Green waste bag

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Product Description:

Garden bag

• Endless uses around the home, garden and workplace. Constructed of weatherproof fabric with strong

 outdoor thread for strength and durability.

• Easy to clean:just wipe out or hose clean and hang to dry.

• The Unique free-standing design holds it's shape while in use then rolls up small for storage.

• Any size is available according to customers' request

Features and Advantages:

a. Waterproof and weather reistant

b. High tensile strength, tear strength

c. Effiicient use ang washable

d. Improved stability

e. Environment - friendly packing

f. any color is available according to customers' request.


a. Collecting light materials.(leaves,cuttings, lawnthatch and weeds etc)

b. Used collecting waste paper, recycling and laundry.

c. Used for storing small quantities of heavier materials.

d. It can be endless used around the home , garden and workplace.

Detailed Description:

Product:PE  Tarpaulin Bags

Material:PE /PP

Pattern: Coated

Coated  Type :LDPE  Coated


size:any size available

Color :Green(according to customers’ requirements)

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Q:my dog eats plastic?
Don't let him. He could get really sick or it may end up getting lodged in his stomach/intestines and then you are going to have a HUGE vet bill from the surgery they will have to perform getting it out. Stick with dog food and dog treats. No, it doesn't make a difference that the plastic is soft. Plastic is NOT EDIBLE and should not be eaten by anyone or anything.
Q:global warming and plastic bags?
It helps the enviroment but not global warming here is how: when you get a plastic bag it is not recycable right so it just sits in a landfill it could take 50 years to decompose whitch could harm animals nearby and realese fumes into the air the cloth bags are reuseable. Remember Reduse, Reuse, Recycle! Billions of plastic bags are thrown away in the UK every year, most of which are used only once before disposal. In a survey2 in March 2005, 36% of those asked admitted to throwing away 'vest'-style plastic bags after one use. On average, people surveyed admitted to using roughly eight bags per week. :o
Q:plastic surgery. what is it;s good and bad side?
Q:Melted Plastic dangerous?
Plastic isn't good for you, in fact the smoke fumes from burning plastic can be toxic. But really, we all make the mistake of doing things like that sometimes. If you feel fine and it's been 24 hours with no effects you shouldn't worry. I've heard of much worse things happening with people and burning/melted plastic and food and they all turned out fine lol.
Q:Plastic or Cash?
My mehod of payment is cash. Cold hard cash. You can spend it right now. No worrying is the check is good. Also credit the same thing applies. Then there is a debit card which would be the same as cash so I guess it would be ok also. But I still prefer cash.
Q:How does plastic surgery work?
plastic surgery can include lots of entirely different procedures. For example: Nose Job - Dr Breaks your nose, and then sets it in a new, more cosmetically pleasing position Implants Breast/ Cheek / Chin / Butt - Silicone implants to change the shape of your face Liposuction - Fat literally pumped out of your body
Q:what is plastic pellets?
sophisticated step. browse into google. this might help!
Q:About Plastic Surgery?
plastic surgery can do anything. but be careful you don't lose sight of who you really are. take heidi montag for instance, she lost control and isn't reckognizable. i'm not against plastic surgery especially if it's to boost your self confidnce if you've been made fun of or have extremely low self esteem. for example, having an abnormally large nose can make you feel unwanted and it takes a toll on your outlook on life as it can make you depressed, but if it's to have double D boobs obviously i won't agree with you.
Q:how to paint abs plastic?
well, the easiest and most effective way is to us a medium grit paper, sand all old paint and primer off, and sand the plastic to a rough finish. This allows the new primer and paint to form a better bond. once the sanding is complete, begin with a automotive quality primer, and use a fine grit sand paper after each coat so you have a smooth finish. Apply at least three coats of primer, sanding each one, then paint your desired color, and again, use automotive quality paint, such as PPG. with each coat, should be light enough that it doesn't run. Sand smooth between coats, using wetsanding, for an explanation of that, visit your local paint shop. they will also be able to give you tips on finishing and clear coat if you want that as well.
Q:What will happen if you don't recycle plastics?
But what everyone needs to realize is that it is not just bottles it is also your plastic ware as well that is recyclable. It is ashamed on how many people do not recycle.

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