Green PP woven weed mat

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Product Description:

Specification :

  1) Fabric quality

     -Weaving Condition (mesh weft x warp/ sq.inch) : 7x7, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 12x12,14x14,16x16

     -Weight : 55gram/sq.m~ 250gram/sq.m

  2) All four edges are reinforced by P.P rope in hem

  3) Aluminum eyelet at every 1meter (1yard or 3feet) interval

  4) Each piece in a polybag with your leaflet (or Size sticker)

  5) Special treatment : U.V., F.R. / Brass Eyelet, Plastic Eyelet also available

Color : Any color available

Packing : Carton Box packing or Bale packing

Available use :

  General Cover, Construction and Equipment Cover, Covers for open-stored goods,

  Covers for trucks/automobiles/boat, Lining materials for storage tanks and containers,

  Lining material for irrigation Canals and grain silos, Machinery Cover, Tents, Picnic mats,

  Covers for Swimming Pools and Garden Furniture etc.

All of different specifications of PP/PE tarpaulin are available.

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