Gu10 Led 5W Dimmable Spotlight 2700K Osram Led Gu10

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Product Description:

gu10 led 5w dimmable spotlight 2700k osram led gu10: 


Full specification of MR16&GU10

BaseItem No.PowerLEDBeam Angle



CRICCTInput VoltDimension
Include pins
GU5.3CCSL~03014*1/3WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°240lm~260lm82





CCSL-05014*1/5WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°300lm-350lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-05023*1/5WOsram 353510°350lm-400lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-07023*2/7WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°500lm-550lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-10024*2/10WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°650lm-700lm82AC110-130V
GU10CCSL-03014*1/3WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°240lm-260lm82



4500K 6000K

CCSL-05014*1/5WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°300lm-350lm82D50*H58mm
CCSL-05023*1/5WOsram 353510°350lm-400lm82AC110V/220VD50*H58mm
CCSL-07023*2/7WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°500lm-550lm82D50*H93mm


Product Benefits:

1. Very low energy consumption. 3W MR16 or GU10 LED replace 30w halogen lamp, 5w replace 50w, 7w replace 70w, 10w replace 100w. 90% efficient than traditional MR16 & GU10 halogen lamps.

2. Long life span of 35000h. Substantial savings are generated by eliminating the need to replace lamps throughout the year.

3. Discharges virtually no UV/IR light in the beam.

4. Environmental friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances.

5. Substantial savings are generated by eliminating the need to replace lamps throughout the year.

6. The lamp keeps your indoor environments easy on the eye.


Product Features:

1. Powered by OSRAM LED with CRI>82.

2. 10°/15°/ 25°/ 30°/45°/60°beam angles for a clearly defined beam spread.

3. Leading dimmable function.

4. Impressive design and technology innovations abound in the lamp’s fanless housing design.

5. Impeccable engineering and advances in dimmer and transformer compatibility enable a seamless transition from standard halogen lamp.

6. Precision optics and compatibility with a range of existing dimmers.


Trade terms:

1. Payment term: T/T, Paypal, WESTERNUNION.

2. Fast delivery: 7-10 working days.

3. Shipping freight are quoted under your requests.

4. FOB Port: Guangzhou ,Mainland China

5. The price is much more flexible and it completely depends on the quantity you need.


Our service:

1. One owned factory and three OEM factories make you get your products in time and no need worry for delayed delivery.

2. Our own QC staffs ,check the quality strictly before delivering for our clients.

3. Our own QC staff will control all materials purchasing and go to the OEM factories directly and take the samples randomly. Then check it and compare with the standard to ensure the quality.

If there are any questions about our products, we promise they will be solved within 24 hours.



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2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

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Q:The sitting room decorate, LED to shoot the light with the circuit problem
The problem and the second one, two sets of lights, switch need three lines. 4, in your family room if it is not big enough, carry empty high enough, is not recommended to do this kind of modelling, personally, I suggest you the location of the bedroom window to do a strip shape, side can do curtains trough, while doing lamp chamfer, the bottom can also install lamp or tube light, my family is doing just that
Q:Domestic outfit with ten LED shoot the light, how many transformer
Your power to see, general one will do the trick, DC12V, 5 Ann, can take 10 3 * 1 w
Q:The led lamp is necessary to use good
Advice to choose color temperature below 4000 k, color rendering index above 80, big brands of LED products. Of course the price is relatively high, must not cheap.
Q:Why turn off the switch and dim the led lamp
Mainly because of internal power filtering capacitance. When the power is shut down, capacitance on the surplus electricity will let LED continue to dim light for a while. Capacitance discharge, it is for this reason...
Q:Do household LED lamp (70 w 12 v) an hour how many kilowatt consumption???????
Electricity is very little,0.07 watts.Is a kilowatt hours of electricity for a time
Q:The led lamp or built-in good external constant current driver
Built-in like to drive in a work of the oven, the outer is working in normal temperature, which long life are you talking about? But some environment: such as moisture, dust environment, have to consider the external, LED lamp bead every working environment temperature 10 ℃, life will be reduced by half.
Q:Why home outfit LED lamp has always been a bit weak after switch off the light
Is the new LED lights! Inside capacitor discharge as a normal, suggest you use unplug after will disappear in a few minutes.
Q:Shoot the light and tube light have what distinction, that is better?
LED lamp is embedded in the ceiling or wall, general lighting products is a kind of highly concentrated, usually it's light to the specified target position. Through light is used to emphasize important points. When working, due to the LED lamp produces high temperature, so the LED lamp when the choose and buy must choose the high quality product, otherwise it will produce safe hidden trouble. Now LED lamp is mainly used for all kinds of commercial space lighting and architectural decoration lighting, etc. At the same time to shoot the light is divided into low pressure and high pressure, proposal consumer had better choose low voltage lamp, due to low pressure lamp life relatively longer, the higher light efficiency. Shoot the light of the general lighting power factor to decide, good lamp power factor can reach 0.99, but the price is much expensive.
Q:How about TCL LED to shoot the light, the price is about,
Can look at other brands! Such as leishi, philips, sunshine! They use LED chips are mostly American cory and Japan, and Taiwan wafer, quality no difference! Are all working for somebody else, there is no difference!
Q:A few questions about LED lights
1 power supply voltage must be the same as the load, the power of the output current is larger, can provide the greater the power, the power of the load ability is stronger, so the output voltage of 12 v, the power of the output current of 700 ma can be used for you to shoot the light. Of course, if a larger output current of the power supply can also use just a little too wasted. 2 and 3 for the power supply voltage of 24 v, most likely have to burn the load (leds and circuit component), if want to use, with a voltage divider to be available 24 v down to 12 v. 2 the output current and load is the same, but actually does not reach 350 after partial pressure and loss ma output, so 2 after decompression can not use or scrape can be used. 3 the same supply voltage is too high to buck can use until about 12 v, otherwise it will burn, 700 ma output current can meet the requirements of shoot the light. Summary: the power of the output current must load than old do line, otherwise due to the load is too heavy to burn the power supply, power supply voltage and load the same or close to, can have a little error, but the difference is too large, high voltage too much, may burn load circuit and LED (lamp), is too low, could not move or inefficient work load and the load is not work.

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