gypsum board/plasterboard /drywall

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Product Description:

asterboard: High strength natural gypsum powder as material,excellent quality face paper makegypsum board high performance



Product Introduction:
1. Light weight: in favor of anti-shake and save the building cost
2. Keep warm and Heat insulation: special lacunaris structure.
3. Fireproof: gypsum core is noncombustible,  can absorb heat to postpone the rise of temperature around when it meet fire.
4. Sound insulation: has special cavum structure, improve the sound absorption performance in large degree.


1.Standard Type(ivory protective paper), 
2.Fire Resistant type (red protective paper), 
3.Moisture Resistant type (green protective paper);


Width:  1200mm; 1220mm, 
Thick:7.5mm;8.5mm;9mm;9.5mm;10mm;12mm;12.5mm; 12.7mm; 15mm;15.9mm
Length:1800mm;1830mm;2400mm;2440mm;2700mm; 3000mm;


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Q:Gypsum board partition with what norms
1, the wall of the gypsum board should be from the side of the wall to start the end, the order of installation. After the installation side, the wall of a variety of pipelines, sockets, switches and other concealed works to install. To be concealed works acceptance is completed, and then install the other side of the gypsum board. 2, gypsum board should be vertical laying, long side joints should be installed in the vertical keel. Gypsum board with the keel overlap width should not be less than 20mm. 3, gypsum board along the edge (cut off) application of the top plate lift, about 10mm from the ground, not directly placed on the floor. 4, gypsum board along the floor with the top should be tight, leaving no gap. The top of the partition wall should be left 10mm gap, embedded sealant. Fireproof wall and top sliding wall top construction practices, see "Light steel keel gypsum board partition" GJT 002 in the relevant nodes. 5, gypsum board must be wrong to install (including vertical joints, transverse joints, keel on both sides of the board, both sides of the double-sided board and keel side of the other side of the double board). 6, light steel keel application special anti-rust self-tapping screw fixed and electric screwdriver once into and tighten. Along the gypsum board around the screw spacing to 200mm is appropriate, the plate screw spacing to 300mm is appropriate; screw from the edge of the edge should be 10 ~ 15mm, from the cutting edge should be 15 ~ 20mm.
Q:How to fix dents on the wall (plasterboard)?
As already stated, plaster is the way to go, just make sure you score the inside of the dent with a knife. This will allow the compound to stick better.
Q:What is the best way to repair 20 cms diameter water damage to a plasterboard ceiling?
If it is just the stain you are worried about you can use a good stain blocker primer and then repaint. I personally like Zinsser.
Q:Gypsum board ceiling can be installed sound what Mody
You refer to the gypsum board hanging speakers, then to find hanging bars (ceiling of the keel), or additional hanging bars, it is not on the wall!
Q:Can gypsum board be insulated?
Gypsum board can be insulated, but because it is hard material, not suitable for moisturizing materials
Q:How do I waterproof Plasterboard (or gyproc)?
You can buy waterproof boards for putting in showers. But for usual plasterboards.. are you plastering on the boards of tiling straight on top? If you are tiling, you probably dont need to seal it. Though a weak mix of pva may be good to put on. 50/50 or a bit less. If its undiluted it will set too thick and shiny for tile adhesive or plaster to stick to.
Q:Is it better to use a mortar or and adhesive to dot and dab plaster board to walls?David?
If the background you are fixing to is very rough then I would dot and dab with bonding compound. If the background is straight and true then I would use 2 by 1 or 2 by 1.5 battens. Then simply screw the plasterboard to the timber making sure the battens are centered according to the width of the sheet. Normally 1200 is the size of the slab so your battens will be 600 on center vertically with one batten running horizontally on top and one on the bottom that will also give you something to fix the skirting board to. If you decide to dot and dab, fixing skirting boards and corner beads will have to be stuck on by adhesive. Bonding compound can be used for corner beads as long as you sponge off any excess leaving room for the finish skim coat.
Q:Can you wipe the cement mortar on the gypsum board?
Can not. Need to add a layer of cement board in the gypsum board, and then you can operate the tile.
Q:Plywood flat ceiling and gypsum board flat ceiling is what is the difference
Plywood is made of wood
Q:Brief introduction of gypsum board ceiling spray latex paint a full set of construction technology
Gypsum board sticks on, after the primer, and then spray the finish, very simple

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