Green house coal-fired heating machine hot blast stove

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Application coal-burning heating machine Green house coal-fired heating machine hot blast stove

It’s widely used in green house, poultry farm, livestock house and workshop for getting warm. It’s also used as dryer for drying wood, tea, medicine, foodstuff etc.

Details of  coal-burning heating machine Green house coal-fired heating machine hot blast stove

1)Using full auto control, consistent temperature,the temperature  can be set freely 40-120


2) Adopt artificial intelligence instrument, clear and eye-catching, it can keep the greenhous in

15-20 degree.

3)  Extensive using fuel, energy saving and cost saving, reduce the heating cost as high as 30%

4)  Using our unique furnace guarding heat system, improve heat efficiency and service life (6-10 years).

5) This machine combines combustion chamber with heat exchanger together. Exchange heat among the highest temperature parts, this latest indirect-heating technology make smoke and hot air walk their own way, absolutely no pollution.

6) Thermal conversion reaches as high as 80-95%, fast warming, small volume, easy to install

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