Green waste bag

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Product Description:

Garden bag

• Endless uses around the home, garden and workplace. Constructed of weatherproof fabric with strong

 outdoor thread for strength and durability.

• Easy to clean:just wipe out or hose clean and hang to dry.

• The Unique free-standing design holds it's shape while in use then rolls up small for storage.

• Any size is available according to customers' request

Features and Advantages:

a. Waterproof and weather reistant

b. High tensile strength, tear strength

c. Effiicient use ang washable

d. Improved stability

e. Environment - friendly packing

f. any color is available according to customers' request.


a. Collecting light materials.(leaves,cuttings, lawnthatch and weeds etc)

b. Used collecting waste paper, recycling and laundry.

c. Used for storing small quantities of heavier materials.

d. It can be endless used around the home , garden and workplace.

Detailed Description:

Product:PE  Tarpaulin Bags

Material:PE /PP

Pattern: Coated

Coated  Type :LDPE  Coated


size:any size available

Color :Green(according to customers’ requirements)

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Q:Which product do you think is more environmentally friendly? Wood or Plastics?
Like someone said above, if recycled, plastics can be better in the long run. IF, they are recycled. Plastics can be recycled over and over again into many many different things. Like carpet, containers, non-food bottles, fleece jackets, plastic lumber, etc. This takes a lot less energy to do than creating new plastic from virgin stock. But, especially if fast growing woods like Bamboo are used, and logging practices become more responsible and Old Growth forests are not razed to the ground to feed our expanding demand for wood/paper products...then yah. Wood is the way to go. The catch-all is responsibility by the manufacturers and the consumers. Use our forests more responsibly, recycle our plastic goods/use less of them. Create less, recycle/reuse more. How is that for dodging the question of which is more environmentally friendly? ;)
Q:What does "PE" mean in agriculture?
PE renewable materials is recycled polyethylene material, usually granular.
Q:Will Melting plastic be toxic?
As long as the plastic does not catch fire you should be alright. I would recommend melting the plastic in a double boiler. It will take a long time to melt the plastic and more then likely ruin the pot. Trying to take a lighter or open flame to the plastic to melt it will not achieve the desired results. I would say try melting crayons or wax to get the desired effect. I am unsure as to whether or not the plastic will peel off.
i have got the following plastics and their uses from wikipedia Polypropylene (PP) Food containers, appliances, car fenders (bumpers). Polystyrene (PS) Packaging foam, food containers, disposable cups, plates, cutlery, CD and cassette boxes. High impact polystyrene (HIPS) fridge liners, food packaging, vending cups. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Electronic equipment cases (e.g., computer monitors, printers, keyboards). Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carbonated drinks bottles, jars, plastic film, microwavable packaging. Polyester (PES) Fibers, textiles. Polyamides (PA) (Nylons) Fibers, toothbrush bristles, fishing line, under-the-hood car engine mouldings. Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) Plumbing pipes and guttering, shower curtains, window frames, flooring. Polyurethanes (PU) cushioning foams, thermal insulation foams, surface coatings, printing rollers. (Currently 6th or 7th most commonly used plastic material, for instance the most commonly used plastic found in cars). Polycarbonate (PC) Compact discs, eyeglasses, riot shields, security windows, traffic lights, lenses. Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) (Saran) Food packaging. Polyethylene (PE) Wide range of inexpensive uses including supermarket bags, plastic bottles. Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC/ABS) A blend of PC and ABS that creates a stronger plastic. :Car Interior and exterior parts . you can write any five out of them. hope it will help you.
Q:Are these good credentials for a plastic surgeon?
In general, MD's are more sought-after than DO's. You also might want to check to see what it takes to be a FOCOO - if all you do is pay an annual membership fee, then that 'credential' is meaningless. To get an official board certification, a physician has to sit through an all-day test, and keep up with yearly continuing education requirements.
Q:Why aren't roads made of plastic?
there are many things the road should be made out of other than pavement.. The simple answer to why the roads are not made out of something better/longer lasting is because it is too expensive
Q:cleaning melted plastic on appliances.?
Q:Why is plastic bad for the environment?
it is bad for the environment because there is no natural process for decomposing plastics back into useful material that is found in soil, so when u leave a piece of plastic outside it will just stay there most other things when left to nature are broken down in some way
Q:Plastic Fantastic sports car help?
i visit take the guy with a truck. To me activities motor vehicle kinda says girlie-guy! Muscle automobiles are by capacity of a procedures the biggest activate nevertheless! something on the subject of the loud rumbling engine and that heavy metallic physique. Whew, that screams out hotness to me!
Q:Why is plastic used in mobile phones?
Plastics are preferred because they are lightweight, rigid, durable, nonporous, nonconductive, cheap, and readily available. Plastics can be molded to any shape, and they are excellent protection for the delicate electronic components within. Contrast with metal, which conducts electricity, is malleable rather than rigid, and is usually more expensive than plastic. All of the physical properties of plastic that make it an ideal material for use with making phones derive from its molecular structure. Plastics are polymers, long repeating carbon chains, so they are giant molecules, although filler materials are often used that could change this significantly. The monomers can be changed chemically to alter the properties of the finished plastic, leading to an almost limitless variety of plastics that can be used not only for mobile phones, but computers, bags, cups, chairs... nearly anything.

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