to meet the size of different rooms, this advantage is that a different layer can be satisfied, do not need Too many specifications, simple operation, versatility. And with a card slot and vice keel connection, is to prevent the main and vice keel sliding between.

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