Greenlight Fashion Design Portable Dimming Led Table Lamp/Led Reading Light 5W

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500000 Pieces Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:


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100% safety, complete on-off switch protection circuits, DC voltage and isolated power supply;

Modern and personalized design, folding light head, inductive switch;

Natural light, no flicker, IR, neither UV, this helpfully prevents juvenile myopia.


Typical applications

Technical parameters:

Item No.: GK-TD-5W-05

Input Voltage:AC100~240V(50/60Hz)

Housing Material: Aluminum+PC

Total Power:5W



Color Temperature:2700~7000K

Working Lifespan:>50000H

Outer packing:375mm*385mm*420mm 


Product Description

Scope of application

Greenlight fashion design portable dimming LED table lamp/LED reading light 5W is widely used in our life, such as hotel room, office, home etc.



1.Good heat dissipation: Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy as the main heat dissipation, good heat dissipation performance.

2.Easy use.

3.LED sources: use Epistar, CREE or Bridgelux LED chip, low lunimous attenuation, lifespan is over 50000hrs.

4.Optional multi-input voltage: Wide-voltage design AC input voltage, adapt to different voltage range.

5.Environmental protection :without any harmful radiations such as UV or infrared ray etc.


Packaging & Shipping


 Packing: Greenlight fashion design portable dimming LED table lamp/LED reading light 5W is packed in box,  then packed in carton, 10pcs/carton, 500-1000/FCL or as per customers' requirement.

 Shipping: FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, Ex-works, courier service etc.


Our Services
1: 5 years quality warranty period;
2: Provide CE, ROHS, TUV, UL approvals etc.;
3: Quick response to enquiry and follow up service;

4: Inquiry for our other LED light products series is welcome at anytime.


How to choose LED lights

  1. First ,to ensure that product voltage meets your country's voltage, choose the specifications and the operating temperature correctly to ensure that products can basically apply in your area.

  2. Select the light color according to your own habits.

  3. About he quality of LED products: first,selecting the led chip, because led lighting is made of led chips, and lighting illumination is decided by chip, normally for LED dimmable desktop light, we use SMD 5730, the chip has the advantage of good quality and high luminous efficiency,(other brands of chips can be chosen according to customers requirements).

  4. Then look at the highlights of product parameters,such as luminous flux, color rendering index, power factor, luminous efficiency etc.

  5. LED chip quantity is also important, the quantity of led chips are relative to the power consumption and luminous flux.

  6. In addition to the above that affects quality of LED lights, the most important thing is the led assembly, lifespan and cooling capacity of lighting products are dependent on module design.


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Q:Whether the LED desk lamp, luminous points: two guide plate and the patch?
Guide plate is the structure of the desk lamp of a light transmission parts, and not light. The LED lamp are patch.
Q:Folding LED touch lamp generally will be problematic
This question is very open Should be easy problems is that the light bead life and heat dissipation The second is the touch failure problem
Q:The study USES the LED lamp?
Good LED lights, energy conservation, environmental protection and is now a lot of LED lights are eye.
Q:Card lamp, LED desk lamp can take a plane
Card lamp, LED desk lamp can take on the plane Articles carried by plane Total on domestic flights, each person can carry no more than one litre of liquid items, and shall open a bottle of check, certainly can carry. Beyond the parts must be shipped. Alcohol items must be checked.
Q:LED lamp in the 4 v lead-acid battery charging problem!
4 V lead-acid battery discharging termination voltage 3.8 V, charging termination voltage should be around 4.6, the last is constant current charging mode, constant pressure finally, 8 to 10 hours with commonly used charging current (one 8 of the charging current of battery Ann hours). I hope it can help you.
Q:The problem with LED charging lamps?
Now technical innovation, new types of LED lights are super save electricity. Filling desk lamp I felt at least on a 12 hours in order to be qualified, otherwise how enough
Q:Want to buy the university dormitory with plug-in study desk lamp, LED the good good or tubes
I last year in the university, my major is electronic, originally in my common sense, because LED driver circuit is simple, and high efficiency, think it would be better, but after a year of actual experience, found that for the LED lamp cold light color, and as for the circuit quality than charging inverter type fluorescent lamp (bulb),
Q:Elementary school students with what kind of table lamp is the best? The LED lamp?
Although I personally do LED lamps and lanterns, but I don't recommend LED desk lamp for children, and, after all, now the industry focus on blu-ray damage does not, as far as I know only a few manufacturers are doing. For child health, in energy saving at the same time can be measured and feel if I say wrong
Q:Led lamp is broken. Who knows what reason be? How to repair?
There may be two reasons, one is the power source capacitance is broken, the second is one of the lights is out of question. The first reason accounted for 70%, if that's the capacitance is broken, LED lights have to change new.
Q:Why my desk lamp light will keep the cell phone camera shows and white flashing light and shade stripes
This is because, you are the light source is not continuous, it is actually in the rapid flashing, just flicker frequency too quickly, the human eye cannot perceive, so feeling is always in the light. Mobile phones, unlike the human eye, sensors are refresh regularly, when the refresh rate and light stroboscopic rate when there is a mathematical relationship, you will see the stripes, when the refresh rate and blink rate just appear a integer times, stripe can rest on the screen. This and use digital camera CRT screen will appear flashing is the same.

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