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Material : AISI420; AISI440C;304;316;316L; AISI210 etc

Grade: G10-G1000

Size: 1MM-60MM


1. AISI 420 Stainless Steel Ball

Magnetic, Harden-able, 

fair corrosion resistance 

used for special bearings and valves where 

Balls requiring a combine -action of hardness and 

corrosion resistance 

2. AISI 440C Stainless Steel Ball

Magnetic, highest hardness, 

good corrosion resistance 

used in bearing nozzles and valves where 

lubrication is poor or absent 

3. AISI 304 Stainless Steel Ball

austentitic, corrosion resistance, 

slightly magnetic, however annealing

 can makes it non - magnetic 

Used in valves and relevant application , 

food products, aerosols, home sprays, 

perfumes and medical equipment. 

4. AISI 316 Stainless Steel Ball

non - magnetic, good corrosion 

resistance even when exposed to 

marine atmosphere and sulfuric acid. 

used in presence of sulphuric, phosphoric 

and acetic acids.
Mainly used in chemical, paper and textile industries.

5. AISI 316 Stainless Steel Ball

Characteristics same as 316 but 

with excellent corrosion resistance,

Lower carbon content than regular 316.

expecially used in Jewelry, 

and Human Implant Applications  

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tainless Steel Ball  Packaging


A. Steel Drum packing
1) 250kg per steel drum;
2) Four steel drums in one pallet;
3) Drum with pallet size: 75CM*75CM*65CM

B. Plywood Box packing
1) 40 cartons/woven bag in one plywood box;
2) Plywood box size:80CM*65CM*80CM

C. Recommended to use 20"FT container, Maximum loading capacity of 24 tons.

D. 20"FT container loading of 24 tons    Total: 24 Plywood Box or Drum



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Grinding Ball Stainless Steel Ball Massage Ball Bearing Ball Steel Shot Valve Ball

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