H16 Pine Wood Beam for Concrete Form Work

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Description of product:

H16 Beam: 


Material:Pine LVL for flange,poplar plywood for web 


Maxi Length: 11.6Meter 

  Application:used for buildings&construction

  Core:Pine or as request

  Glue: WBP(waterproof)

  Standard size : 160mm(height)*80mm(width);flange thickness:40mm

  Standard Length (MM): 1800-2900-3000-3300-3600-3900-4900-5900 or as request

  Moisture Content : below 12%

  Surface: yellow waterproof painting or as per request  

  Advantage:Strong and stable than solid wood,low cost , cycle use,low formaldehyde emission and      environment  protecting etc.

  Test Method:EN 13377:2002

H16 Pine Wood Beam for Concrete Form Work


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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.  

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Q:How does wood products use wood flame retardants?
The advantage of spray treatment is to effectively control the spread of fire, the amount of less, the physical and mechanical properties of wood less affected, the flame resistance of the anti-flow is good, the process is simple, the disadvantage is to cover the original texture and texture of wood, and Once the protective layer is damaged, its flame retardant properties immediately disappear. 2, impregnation treatment
Q:Some workers in order to cut corners, in the white latex watered.
When you purchase the decoration of the wood, only eye view, hand touch is determined to determine the moisture content of wood.
Q:What are the wood products?
But also take into account the product after the retirement of the environment to bring the burden of the smaller the better.
Q:Bathroom wood products with what paint is more waterproof
Bathroom wood products with what paint is more waterproof? Bathroom floor waterproof with adjustable paint to do, although the paint has a waterproof role, but it is not flexible after film film, a slight deformation will be torn, so do not use waterproof; I suggest you use JS cement-based waterproof coating to do, Its price is much cheaper than reconciling paint After brushing the waterproof paint should be used after the interface agent plus cement shaking hair, and then paste the tile, if you want to brush paint, it is recommended brush finished paint scraping water putty, and then brush paint will be better.
Q:How to calculate the cost of wood products?
1, the purchase of logs and old boxes were booked storage (1) When purchasing logs, By: raw materials - logs Credit: Cash (or bank deposit) (2) when the old box is purchased By: raw materials - crates Credit: Cash (or bank deposit)
Q:How does pure handmade wood products sell?
1, their own shop or stall sales. 2, open shop sales. 3, crafts produced a good price after the release of the major supermarket sales.
Q:How to fill out the export of wood products and wood furniture business self - control situation
First, the purpose In order to meet the needs of customers, product quality in line with the importing country mandatory regulatory standards, to avoid product quality and safety problems, the company's export products required for raw and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, finished special self-control self-control plan.
Q:Wooden Crafts.
First said pulp What is the pulp? With cloth, silk and even leather to rub the wood products thief bright, that thieves bright is the pulp it? Certainly not Bao Bao is the secretion of oil in the hands of wood products and wood products, wood, wood chips, oil and oil after the formation of a layer of things After the formation of pulp, wood products on the fear of water can be greatly reduced Because the pulp layer has a tight density, the penetration of water can be reduced to a considerable extent In addition, the pulp is thickened with the extension of the time of the disk (of course, quite slow) The thicker the pulp layer is not afraid of water (of course, can not be free to bubble)
Q:How does the wood bleach?
When certain wood or wood products are to be light-colored and transparent, the natural uneven color of the wood and the stain caused by other causes must be removed by bleaching. Bleaching methods are mostly applied with chemical drugs on the wood surface. The bleaching process can be carried out on the entire surface of wood or wood products. More in the local color depth of the wood surface. Bleaching Method The following drugs can be used to bleach wood with a bleach solution.
Q:What kind of adhesive for wood products
If it is wood, then use resin glue Adhesive wood with resin AB glue (epoxy glue). Common models are SL-8250AB AB glue is two liquid mixed hardening glue another name, a liquid is the glue, a liquid is hardener, two liquid mixture can be hardened, it is not necessary to rely on the temperature to be hard to mature, so it is a kind of room temperature hardening glue, The model is sometimes used. Generally used in industry.

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