GZS1(KYN28A) type indoor metalclad removable switchgear

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GZS1(KYN28A) type indoor metalclad removable switchgear

GZS1 (KYN28A) type indoor metalclad removable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as Switchgear)  is a complete set of distributiondevice for single bus bar and single bus bar section system of 3-10kV 3phase AC 50HZ.

It is mainly used for implementing the functions of control,  protection and monitor in power plant, medium and small electric generator station, industry and mine institution distribution, power receiving and power delivery of second substation in the electric system, large-scale HV electromotor start, and etc. for control, protection and monitor.

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Q:list the equipment, devices and electrical appliances used in the diff. rooms of the house and in other places
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you have to go to asan you kind find many stores selling them. You just go to asan and ask for anyone there they will tell you the way correctly.
Q:Please help What is it actually meant by 'rated' here in this context? Thanks?
rated (as in designed and certified) for use under the specific hazardous condition. Anti-spark or anti-explosion systems; ones that are rated to provide those safety features, and only ones that provide those features.
Q:Garbage disposal is wired into open electrical outlet down thru basement. Dryer is not vented outside?
Dryer lint is just like a fuel, very flammable. Make the landlord fix it. That is a very dangerous situation. If he won't, report the problem to your local fire department. They will see he does fix it.
Q:Convert an electric attic light to an electrical outlet?
Electrical circuits in domestic homes normally have two types of circuits. One for the lighting and another for the power supply. You are not supposed to use the lighting circuit for power supply. If you do you may be in contradiction of local wiring rules. As a result if there are any unfortunate events occurring as a consequence you will probably not be covered by insurance. In other words, if you burn your house down from using the lighting circuit for power supply you have no comeback. Having said all this it is unlikely to happen. Lighting circuits have a lower amperage rating and smaller wiring cross section. So therefore they cannot handle too much load, you may find annoying fuse blows or circuit breaker trips. In conclusion, and as an electrician, I recommend you just have a power supply correctly installed. It isn't as expensive as most people think.
Q:What kind of equipment would you need to convert cosmic radiation into usable electrical energy?
If you wish to know about how to harness electricity I suggest you read up on Nick Tesla who is responsible for the AC current we all use today. Tesla knew how to harness electrical from above but when he suggested to people like JP Morgan and George Westinghouse that electricity could serve mankind FREE of charge the big money funding Tesla ruined him. There is NO need to pay the outrageous electric rates and the lines and poles are useless also. All in the name of the mighty dollar. Edison was another whipdick who is claimed to have been very intelligent but I disagree as this prick killed defenseless animals in a feeble attempt to discredit Tesla's AC current. I get so pissed when this issue of electricity comes up. Pardon the rant.
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The two choices are PC Personal Computer or DTV Digital TV. Depending on what you're doing will determine the mode of operation. When in TV mode you use the TV controls to set the width and aspect ration of the display. When you're using the PC the graphics card will normally set the width and aspect ration. Ever notice that when you change resolution on a normal PC monitor that 640X480 uses just as much screen as when it's set to 1072X768. The graphics card adjusts the size. DTV mode will have the internal controls in your TV controlling the size and PC will have the graphics card in the PC controlling it. As I'm writing this another possibility came to mind. You may have an ATSC tuner (digital tuner) built into your HDTV. The TV may simply be asking you which source you want it to look at. In other words do you want to continue watching TV using the internal tuner or switch to looking at the PC information that is now available. Your best bet is to pick up the owners manual and read the section that tells you about hooking up your computer to the monitor. I'm sure that will explain what your asking for.
Q:What causes a person to interfere with electrical equipment?
I have some of the same problems, especially with watches! I can't carry a cell phone in my pocket, I kill the battery. I kill the battery on Blue tooth ear peaces too. Computers don't FRY with me because I have all of mine on a surge protector. When I have a computer opened up to work on it, I wear a ESD band and ground myself. The reason you don't interfere with the equipment at work is because everything is grounded in hospitals! 3 prong plug ins. At home you can make sure all your lamps, and other electronics are grounded. You can get 3 prong adapters at the hardware store. If you put your radio on one you will find that it helps the reception too! I have NO idea what causes it, but your not alone.
Q:what type of engineers design military equipment?
To manufacture military equipment all engineering and sciences are used. For capital equipment mechanical engineers, electrical/electronic engineers, manufacturing engineers. For development of new systems scientists of all types. These days things are so complex it is generally a team of multidisciplinary people involved not just one type of engineer

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