Greenlight Fashion Design Portable Dimming Led Table Lamp/Led Reading Light 5W

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Product Description:


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100% safety, complete on-off switch protection circuits, DC voltage and isolated power supply;

Modern and personalized design, folding light head, inductive switch;

Natural light, no flicker, IR, neither UV, this helpfully prevents juvenile myopia.


Typical applications

Technical parameters:

Item No.: GK-TD-5W-05

Input Voltage:AC100~240V(50/60Hz)

Housing Material: Aluminum+PC

Total Power:5W



Color Temperature:2700~7000K

Working Lifespan:>50000H

Outer packing:375mm*385mm*420mm 


Product Description

Scope of application

Greenlight fashion design portable dimming LED table lamp/LED reading light 5W is widely used in our life, such as hotel room, office, home etc.



1.Good heat dissipation: Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy as the main heat dissipation, good heat dissipation performance.

2.Easy use.

3.LED sources: use Epistar, CREE or Bridgelux LED chip, low lunimous attenuation, lifespan is over 50000hrs.

4.Optional multi-input voltage: Wide-voltage design AC input voltage, adapt to different voltage range.

5.Environmental protection :without any harmful radiations such as UV or infrared ray etc.


Packaging & Shipping


 Packing: Greenlight fashion design portable dimming LED table lamp/LED reading light 5W is packed in box,  then packed in carton, 10pcs/carton, 500-1000/FCL or as per customers' requirement.

 Shipping: FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, Ex-works, courier service etc.


Our Services
1: 5 years quality warranty period;
2: Provide CE, ROHS, TUV, UL approvals etc.;
3: Quick response to enquiry and follow up service;

4: Inquiry for our other LED light products series is welcome at anytime.


How to choose LED lights

  1. First ,to ensure that product voltage meets your country's voltage, choose the specifications and the operating temperature correctly to ensure that products can basically apply in your area.

  2. Select the light color according to your own habits.

  3. About he quality of LED products: first,selecting the led chip, because led lighting is made of led chips, and lighting illumination is decided by chip, normally for LED dimmable desktop light, we use SMD 5730, the chip has the advantage of good quality and high luminous efficiency,(other brands of chips can be chosen according to customers requirements).

  4. Then look at the highlights of product parameters,such as luminous flux, color rendering index, power factor, luminous efficiency etc.

  5. LED chip quantity is also important, the quantity of led chips are relative to the power consumption and luminous flux.

  6. In addition to the above that affects quality of LED lights, the most important thing is the led assembly, lifespan and cooling capacity of lighting products are dependent on module design.


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Q:What kind of light the lamp that shield an eye?
The desk lamp, LED is better, although it will still more expensive than energy-saving lamp or the light bulb, but value: the choice of the LED to have the following key points: first, to see the shape of the LED lamp bead, must be patch (that is, a piece of aluminum substrate has a lot of square yellow dots), if the little lamp bead is spherical or several high-power lamp bead, decisively abandoned, because those are the old, bad for your eyes, just before the LED haven't rolling development to the mature technology;
Q:LED lamp circuit of current more conference appear what problem
Large current and more way to reduce the current. Of the main parameters affecting the service life of the LED is current and temperature, electric current, the greater the corresponding calorific value was greater, so the LED driver must reasonable control current, the other current large whole lamp of photosynthetic efficiency is low.
Q:LED lamp base fever is normal
Generally under 10 watts, if the temperature is hot feeling only, not very hot (basic) under 40-50 DuDu is normal. If feel hot, can't stand that is high, the quality problems
Q:The LED lamp how to realize the function of adjustable brightness and color temperature?
Simple dimming can be concatenated in the LED lamp bead loop resistance, change the current, can adjust the brightness, better with adjustable brightness of PWM pulse width adjustment, circuit is more complex. Color temperature seems to be no commonly, by LED lamp bead characteristics (fixed) materials and manufacturing has decided, unable to adjust.
Q:How bright flowers LED desk lamp, good quality
As long as it's not fake, all have advantages and disadvantages, each lamp with after a long time, he would have. As a general indoor lighting to experience for themselves and the color also has the warm and cool colors, all can have a try.
Q:I had had a 20 leds rechargeable lamp, then the battery is broken
That you the simplest way is to change the battery. Or don't you phone charger, and then put the head of the line across the electrodes of LED lights from you, then you can use electrical appliances, is the voltage peak
Q:How many watts of LED3 is equal to the ordinary energy-saving lamps
Led3 tile, led3 tile how bright, 11 w energy-saving lamp is equivalent to, energy-saving lamp wattage, how many watts of energy saving lamps, energy-saving lamps how many watts, 3 w energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, how many tile home how many tile energy-saving lamps, 13 w energy-saving lamps,
Q:Philips crystal sharp LED the desk lamp that shield an eye light bulb is broken?
Can only be built, and the lamp place also is not necessarily good, the first thing to chip, color temperature is the same
Q:Desk lamp battery charging why not directly connected light emitting LED lights
Ordinary pressure drop with the silicon diode rectifier is about 0.7 V, the series circuit is higher after the voltage sharing the 0.7 V, so your LED can work properly. Can be a little bit, the pressure drop on the diode wasted energy is 0.7/3.3 = 21, see, there are twenty-one percent of the energy contribute nothing.
Q:LED bulbs, use in the home, have harm to the eyes?
I'm a little confused You this does not display the word Do only light That you don't need to control card

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