Grey and White Pattern Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Rug

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Product Description:

Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet

Specification of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

- 100% Polyester  (1200D Viscose or 150D Viscose)

- Pile weight: 1400-1800G/SQM

- Pile height: 2.5 -7.5cm;

- Grey cottong backing, matching background, grey cotton border;

- 1x20'GP = 1800SQM for various size loading;

- H.S.: 5703300000

Feature of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

-  Long pile of 5.5cm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in South American market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;

Pictures of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

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Q:How to use carpet cleaner?
Powdered carpet shampooThe main components are formaldehyde urea resin, foam granule carrier, bactericide, solvent, antistatic agent and surfactant. When used, the dirt is absorbed by the carrier and sucked by a vacuum cleaner. This product has the function of cleaning, antistatic and bactericidal. After cleaning, the carpet is soft and clean, and the original condition has been restored.
Q:best method to make rugs non-slip?
There are rug pads for this appropriate reason. they are made from a type of sticky foam, and it seems that like it really is a type of mesh. i'm no longer confident what you got at Wal-mart, yet i does no longer imagine that they could carry this in any case. you have to be able to purchase one at a good furnishings save that still sells section rugs. additionally they help to operate some cushion to it so as that the rug does no longer placed on down as quick. i purchased mine on the furnishings save I save at, it changed into about $35. for 5x8 length.
Q:Remove wax from carpet?
Do not use anything to heat the wax or your carpet, most carpets are made of synthetic material and will melt if overheated. If you know the carpet is wool, you can try to melt the wax, but if you do, it will just wick further into the fibers, making a bigger stain. Then you need specialized cleaners, turpentines, etc. Here's a much easier method: Take a bag of frozen peas or corn or ice cubes or an ice block and ice down the wax. Then use a dull knife (butter knife) to scrape off most of the wax. Chances are, this will remove most/all of it, as it probably wasn't all that hot and melty when it hit the carpet. Repeat until it's all or mostly scraped off. If there are still little bits that you cannot remove, I'd judiciously cut the carpet to remove those bits. It likely won't show, unless you've got Berber (closed loops) carpet.
Q:How to get the smell of beer out of my rug?
Get a towel and some warm soapy water. Scrub it up good then blot it dry with another towel as well as you can. When it is Completely dry sprinkle with baking soda, let that sit for a few minutes and then vaccum up.
Q:Does anyone know how to make braided rugs from rags(old clothes)?
Dad always had Mom save bacon grease so we could use it when drilling holes in heavy iron and steel on the drill press out in the shop. It kept the bit cool while not lubricating the drill and preventing it from biting in to the steel. Braided rag rugs were common and one of my prized possessions is a very large rag rug made by one of my Grannies. My shirts were made from feed sacks and flour sacks. I got to choose which sack of flour or feed we bought at the General Mercantile if the sack was going to end up as a shirt for me. All used wood boards were always saved to be used on another project. Nails were pulled out and straightened on an anvil so they could be used again. Barbed wire was always saved to be used to repair a fence in the future. When we butchered a hog we found a use for everything but the oink. Old fence post, usually mesquite wood, were cut up for firewood. When chicken houses and cow barns and horse barns were cleaned out the hay and manure was spread on the fields to fertilize the crops. Canning jars were saved and reused next season. There were really not many things that were not saved until we found a good use for them. Nothing was ever replaced because something newer or better or faster came out. We waited until something wore out or was used up before we bought a new anything.
Q:Cleaning Reptile Carpet?
Yes, you can wash it I'm not sure what detergent you can use however. What I do is I see if there is any feces (i trained my dragons to poop on the newspaper), and if there is, I pick it off and throw it away. Next I scrub it really good with a wet sponge, scrub every side of it. Then I re-check it, go over it again, but if it is completely soiled with waste I have a spare carpet (most people like myself have two). A scrub brush may be needed to clean the poop and such. If you see any loops, make sure to cut them off, this can result badly. If you have the carpet with loops I'd suggest getting rid of it, but Zilla is a trusted brand if I'm correct. I hand wash it with soap and water. Just a suggestion, I think it's easier because I don't really trust the washer machine -_- as the other person said, let it air dry. My beardies rest on my shoulder on the couch and watch TV with me as their carpet dries :D
Q:How much does it cost to get new carpet?
Through Home Depo I got mixed rating carpet for 1200 sq ft. In my office and bedroom i got non matting, heavy traffic, about $2.50 q ft. In my guest room and rental room i got a lower grade but with scotch guard for about 1.50 q ft. With installation it was roughly $2000.00. I would call around, sometimes companies have discounts or sales, half off.
Q:Can polyester carpet be washed?
Yes, it's just not easy to clean.
Q:I live in AUS would my horse need a rug?
Yes it will. im in aus to and my horse always has a rug on. Where looking at a HOT summer this year mate. And hot summers mean COLD winters. Use a rug!
Q:How do you get the wet carpet smell out?
I think the only way to get that smell out is to air it out for days or weeks, any time your at home open the window in that room if you can , air the carpet out and keep spraying it lighty with something that smells good while airing.

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