H05VV5-F Control Cables

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Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or L/C
Min Order Qty:
500 Meter/Meters m
Supply Capability:
100 Kilometer/Kilometers per Week m/month

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Product Description:

Packaging of H05VV5-F Control Cables

Packaging Detail:

25kg/bag,kraft paper bags with plastic bags inside

Delivery Detail:

15 days

Specifications ofH05VV5-F Control Cables

1,for wire or cable sheath

2,quality SGS and ISO9001

3,delievery time 7 days

4,the highest temperature is 70


this product is used for wire or cable sheath.

Delivery of H05VV5-F Control Cables








tensile strength 





Elongation at break





Thermal agining 100°C 168h





tensile strength at aging





Maximum change rate of Tensile Strength





Elongation ate Break after aging





Maximum change rate of Elongation at break





Weight Loss after Thermal aging





Thermal deformation





Brittle point of Low temperature impact





Thermal stable time at 20°C





Volume resistivity at 20°C





Volume resistivity at working time of 20°C





Dielectronic strength







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Q:What is the difference between a power cable and a cross-linked cable?
. in the housing construction, often to use the metal pipe, such as fire pipe, the basement of the line, the use of air defense engineering pipe and so on. . metal pipe with SC tube, galvanized pipe, etc., SC tube embedded in the concrete pipe wall need to do anti-corrosion (exposed, then the outside also anti-corrosion). . these metal pipe connections need welding and can not counterpart welding, but also to do cross-welding. . because the thick wall so the weight is also large, difficult to process, such as bending. . KBG tube is a galvanized thin-walled metal pipe, the thickness of the general in the 1.0-1.. it has a custom elbow, the connection method is the casing connection plus screw fixation. . SC pipe or galvanized pipe in the cost, the construction of the difficulty than the KBG tube is much greater. . based on the above, so now many housing construction are selected KBG tube instead of SC pipe and galvanized steel pipe. . the basement of the air defense project can not use KBG tube instead of metal pipe.
Q:Why dont ethernet cables work with my PC?
Does your ethernet work with another cable? Is your ethernet port enabled? go to control panel/sytem/device manager/network adaptors should see something like xxxxxxx 10/100 network connection right click on it and you should see UPDATE DEVICE DRIVER DISABLE UNINSTALL if its enabled UPDATE DEVICE DRIVER ENABLE UNINSTALL if its disabled If its disabled then right click over ENABLE and enable it.
Q:Why isn't cable working on my tv?
If you are using a splitter on the cable coming out of the cable box, the box downstairs is the only channel control, for both tvs. So you have to set the cable box on the channel you want to watch upstairs to see it clearly. You can't watch a different channel downstairs and another upstairs. Only one at a time.
Q:what is the difference between pilot cable and control cable in high voltage electrical engineering?
In general, plot cables are a special case of control cables although the distinction between these terms is rather vague. A control cable is a cable that is used for a control function. Control cables don't transfer power, but rather are used to convey signals that control how power is transferred. Control cables can include voltage and current signals derived from instrument transformers and used for measurement and protection functions. The category of control cables also includes conductors used to transfer switching signals from one point to another. Control cables tend to be shorter in length - perhaps contained within an electrical substation or other installation. The term 'pilot cable' may be applied to conductors that convey voltage or current signals from one point to another for comparison with other voltage or current signals as part of a protection scheme. Pilot cables may also be used to transfer switching signals from one point to another. While the the terminal points of a pilot cable may be within an installation, they may also be in different installations that could be miles apart.
Q:What is the recommended method for adjusting the control cable on a Hoover Windtunnel?
Search the Internet for Hoover Windtunnel. Click on Customer Service and follow instructions.
Q:How do I split Dish Network in a cable-wired home?
I'm an ex DTV installer but as far as I know, it installs the same way. Satellite signal can only be split after the receiver when you don't want to add an extra receiver. On the back of the receiver you have an out to TV plug. Undo the cable that is there and attach a 1-2 splitter to its end. The 1 side is toward the receiver and the 2 side is toward the TV sets. Now, attach the shortest cable possible between the splitter and the receiver. You should be back where you started from. At this point, all you have to do is attach a new cable to the open plug on the 2 side of the splitter and also to the extra TV you want to hook up. Your done. If you want to use the outside box for your connection, run that new cable from the splitter to the box and connect to the cable going to the new TV set with a barrel connector (available at Lowe's, Home Depot and Radio Shack). But you say the extra cables in your box don't have fittings (ends) so you would have to install one and for that you need a special tool The third way of doing this is to grab a satellite or cable installer and offer him $20 to make the connection for you.
Q:What does Control do in m HDMI Setup menu on my Pioneer Receiver?
Control llinks various components using HDMIRight now I have control enabled on my TV and my Audio Video receiver so when I turn on the HDTV the AV receiver also comes on and I only have to push one button your HDTV must also have this feature and it must be activated inside the TV menu also.a long time ago I tried to use this feature with a DVD player plus TV and AV receiver but what was happening is that if I didn't want to use the DVD player and I would turn it off the TV would also turn off also sometimes when watching TV the control for the DVD player would spontaneously activate and I would soon be looking at the menu for the DVD player even though I didn't want to do that.I think those functions have been improved upon since the early days but also even now I must turn on the TV first in order for control to activate the TV if I turn on the AV receiver first the TV does not turn on afterwards or takes longer than I wish to wait.it takes about 15 to 20 seconds for the AV receiver to react after I turned on the TV also I do not have the Blu ray player connected using control because of the experiences I had earlierI am satisfied with only the TV and AV receiver coming on I did have to change settings with in the TV and AV receiver in order to get it to work and also I think I had to have ARC activated too in order to get it to work properly.but that is with an older Denon receiver.not sure if your Pionner needs ARC to use that feature,,,,
Q:Is there a difference between broadband cable and regular? I want to switch service but I am scared?
The bigger the band width the faster the connection. In simpler terms 1.Dial-Up(slowest) 2.Cable/DSL 3.T1 4.T2 5.T3
Q:How can i use a christmas tree remote with an ethernet cable?
Not possible. There is no power on an ethernet cable.
Q:How to choose the model of streetlight cable
Armor: Reduces the damage to the cable by external forces. YJV and vv, in the temperature requirements on the yjv better than vv, to waterproof, or choose waterproof cable
We are a manufacturer which specially produces internal-combustion gas engine generator sets and gas engines, with registered capital of more than 10 million RMB, annual turnover of 100 million RMB.Our factory mainly specializes in design, research, production, sale, installation and technical services for Gas Generator Sets and Diesel Generator Sets. Our company has strong specialty, powerful technical force, a complete production plant, advanced processing technology, mature inspection methods and a strict test system.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 10 Million
Main Markets Mid East; Eastern Europe; Africa
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Qingdao
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average